I have moved, what now?

Congratulations! You have just moved to a new home with a moving company or yourself and now the process of arranging all the matters involved in a move begins. It is important to communicate your new address to various authorities to ensure that you are well informed about the steps you need to take after a move. In this article we give you a handy checklist and explain which important authorities need to be informed of your change of address. Read on to find out what you need to do to make the move go smoothly.

Checklist for change of address

Arranging a change of address is often not possible, because the municipalities often want you to do this personally. When moving, it is very important to communicate your new address to relevant authorities and organizations as quickly as possible. Below you will find a handy checklist with the most important steps you need to take after a move:

Local authority

First of all, it is essential to report your change of address to the municipality in which you have moved to live. You inform about a change of address At the municipality you can often arrange online via the website of the relevant municipality. Don't forget to send a valid ID if you arrange it by post. You relocation at the municipality must be communicated on time. You can you Please report your move within four weeks before the move or no later than 5 days after your moving date. You are therefore obliged to report a move within this period so that it can be entered in the municipal personal administration. You can report your move to the municipality, after which all other authorities can be informed. 

tax authorities

The tax authorities must also be informed of your change of address. This is done automatically by the municipality, but it is of course important to check this. 


You Report your move to the municipality Unfortunately, this does not mean that everyone will be informed of your move. To ensure that your mail is delivered to the correct address, you can choose to use the PostNL moving service. This will automatically forward your mail items from companies and institutions to your new address.

BRP (Basic Registration of Persons)

Your change of address must also be reported to the Municipal Personal Records Database. This is important for your official registration in the Netherlands. Often this one will automatically report your move to important authorities including the tax authorities. After submitting you will receive a confirmation. 

Health insurance

Your health insurance will also be informed of your move, just as the tax authorities are informed. However, it is also important to check it carefully. You can find your personal information on your health insurer's website. If you wish to use these online services, you will need a DigiD. 


Are you moving soon? Inform all your banks of your change of address, so that they can deliver your mail to the correct address and update your online banking environment. You can also ensure that mail is forwarded from your old address. 


If you have moved, you must also inform your employer of your new address. This is important for receiving important documents and correspondence. You can also choose to send your colleagues cards. 

Rent allowance

When you move within the municipality or to another municipality, you must report the change to the municipality so that all other authorities, including the Tax Authorities, are then informed. The municipality has already done this. In this case, it may also be the case that the amount to which you are entitled is more or less.

Insurance companies

Inform all your insurance companies about your move, including your car insurance, home contents insurance and other relevant insurance. This can often be done in writing or digitally.

Energy supplier

Contact your energy supplier to provide your new address and to ensure that the energy supply is transferred correctly. In this case, a postal address that does not match is of course not useful.

Internet and television provider

If you have internet and television service, don't forget to notify your provider of your move.

Water company

Don't forget to inform the water company of your new address, so that they do not send your water bill to the old address, but to the correct address.

Subscriptions and memberships

Think about subscriptions and memberships you may have, such as a gym membership, magazines or newspapers. Please report your change of address so that you can continue to receive these services.


Update your DigiD details with your new address so that you can continue to use online government services. Don't have a DigiD yet? You can request this via DigiD.nl. You can arrange many things via DigiD. Nowadays you need a DigiD for all situations.

Other authorities

Do not forget to inform other authorities and organizations, such as your doctor, dentist, associations of which you are a member, and any other relevant parties.

What happens if you do not report the change of address?

It is very important to report your change of address to all relevant authorities. If you don't do this, you risk missing important correspondence and even receiving fines. In certain cases, failure to notify your change of address in a timely manner may result in a fine of up to €325. In addition, administrative problems may arise, such as miscommunication with authorities and failure to receive important documents. Report your move 4 weeks before or no later than 5 working days after your move. Does this not work? Please contact the municipality. 

How long do you have to report address changes?

It is mandatory to notify the municipality of your move within four weeks before or no later than five days after your moving date. Some agencies have a similar period, while other agencies allow slightly more time. However, it is always advisable to report your change of address as soon as possible to avoid possible problems.


After a move, it is important to inform the relevant authorities and organizations of your new address as quickly as possible. By following the checklist and informing all parties involved in a timely manner, you can ensure that your mail is delivered to the correct address and that your administrative matters run smoothly. Don't forget to report your change of address to the municipality, the tax authorities, PostNL, your insurance companies and other important authorities. It is important that you know that you must report a change of address and that this must be done on time, otherwise you may receive a fine. This way you can optimally enjoy your new home at your new residential address without administrative worries! 

For more information about reporting a change of address, please visit the websites of the relevant authorities or contact your new municipality. Don't forget to follow all the steps and make sure that your change of address is communicated in time to avoid problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to report my change of address in writing to all authorities?

No, in most cases you can report your change of address online via the websites of the relevant authorities. Some agencies also accept written confirmation.

What happens if I do not notify the municipality of my move in time?

If you do not notify the municipality of your move within the specified period, you run the risk of receiving a fine of up to € 325. Move wisely, arrange everything on time.

Can I have my mail forwarded to my new address?

Yes, PostNL offers a moving service that allows you to have your mail automatically forwarded to your new address. This can be useful in the period after your move. You can also temporarily use a postal address.

What should I do if I am moving again within four weeks?

If you move again within four weeks, you are still obliged to report your move to the municipality where you will live and other authorities.

Are there exceptional cases in which I do not have to report my change of address?

In certain exceptional cases, such as a temporary move, you may not have to report your change of address. If in doubt, contact the relevant authorities for advice.