Moving internationally, an exciting adventure

When you hear the word move, you usually think of moves within the Netherlands and this is of course more than logical. After all, most people have only experienced relocations within the Netherlands.

However, these are of course not the only removals that exist. For example, there are also plenty of moves abroad. Moving abroad is also known as an international move.

Moving abroad is complicated

Internationaal verhuizen kan een behoorlijke uitdaging zijn. Niet alleen voor jou of eventuele gezinsleden, maar zeker ook voor het moving company. Internationaal verhuizen vraagt dan ook zeker om de nodige kennis en ervaring.

Everything has to be arranged properly

Of course you have to know exactly how to deal with all the paperwork and you also want to move your belongings without damage. It is therefore not just that an international move consists of certain steps, and this also requires tight planning.

An international moving company

An international move requires international movers. These are movers who have years of experience in moving customers abroad and they can therefore best help you with this.

Fortunately, there are plenty of international moving companies in the Netherlands that would like to take care of your move.

What kind of international move?

When you move abroad with a moving company, it is important to inform the moving company about the type of move. You will not soon forget this, because the moving company will certainly ask you this.

Are you a student who is now going to emigrate after studying abroad? Are you an expat? Are you moving as a family and do the movers have to help move pets? As you can see there are different circumstances and it is therefore important for a moving company to know in advance what kind of international move it concerns.

International moves are stressful

International moves are stressful. It is not only a stressful event for you as a person involved, but certainly also for an international moving company. There is simply a lot more to consider when moving abroad.

Fortunately, an international moving company knows exactly what to do and, thanks to their experience and knowledge, moving abroad is ultimately 'a piece of cake'.

Good preparation is half the job

As with any move, good preparation is also very important for international moves. With international removals, this takes a little more time because there is more to arrange. It is also important for international movers to offer customers the right service so that it will all be less stressful for the customer.

A (recognised) international moving company

Perhaps you have already noticed online during your search for a suitable moving company that there are Recognized Movers and non-Approved Movers. This is absolutely correct. In the Netherlands, we have the trade association of Erkende Verhuizers in the moving world. Some moving companies are affiliated with this and some are not.

A recognized moving company

A recognized moving company can offer its customers certain guarantees that it probably would not have been able to offer without a connection.

For example, recognized moving companies have very good insurance policies, so that your belongings are well insured and you no longer need to insure them extra. They also issue a guarantee certificate when booking, so you can be sure that your move will continue at all times. Furthermore, these moving companies all have the same conditions.

In order to be able to offer you as a customer these guarantees, the moving company must of course pay some costs to the organization and these costs will of course be passed on to the customer. As a result, recognized moving companies are always a lot more expensive.

An unauthorized moving company

An unrecognized moving company is not necessarily less good. An unauthorized mover simply chooses not to join an organization.

This allows them to remain independent and they do not have to pay a cost to the organization. This way they do not have to pass on costs to their customers and can keep their costs low in this way. As a result, non-recognized moving companies are usually a lot cheaper.

However, with these moving companies it is important to always read the conditions carefully because they all have their own conditions. It is also important to inquire carefully about their insurance policies. Of course you want to be aware of the insurance of your belongings so that you are not faced with any surprises later on.

An international move sometimes requires a compromise

Unfortunately, moving internationally is not always a bed of roses. Yes, it is very nice that you are moving abroad and that you are embarking on a new adventure, but unfortunately moving internationally often also means that not all things can be moved with you.

Leaving stuff

This is of course due to the fact that in the Netherlands you simply have too much stuff. If you can move it with you, it is of course no problem, but this is often not possible. Fortunately, you don't necessarily have to give these things away or throw them away.

International removals and storage

Many international movers have a warehouse on their premises. Here you can safely store your belongings for a fee. This way you can move to the new destination with less stuff and the entire move will be carried out faster.

The moving company takes care of everything!

If you need storage space and rent it from the moving company, they will take care of everything for you. They will collect everything, store it and deliver it to you later when you need it again. Do you want to save things in the meantime?

Have you shopped online from abroad and do you also want to put these items in storage? Then this is of course always possible! You can always access your belongings in the meantime. How nice is that?

International moving and customs formalities

Moving internationally means that you have to arrange a lot because moving internationally means a lot of paperwork. We understand better than anyone that you don't feel like communicating with the always so difficult customs of a country.

Are you going to move internationally and don't want to arrange all this yourself? Then you don't have to worry anymore because international movers are happy to help you with this!

With an international move, it can all be arranged for you

As you have read before, an international moving company can take care of the customs formalities for you. Because these moving companies have the necessary experience with international moving, they often employ coordinators with their own specialization.

They know exactly what each country needs to arrange. For example, they can guide you through a customs clearance procedure.

Top 10 international moving companies

At Moving we have put together the best international moving companies in one list so that it is all a bit clearer for customers who are looking for it.

Moving costs internationally

When you move within the Netherlands, you are always cheaper than with international moves. This is of course more than logical. International removals within the European Union (EU) can sometimes be cheap, but when it comes to international removals to another continent, you will see that this is really a lot more expensive.

This is of course also more than logical, because this naturally requires a lot of kilometers to be covered. International moves to another continent also require a different approach and there are many other things that need to be properly arranged by the moving company.

Compare quotes

De ene internationaal verhuisbedrijven zijn goedkoper dan andere internationale verhuisbedrijven. Om niet voor onaangename verrassingen te komen staan kun je daarom het beste altijd moving quotes met elkaar vergelijken.

This way you not only know exactly how much your move will cost, but in this way you also know exactly which moving services each moving company offers and what their rates are for this.

Find the right moving company

Which moving company is the best option for your move? Does the company adapt its moving services and costs to the wishes of the customer? Where is the best place to go for a competitive rate?

Request free quotes from Moving

At Moving you can now receive multiple moving quotes with one application form. With one free request you will receive 6 moving quotes from the 6 best moving companies in your region!

These international movers will contact you within 24 hours and when you have received the quotes, you can look at them at your leisure and ultimately choose the moving company that best suits you and your personal wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is moving internationally?

An international move costs on average between €5200 and €6020. However, the prices of course differ and depend on the destination.

How much does a move to Spain cost?

The costs for moving household contents of an average size are between €4300 and €7200. However, it also depends on where you are moving to in Spain.

How long can you spend the winter in Spain?

You may spend the winter in Spain for a maximum of 6 consecutive months. Are you staying in Spain for more than 180 days? Then you are considered a resident.

Can you just go and live in Spain?

As a resident of a European member state, you can easily live in another member state and therefore also in Spain.

Is life in Spain cheaper than the Netherlands?

The cost of living in Spain is approximately 30% lower than in the Netherlands.