Temporary move: everything you need to know

Are you going to live somewhere else temporarily soon? Have you already sold the house, but is the new house not ready yet? Are you perhaps working on a renovation or renovation in your home? Then you will probably no longer be able to stay in the house for a while. This means that you will have to temporarily move yourself and your belongings.

Report your move in the event of a temporary move

The municipal personal administration, also known as the GBA, must know your current home address at all times. You must do this within 5 days of your arrival relocation at the municipality to report. Now you may think that this is not necessary when you move because you are only going to live somewhere else temporarily, but this must also be known in the case of temporary housing.

When to choose temporary relocation

In the field of temporary housing, municipalities always make a distinction between a temporary move of less or more than one month.

Do you have a temporary one? address change of less than one month? Then all you have to do is report it. Do you have a temporary change of address of at least one month or more? Then you will have to fill out some more documents for this.

It is best to check the rules in the municipalities in the Netherlands on their website. If you have any questions, you could also contact the municipality by telephone. They often have a landline for these types of matters.

Temporarily moving during renovation

A temporary move is especially popular during renovations. It is not the case that people necessarily want this, but you are often simply forced to move temporarily during a renovation.

Report your temporary change of address on time!

Make sure you have your temporary notify us of your change of address on time because if you don't do this you risk a fine and of course you don't want this.

Are you unable to live at the temporary address yet?

As soon as you have left your old home, you must deregister with the municipality and you are also obliged to provide a new address. However, it sometimes happens that you do not yet know what your new address is and in this case you officially temporarily have no home address.

Temporarily have mail forwarded

If you do not yet know what your new address will be, you can arrange a postal address for yourself. This can be anyone's address. Think of friends, family or acquaintances. However, they must of course give written permission for this, otherwise this is not possible.

Such a postal address ensures that you are available to the Dutch government at all times. This way you can't miss an important post. Because it concerns a postal address, your registration has no influence on the taxes, benefits and surcharges of the residents of your postal address.

However, you must meet certain conditions if you want to use a postal address. For more information about this you can best to contact the municipality where you live.

Forward your mail through a postal company

If you live at the temporary address, it may happen that certain mail is still sent to your old place of residence. Fortunately, there are solutions for this and there are several options to choose from.

A forwarding service

You can easily have your mail temporarily forwarded to another address. PostNL, for example, has a very handy one forwarding service that you can use for a fee. Even when you really will move this service can be very useful. This way you won't miss important mail from important authorities.

Ask the new residents for help

With a temporary move, there will of course be no other residents living at your old address, but with an actual move, of course there will be. In this case, you can ask the residents if they can store your mail so that you can pick it up after a few weeks.

They are often also willing to forward the mail from your old house to your new home. In this case, it is best to first offer that the costs will be for your own account, of course.

Rent a PO box

You can also easily rent a PO box from postal companies such as PostNL. However, postal companies usually have a minimum rental period of one year and if you do not need it for that long, this is of course a waste of money.

A renovation often takes a long time

Unfortunately, a renovation can often take a little longer due to structural defects. In this case, your home will only meet the requirements after the renovation. Consider, for example, the Dutch parliamentary democracy with the renovation of the Binnenhof, Ministry of General Affairs and the first chamber on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague! The renovation of the plenary hall of the second chamber also took much longer than agreed!

Therefore, always take into account the fact that not everything will always go according to plan during such a temporary move.

Rent storage space

It is common when someone moves abroad storage area chosen, but did you know that temporary storage is always useful? Sometimes even necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you temporarily have no address?

If you do not have an address for a while, you can register with the municipality for a postal address. This way, the government can reach you at any time and you won't miss an important item.

Can you be registered at two addresses?

In the Netherlands you cannot be registered at 2 addresses. As soon as you register at one address, you will automatically be deregistered at the other address.

What happens if you are not registered anywhere?

If you do not register anywhere as a resident, you cannot apply for a (new) passport, identity card or driver's license and you are no longer entitled to financial support from the Dutch government.

How long can you live with someone temporarily?

You can live with someone for as long as you want. It is best to discuss this with the people you are going to live with.

Can you unsubscribe without a new address?

Yes, you can also deregister from the municipality without a new address.