Hire movers; move quickly and professionally

Hire movers. What is that actually necessary for? You can easily carry out a move yourself, right? Yes, you can indeed carry out a move yourself, but whether a complete move can be easily carried out is another question.

Type of movers

There is a lot to consider when moving. You probably have this during the preparing the move already noticed. You have to arrange a lot. This applies to both your old home and your new home. Do you want to move easily and quickly? Then it might be wise to first think carefully about what exactly you want. Do you want the complete move Do you really want to do it all yourself or would you rather opt for experienced movers?

What exactly do the movers do?

Hiring multiple movers means moving to your new home easier and faster. What a mover what else you do exactly is completely up to you! The customer is king and as king you can of course decide everything. Of course, possible costs will be charged for these services. Do you not want these other costs?

Project mover

A project mover is one moving company that carries out relocations in the business market. Think of companies and offices.


Movers can also help with the (dis)assembly of furniture and cabinets. These often have to be dismantled during a move so that the items can be transported safely. A handyman can help you with the (dis)assembly of the items during the move. The movers always use the best tools so they can help make the move go smoothly.


The foreman is a mover who is in charge of the move. You can always contact him for all your questions.

Towing force and packer

As you have read before, a mover can therefore perform additional tasks. You can think of a packing and/or unpacking service. A tram of movers will come by a day or two before the move to pack everything. On the moving day itself, they will load everything into the moving van and unload it at the new address.

Rent a moving van

A moving company also offers other services in addition to relocations. For example, you can contact them store furniture, you can use lift assistance when you need a moving lift and you can of course always scale up the number of moving trucks required.

The trade association of Recognized Movers

In the moving world, we have a branch organization of recognized moving companies in the Netherlands. All moving companies in the Netherlands therefore have the opportunity to join them. Some moving companies choose to do this and some choose not to.

Recognized moving companies

You may have already searched the internet for what a moving costs and have you noticed that the prices vary considerably. This also has to do with whether a company is recognized or not. A moving company that chooses to join the organization does so mainly because of the benefits it brings. By being recognized, they can offer their customers certain guarantees and benefits. For example, all affiliated moving companies have the same conditions. Their insurance policies are also well arranged and your home contents in the Netherlands are reimbursed up to €100,000.

Is an unauthorized moving company less good?

We are often asked whether an unrecognized moving company is less good and our answer is always no, this is certainly not the case. All moving companies in the Netherlands are professional and can always serve you well. This does not necessarily have to do with certificates. It is the services that make a moving company tick and that is why it is always wise to carefully read the Google reviews of a moving company online. An important reason for moving companies not to join the trade organization is mainly the costs. If you are not affiliated with anything, you not only do not have to pay the extra costs, but you also remain independent as a moving company. This way you can go where you want and determine the final outcome costs as a moving company also all by yourself because you don't have to charge anything to your customers.

However, it is always the case with non-recognized moving companies that they all have different conditions. That is why it is always extra important in this case to read their conditions carefully. It is also important to inform yourself well with regard to their insurance policies, because you naturally want your household goods to be properly insured during the move.

Regional and national moving companies

In the Netherlands we have moving companies that choose to work nationally, but there are also moving companies that only work regionally. A national moving company is usually a large moving company that has the right resources to operate nationally. A regional moving company is usually slightly smaller. Furthermore, a national charge moving company usually also higher rates per mover and call-out costs, because they naturally have to travel longer distances than regional movers. Furthermore, it is of course also true that prices differ per municipality.

How many movers to hire?

How many movers you need for your move of course depends on your move. In general, a minimum of movers are always needed.

Hiring movers costs

When you are thinking about outsourcing a move, you naturally want to know what the move will cost. Unfortunately, many people do not know that hiring movers and moving cheaply in 2022 can easily go together.

The average cost moving company

There are several factors that determine the price of a move, which is why it is very difficult to estimate the average cost of a move just like that. Some examples of different factors that determine the price are, for example, the size of the move, transport costs and call-out costs. Furthermore, we also look at how many movers are needed and whether you want them to help with packing. The costs therefore mainly depend on the type of moving service. You can make it as expensive or cheap as you want.

Weekend rate

Keep in mind that moving companies often charge a surcharge during the weekend and during the week in the evenings, which can make your move a lot more expensive.

Request multiple quotes from Moving for free

At Moving we completely understand it. You want soon going to move and of course you want to know the exact costs before you actually move. Of course, you don't want the costs to be higher afterwards. Therefore, in this case it is wise to use different Compare moving companies.

At Moving you can now request multiple quotes with one application form. This is also completely free! After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a mover cost per hour?

A moving company usually charges between €33 and €39 per mover per hour.

How much does a moving company cost per day?

What a moving company costs per day is of course mainly related to the size of your move and the moving services hired. In general, a moving company will cost you between $550 and $890 per day.

Who can help me move?

You can ask your friends, family and acquaintances for help during the move, but it is of course best to use a professional moving company.

How long in advance to arrange a mover?

You can never engage a moving company too early. However, as a guideline you can use at least 4 to 5 weeks before your moving day.

Can you move in 1 day?

This of course depends on the move, but moving in 1 day is certainly not impossible. Discuss your wishes with the moving company and see what the possibilities are.