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“Fast service, friendly staff and good value for money. And handle personal property well and carefully. My move went quickly and smoothly, and I received a call afterwards to see if everything went well.”

– Milan van Leeuwen

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Moving companies in Utrecht

Moving, we've almost all done it at least once. In the past, people often lived in one place for a long time, but nowadays you can find very few people who have never moved. Part of the relocating group in the Netherlands chooses to carry out their relocation themselves, but there is also a large part of this relocating group who prefer to opt for a professional relocation.

Looking for a moving company Utrecht

Have you planned a move for this year and have you already searched the internet for 'Utrecht moving company or 'Utrecht moving company'? Then there is a good chance that this has not made you any wiser, because many people suffer from this. Yes, moving cheaply in Utrecht is possible, but there is so much information on the internet about outsourcing a complete move that you often get confused.

Moving is happy to help you

You are at the right place for clear information and clear communication Moving at the right place. We can help you find nice guys who can take care of your entire move. This way you will have found the perfect professional move in no time with a moving company Utrecht.

Cheap moving company Utrecht

Do you want to move more cheaply, but do you want to move with professional movers? Then it is good to know that this is possible. One thing that is very important here is good preparation. By this we don't just mean the actual preparing your move such as packing all your things, but by this we also mean comparing different moving companies. When you do this, you can opt for an affordable moving service in Utrecht.

Neighborhoods in Utrecht where our movers are active:

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  • Leidse Rhine
  • Vleuten-De Meern

Carry out a private move yourself

You can of course also carry out a move yourself. For this you do not necessarily have to look for experienced movers at a moving company in Utrecht. However, when you decide to use the complete move yourself, first think carefully about why you want to do this yourself. People often choose to carry out a (small) move themselves so that it is a cheap move. However, nothing could be further from the truth, because sometimes moving yourself is not cheap at all.

You should also take into account that you will not be completely unburdened during your move and that you should therefore call in the help of family, friends or acquaintances in good time. Of course you can't move all the heavy stuff yourself.

Private removals and arranging everything yourself

If you do not choose a moving company Utrecht, it is important to prepare yourself extra well because you have to arrange everything yourself. But really everything. Consider, for example, professional moving materials that you need to stock up on.

Getting your stuff packed with bad material is not a smart idea because in this case your stuff can be damaged during transport and you obviously don't want this. Therefore, always make sure that you have enough professional moving material at home.

Also think about other things

You should also think of a moving lift and a moving truck. It is also important to take a good look at the moving lift and moving truck. Are the removal vans equipped with the necessary materials, such as lashing straps?

Of course you also don't want to forget the hard workers who came to help you.. maybe it's nice to treat them to a nice lunch or dinner?

Choose a professional moving company

Every moving company in Utrecht employs experienced movers who are eager to help you move. The movers cannot help you alone moving boxes moving, but they can also help you extra by offering you the right moving service.

(Approved) movers

A (recognised) moving company in Utrecht can easily help you with your move. Everything will be neatly packed and your fragile items will be safely moved to the new location. The movers themselves can even do this for you and they will always make sure your move goes smoothly. A smooth move is of course also very important.

Every professional moving company in Utrecht can private removals so that the rates for a private move are lower. This is of course because the moving companies have to compete with each other.

Is it a business relocation?

Are you moving soon, but do you want to move here? business move? You must enter your old building moving company or are you going to move to another location? Then this is no problem for a moving company in Utrecht. A business relocation is often also part of their specialty. For example, private removals senior moves, student moves, international moves and business moves are no problem for them.

Is a business relocation very different?

A business move is not necessarily very different from a private move, because in both cases the professional movers naturally have to move furniture. However, business relocations must be approached differently. You will move, but you should not only think about all the company's contents, but of course also about the employees.

Furthermore, professional movers often have to deal with special, large or heavy items that need to be moved during business relocations and this naturally requires the necessary approach.

You are moving, but which moving services do you need?

Every moving company Utrecht offers its customers various moving services. Of course, a moving company does not just do this. Moving services make a move a lot easier for a customer and it all goes much faster for the moving company. So a win-win situation!

Yes, one moving company is not the other moving company, but when you hire a professional moving company Utrecht you can be sure that you are dealing with skilled and friendly men.

Rent a moving lift

Do you not live on a higher floor or are you not going to move to a higher floor and do you think no moving elevator to need? Then it is wise to think carefully about this because a removal lift does not necessarily have to do with the floors. A moving lift also has nothing to do with the amount of stuff.

Safe and ergonomic

Yes, if you live on a higher floor it is of course more than logical to rent a removal lift because you or the movers cannot of course carry everything down from the 15th floor. Not only is this not good for your back, but it is certainly not good for your stuff because your stuff can be damaged in this way and of course you don't want that.

Ground floor

It is also possible that you live on the ground floor and still need a removal lift. This may sound a bit crazy at first, but it is actually true. Some houses, especially old houses, have very narrow doorposts, so that many objects do not fit through. It can also sometimes be the case that the stairwell is too small. In these cases, the objects must be moved through the window or via the balcony and a removal lift is of course required.

Rent a moving lift from a moving company in Utrecht

Moving companies also offer moving lifts for professional moving materials. So you can easily rent them from them. If you already use other services from the moving company, you no longer have to look at other moving companies because they have arranged this for you in no time!


Movers not only help customers during many moves, but also when storage is needed. It often happens that people want to store things in a storage room during renovations or relocations. Thanks to the excellent service of professional movers, you have come to the right place for this.

Why should you rent a storage unit?

storage area you may need for various reasons. Maybe you're moving to a smaller home and you can't move the old stuff with you. Maybe you go moving internationally and you want to temporarily store your belongings. It also sometimes happens that people want to sell certain items and that unfortunately this is not possible in time. In this case, you can have the items stored so that you still have enough time to do this.

The movers will take care of everything

If you choose to have the items stored in a storage space at a moving company in Utrecht, this will save you a lot of work. The fact is that the movers will take everything off your hands. The movers will come by with the spacious removal van to collect the items and they will then also drive them neatly to the storage space themselves. Here they will unload everything and place it neatly in the room.

The best conditions

Almost every moving company in Utrecht has a storage space. These areas are heated and often air-conditioned. This is important because everything has to be arranged properly in the room. If this is not the case, mold can develop which can damage your belongings and you naturally want to prevent this at all times.

You can always access your stuff

If you choose to have your belongings stored at a moving company in Utrecht, this will save you a lot of stress. It may also be nice to know that you can always access your belongings. Do you have any items that you forgot to save later? Then you can make an appointment for this with the Utrecht moving company so that you can get back to your belongings. A moving company in Utrecht is only trying to make it easier for you!

Help with packing and unpacking

Moving cheaply and making it all easier is very possible. Moving in Utrecht is actually very easy! One of the moving services provided by moving companies is their packing and unpacking service. This moving service in Utrecht really makes it all a lot easier for you.

All carefully packed

Of course, moving cheaply in Utrecht does not mean that you have to make things difficult for yourself. If you don't feel like packing everything, you can choose to hire a packing service. In this case, the movers will keep everything tidy packing and moving!

The right way to pack

We may all think very easily about packing during a move, but did you know that this is a very important aspect of the move? It is very important to pack everything correctly, because if you do not do this, all your belongings can be damaged during the move. Furthermore, the movers will always use professional moving materials.

Help with unpacking?

Are you tired of the thought of having to unpack everything again after the move? Then we understand this completely.. you are not alone! Fortunately, you can move cheaply in Utrecht and you can also use the affordable moving services of a professional moving company.

In this case, choose to also use the unpacking service of a moving company. The movers will unpack everything neatly after the move and they will also ensure that everything is in the right place. How nice is this? This way you only have to let the movers know what needs to be done so that you can sit back and relax afterwards.

DIY with the handyman

Moving cheaply and want your move to run smoothly? This can be done very easily and it does not matter what type of move it is. Whether it's a big move or big moves.. there are always chores to be done during a move. This applies to both the old and new home.

The handyman can help you

Of course you don't want to do half work and in this case it might be important to first take a good look at yourself and all your talents. Are you a real handyman or do you actually have 2 left hands? If you are not a real handyman, you can choose to hire a handyman in advance. He can help you in the old house with, for example, removing objects on the walls, filling holes or connecting and disconnecting electricity.

Furthermore, during a move, (dis)assembly work often has to be carried out. It often happens that certain objects have to be dismantled for safe transport and these must of course also be neatly assembled after the move. The handyman can also help you with this.

A house clearance

Moving companies are not only concerned with (cheap) moving, but also with house clearances. Do you have to vacate your home due to circumstances? For example, do you have a renovation planned or do you have to leave the house as soon as possible? Then you can also opt for an evacuation service at a moving company.

A clearance with a discount

Of course you decide all by yourself what should happen with your household effects. Do you want to dispose of it, donate it to charity or maybe even sell it? Everything is possible. One thing that might be nice to know is that many moving companies also sometimes buy furniture. If you still have a lot of usable goods, it might be wise to indicate this to the moving company.

When the moving company decides to buy your belongings, they will often deduct the price they pay you for your belongings from the total costs. An eviction and a discount? That's really nice, isn't it?

Deliver broom clean

In 9 out of 10 cases, a home must be left sweeping clean after an evacuation. This means that the house must be bare and in its original condition upon delivery. The movers will therefore start repairs such as this after the house has been emptied removing lamps, whitewashing the walls or, for example, removing floors.

After the repairs, the friendly guys will start the cleaning work. You can probably imagine that the toilet, kitchen and bathroom of a house need a thorough cleaning after such an evacuation. After all this is over, the house can be delivered on the agreed date and time and the movers can start their next move.

Furniture transport

Have you finally found that beautiful antique cupboard online? Are you perhaps moving, but do you only want the movers to move the piano? Then you can choose in these cases furniture transport. In this case, only the indicated objects, often heavy furniture, will be picked up.

Rent a moving van

Have you decided to carry out the move yourself? Then it is of course necessary to also have one hire a moving van. Many people find the prices at car rental companies too high and therefore prefer to choose one Rent a moving van from a professional mover.

When you move, your best option is actually to rent the moving van from a professional mover. Moving companies often offer their cars at daily prices, so you can rent a car at very competitive rates.

An emergency move

It often happens that moves have to be scheduled at the very last minute. Do you also have one due to circumstances? urgent move to be planned? Then you don't have to worry about this because removals can easily be carried out at the last minute with an urgent moving service.

Everyone should be able to move

Every professional moving company always tries to work as flexibly as possible so that adjustments can still be made to their planning at the last minute. This allows moving companies to provide a last-minute emergency moving service to customers in need. In this way, everyone can move easily and at any time.

Some moving companies charge a surcharge for this and some do not. It is wise to always check with the relevant moving company in advance.

Calculate moving costs

Relocations always differ from each other and therefore the costs for each move will be different. This not only has to do with the distance between the home or with call-out costs, but also with the personal wishes of the customer. For example, do you want to rent a moving lift or do you need (temporary) storage? Do you want to outsource the entire move or do you prefer to carry out a number of things yourself?

An estimate of the costs

It is very difficult for movers to estimate the move without any information moving costs to make. A moving team simply needs more information to do this. Therefore, in this case it is useful to moving quotes so that you can get the correct price indication of your move.

Relocations differ from each other

As you have read before, removals differ simply too much from each other, so that an estimate of the costs cannot be made just like that. One needs a large moving van and the other may need a small van. One may be moving within the Netherlands while the other is planning an international move.

Request multiple quotes

Requesting moving quotes is a wise choice, but it is even wiser to do this with several moving companies. This way you can compare the moving services and prices of the moving companies and you can ultimately choose the moving company that suits you best.

Moving is happy to help you

Yes, it is wise to request moving quotes from different moving companies, but do you actually have the time for this? We completely understand if it does not appear that way. Then you will have to look up all moving companies in the region and you will also have to contact each moving company free quote to request! This is actually impossible and that is why we have come up with a solution for this.

Free quotes

At Moving you can now request multiple moving quotes easily and free of charge. For this you only need to submit one application form so that we can send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours. When you have received all moving quotes, you can compare them all with each other so that you can choose the moving company that best suits your needs.

It's free and you're not committed to anything!

After requesting the free quotes, do you decide not to hire a moving company after all? Then this is no problem. You are not stuck with anything!

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