Calculate the M3 of your household effects

Are you finally planning your move and are you therefore looking for more information about calculating the m3 of your household effects? Have you already searched the entire internet for 'calculate m3' and have you found some useful links, but have you not become much wiser in the end?

Then you are not the only one and that is why we try to help you with the m3 calculation in this article.

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Calculate the cubic meters of your household effects

The number of cubic meters is extremely important to know during a move. The cubic meters of your household contents is actually one of the most important things you need to know before you start planning your move.

But what about cubic meters? And how can you calculate this for your household effects?

What is calculating m3 for a move?

We all know that a cubic meter is a measure of volume. It belongs to the standard size of 1 meter. We once learned this in primary school in the Netherlands, but it is often used in daily life and it is more than logical that we have all forgotten it a bit.

At Moving, cubic meters are used every day and that is why we are happy to help you. A cubic meter is actually just equal to a cube that is 1 meter long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter high. A cube of 1 m3 therefore contains 1000 litres.

The centimeter size (cm) is actually never used here. In summary, it is the amount of space that a load of stuff takes up in terms of length, width and height.

Why are cubic meters important?

When calculating the volume of household effects, cubic meters are required. The fact is that when there is more volume, more space is also needed in a truck.

When a moving company Knowing this, he can, for example, use a larger moving van. The standard truck has space for 91 cubic meters and a height of 4 meters.

The most commonly used pallets in Europe are Euro pallets and 33 of them fit in standard trucks. However, these cannot be stacked. When goods are stackable, of course much more will fit in the truck.

With the correct calculation, a moving company knows exactly how many pallets can be transported and which type of pallet can be used.

As you can see, the height of your stuff is ultimately very important and that is why cubic meters are always used. With this calculation you know exactly what kind of moving van should be used for the transport of shipments.

How do you calculate m3 for a move?

Don't have time to calculate the cubic meter of your household contents yourself? Then you can also have it calculated by our m3 calculator. This is very easy and you only need to answer a few questions for the online tool. The calculator will then calculate everything for you.

Calculate everything easily with Moving, because our calculator can quickly calculate your cubic meters for you.

Our online calculator calculates the cubic meter of your household contents based on standard measurements. As a result, the result of the calculation of the calculator will not be a precise indication, but a very good estimate of the number of cubic meters. This way you know roughly what applies to you.

To calculate the cubic meter of an object it is necessary to multiply everything in meters or centimeters. This means: length x width x height. For example, do you have a cabinet that is 1 meter wide, 60 centimeters deep and 2 meters high? Then you multiply 1×0.60×2 and the result is 1.2 cubic meters.

How can you calculate m3 yourself?

To calculate cubic meters you need to record the measurements of each object and then calculate the length x width x height. This takes quite a lot of time and can also be difficult.

How many cubic meters is a moving van?

Most moving companies use moving vans of 20 m3.

How many moving boxes fit in a moving van?

A moving box with a standard size is 48.5 x32.5 x38 cm and has a capacity of 60 litres. By taking these dimensions as an example, it is therefore true that 10 such boxes fit in 1 cubic meter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1 m3?

M³ is the symbol for the volume of cubic meters and is also referred to as cubic meters. 1 m³ is the same as the volume of a cube of 1 meter long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter high.

How do you calculate an m3?

To calculate cubic meters you do everything in meters and then you do the length x width x height.

How do you calculate square meters to cubic meters?

A space that is 2×3 meters has an area of 6m2. If the room is 3 meters high then you have to calculate 2x3x3 and that is 18.

How do I know the contents of my house?

The contents of a home are measured out of proportion. This means you need to measure from outside wall to outside wall and from top to bottom.

How much is 1 m3 of gas?

1 cubic meter is a cubic meter, so it is 1000 liters which is also sometimes noted as m2.