Groupage transport for international removals

You can probably imagine that the transport of goods is often more difficult for smaller moving companies than for large moving companies. That is why the somewhat small companies in the Netherlands often opt for groupage transport. In this way they work as efficiently as possible and they can also easily transport their cargo.

The transport of goods for small movers can sometimes be very complicated. They often simply do not have the resources to arrange the transport of goods. This is not a problem, because there is a simple solution for this and you guessed it... this is called groupage transport.

How does groupage transport work

With groupage transport, the participating party is given the opportunity to combine various small loads and as one large load with a logistics partner. The logistics partner will have the cargo transported in a full container as sea freight or perhaps even in one truck.

Groupage transport is the best solution

Groupage transport is a suitable solution for the transport of the goods of these small companies. With groupage transport, you can always work efficiently at a competitive price.

Advantages of groupage transport

Groupage transport, as you have read earlier, a company can also opt for road transport and have the goods transported by truck, but in the case of groupage transport, sea freight is actually more often chosen.

Ocean Freight

You've probably never heard of LCL or 'less than container load' before. This actually makes sense because if you don't have much to do with sea freight you can't really know this at all.

Groupage transport and a container

LCL stands for 'less than container load' and actually means that the container is less full. This is of course due to the fact that the load of such a container in the case of groupage transport consists of several shipments, which in the end are often less than the full container load.

Transports are usually carried out by companies with a full load, which means that a full container is of course rented.

Groupage shipments often take a little longer

Arranging the transport of the goods with groupage is of course very simple because it is an extremely flexible idea, but unfortunately you will not have to deal with short transit times. In this case, it is the case that it concerns various clients, so that the route does not always go directly to the destinations.

Instead of going directly from point A to point B, the route is divided into shorter sections. As a result, the delivery time of these partial loads can of course take a little longer.

A groupage shipment is always useful

Do you want to have your groupage shipments taken care of? Then it might be nice to know that no destination is impossible. It also makes no difference what kind of goods you have to send abroad.

There are many companies that offer groupage transport all over the world on a daily basis. These companies are not only specialized in transport throughout Europe, but also far beyond. This way they can unburden you and they will also take care of the other complicated services for you.

Additional services can, for example, formalities at customs, which is also very important nowadays, for example in the case of Great Britain. Because of the Brexit, there is no longer any free movement of goods, so you cannot just bring stuff into the country.

Companies that offer groupage transport are useful

Groupage transport therefore actually means all kinds of transport with which groupage shipments can be sent in multiple loads due to efficiency. Combining everything is also better for the flow of goods.

During your search for groupage transport, you have probably also come across 'general cargo transport'. What is this actually? We are happy to explain this to you because this is of course nice to know.

A general cargo is actually a shipment that is packed into one shipment. You can think of a box or, for example, several boxes on a pallet. These volumes are packed into units, making it easier to ship these loads to destinations abroad. This is done with both containers and transport with a truck, for example.

Maybe you need storage?

In addition to groupage transport, do you perhaps also have a storage for a specific shipment? Consider, for example, a pallet that cannot yet be included in the groupage shipment or shipments that cannot yet be sent to the correct destination. In this case you can often also opt for storage.

Store shipments

You can save shipments in different ways. Yes, individuals can of course always opt for self-storage, but as a company you often need something bigger. Fortunately, there are many moving companies in the Netherlands that are happy to relieve you. They often have different locations and can therefore work with the right efficiency at all times.

You can always count on a moving company

Many people do not expect moving companies to offer their customers other services besides helping them move to other (international) destinations.

By working with a flexible schedule, they can also arrange the export of your goods. This is often with road transport, but with some companies this is also possible with sea freight.

Transportation costs

Calculating renting a storage space or opting for groupage transport naturally entails the necessary costs and we fully understand that you would like an indication of the price for this in advance.

However, estimating the costs for groupage transport without further information is rather difficult. For the correct price indication, the companies must of course collect as much information as possible about the freight so that it can ultimately offer you the correct price.

It's always different

To give you an example of why it is difficult to estimate the costs just like that, for example, the place of destination.

When you send something to France, this can of course entail different costs than when it has to be sent to Turkey, for example. Furthermore, the volume of your cargo also plays a major role.

Request quotes

Every company has a special department for calculating the costs of certain services. In this case groupage transport. That is why you can request quotes from most moving companies so that the moving company calculate the cost of the service.

Try to request quotes from several companies so that you can make an overview for yourself of the different services and prices of these companies. This is of course useful if you want to choose the best or cheapest company.

Free quotes at Moving

As a company active in the moving world, we know better than anyone how hectic the period surrounding your move can be.

That is why we completely understand if you have no time at all to contact every company in your area to request quotes. Who actually has the time for this these days?

That is why we at Moving have come up with a solution for this, because ultimately everyone should of course be given the opportunity to choose the moving company that best suits his or her wishes and of course budget.

How exactly does Moving work?

At Moving you can now easily receive multiple quotes by filling in one application form! This not only saves you a lot of time, but it is also much easier.

Furthermore, the service is also completely free and you are not committed to anything. How easy are we trying to make it? Very easy.

We engage the right moving companies

After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your area. They will then contact you within 24 hours. This can be by telephone, but also by e-mail.

This way you only need the different ones at home moving quotes compare with each other and ultimately choose the moving company that best suits your wishes and budget.

In the table below you can see how easy this is to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is groupage transport?

With groupage transport, several small loads are sent as one load. This is especially useful for smaller companies.

What is a partial load?

In this case, the shipment that is being transported consists of several shipments that together are less than the full container load.

What does a transport company do?

A transport company mainly deals with freight transport.

What forms of transport are there?

Road transport, rail transport, sea transport, air transport and container transport.

Are Transport and Logistics the same?

Logistics basically means the overall management of the movement of goods. Transport is therefore actually part of the logistics chain.