Business moving with a plan

Moving for business? In general, when we hear the word moving, we quickly think of private removals. Actually very logical, because that is what most people know in the first place. However, there are of course also other types of removals. So that's what you have private removals, international relocations, senior relocations, but also business relocations, for example.

How do you approach a company relocation?

Business relocations are also called corporate relocations. Is your company or office planning a business move to a new location soon? Then it would be very wise to complete move handing over the property to a professional mover.

This way you don't have to worry about moving to another location and the mover all good for your plans. Moving to the new address can also be stressful for the staff working at your company. It is of course also more pleasant for them that business operations can continue as usual. Again, a smooth business move requires good time planning.

Project movers

An experienced one moving company that specializes in business relocations often has years of experience in the field of business relocations and therefore knows exactly how a business relocation should be carried out. This way you and all your staff can enjoy a worry-free company move.

A business relocation within the Netherlands

Preparing well for a business relocation is very important. It requires very good planning from start to finish so that everything can be guided in the right direction. The planning of the move is very important because the moving process of a business move is quite complicated.

A company relocation is slightly more complicated than a private relocation. With a private move you often have a lot of help with a handy checklist, but this does not work that way with a business move.

Business moving with a plan

With business relocations, it is not only important to carry out the relocation properly, but it is often also crucial that the staff must be able to continue working. Of course, many companies must be able to continue to operate while moving to a new business space.

This requires staff and of course the staff cannot intervene moving boxes and moving materials. A business move is valuable time and it must be handled with care.

Outsourcing your business move is a good idea because an experienced moving company has extensive experience in transporting special furniture, large items and desks that you can find in offices.

Movers are not just used for a company move, but you will notice that they are always very professional movers. Such an experienced mover knows exactly what your wishes and requirements are as a business customer.

Personal account manager

Professional moving companies also always employ a personal account manager. During the business relocation of your company, you naturally want everything to run smoothly and it is nice to have a permanent contact person.

The personal account manager will not only ensure that the relocation of your business premises runs smoothly, but will be there for you at all times. Do you have questions? To demand? You can always contact your regular contact person for this.

Moving your company with real professionals

Are you actually moving with the company and do you have the right equipment for this? number of movers needed who can help you professionally during the move? Then you have come to the right place with a professional moving company.

During a business relocation, it is important to communicate well with each other. Clear agreements must of course be made between the movers and you as a customer. Furthermore, during the move it is of course also important that you have good contact with the staff of the moving company so that you know exactly what needs to be done.

Different types of moving companies

Moving companies are only too happy to take care of your company relocation and of course we fully understand if you have already searched the entire internet for this. You have probably noticed during your search that the prices of moving companies vary enormously. One mover is a lot more expensive or cheaper than the other.. but why is this and is this actually possible?

Recognized Movers

In the Dutch moving world there is a branch organization called Erkende Verhuizers. All moving companies in the Netherlands can join this organization. Moving companies that join do so because they can then offer their customers extra guarantees. What kind of guarantees are these that the prices are so different because of this?

Good conditions and guarantees

Recognized moving companies all have the same conditions and can therefore provide their customers with a guarantee certificate when booking. This way you can be sure at all times that your move will go ahead.

You may now think why my move cannot go through, but you can think of a bankruptcy, for example. When this happens, one of the other Recognized Movers will take over your move without you having to pay extra for this. A Recognized Mover is also well insured because your household effects are all-risk insured in the Netherlands up to an amount of €100,000. The amount paid out in the event of damage is of course based on the replacement value of your items.

It entails additional costs

In order to be able to offer you such guarantees, a recognized mover must of course pay costs to the trade association. The aforementioned guarantees cost a lot of money, so you can imagine that the amount that must be paid to the organization is not low either. Because these costs are ultimately passed on to you as a customer, the prices for a move at these companies are a lot higher.

Are unauthorized movers unsuitable for the job?

All moving companies in the Netherlands are professional. You can't just start a moving company overnight. Yes, some moving companies are better than other moving companies and some have better guarantees than others, but this does not necessarily mean that an unlicensed mover is less good than a moving company that has joined the trade association.

Online there is a lot of information about moving companies and that is why you can easily find reviews so that you can get an idea of the movers. Online reviews can provide you with a lot of information!

Why doesn't a moving company join?

So why don't some moving companies join? A moving company that chooses not to join often does so because it simply does not want to pay the extra costs. They also often want to remain independent.

When a moving company is independent, it can decide everything itself. Some examples are the conditions, insurances and services of the moving company. This way you can determine everything yourself, you do not have to pay extra costs and you can therefore keep costs low. As a result, not Recognized Movers are often a lot cheaper.

Consequences of business relocation

If you want to use the services of an unrecognized moving company, it is important that you always read the general terms and conditions carefully, because all these companies all have their own terms and conditions. This also means that they each have their own insurance policies and guarantees. It is very important to inform yourself well. Of course you want to know in advance how well your household effects are insured during the move.

Temporary storage and business relocations

During business relocations, storage space is often required. There is a lot of furniture that cannot (yet) be moved, which is why companies often choose to store it temporarily. You can also contact the moving company for this. They will collect and store everything neatly. When you want your belongings back, they will also deliver them neatly to you.

What does moving cost?

The average costs for a move are very difficult to estimate. Yes, as you have read before, this is due to certificates and labels, but this of course also has to do with other aspects. The average moving costs depend on many more different factors.

You can consider the size of the move and therefore what type of moving van is needed, the required materials and whether the movers have to assemble or disassemble furniture, for example. Your personal wishes also play a major role in the final costs of your move. For example, do you need storage for furniture that cannot be moved? Or do you want one too? rent a moving lift so that the move can be completed faster? These types of services and many others naturally entail additional costs.

Compare quotes

That's why you can get the best for the right price moving quotes compare different moving companies. This way you know exactly which moving services each moving company offers and at what price they do this. You can find all this on the no-obligation quote you receive from each company. However, contacting every moving company in your region without obligation can of course be extremely time-consuming.

After receiving your request, we will forward all information free of charge to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours and once you have received all the quotes you can view them at your leisure. So you can ultimately choose it moving company that is the best suits you and your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a business move cost?

The average costs for a company relocation are between €5970 and €7060.

What are you entitled to when moving your company?

As a company, you may be entitled to a relocation allowance during the move, which in this case is also referred to as a compensation scheme and even a travel allowance.

What is moving internally?

Moving internally means that the company remains within the same building, but that all furniture, for example, must be moved to another part of the building.

Can an employer just move?

In most contracts there is a clause about a change clause or other rules. It allows companies to change locations without employee consent.

Can you move in 1 day?

Corporate relocations often take longer than private relocations because corporate relocation is simply a bit more complicated. However, it all depends on the situation and it is best to discuss this with the moving company. Fortunately, this is often possible.