Which authorities are automatically notified when moving house?

When you move, it is of course very important to think carefully about your belongings. How are you going to move this and when exactly are you going to do all this? Maybe you hire a professional moving company, but maybe you don't.

Don't forget the other sides of a move

As you can see, there are many things to consider during a move. But don't you forget the other things?

I am moving, who should I inform?

Yes, the practical matters of your move are very important, but during a move it is also very important to think about the administrative matters. Of course you must be able to pass on your change of address to important authorities, your new dentist or other associations.

The most important thing is of course you inform about a change of address to the municipality.

Submit a change of address

Which authorities will now automatically receive a message about your move? Do you have to report your move to, for example, the tax authorities, fitness club, insurers or trade associations? Or are there agencies that automatically receive a message? And which authorities are automatically notified?

Moving within the old municipality

Are you not going to move to another municipality and will you continue to live comfortably in your old place of residence? Then providing your new address is sufficient.

That is why it is of course also called a change of address. You don't have a new place of residence in a new municipality, but only a new address.

Moving to a new municipality

If you move to live elsewhere, the change must be made at the municipality. Whether inside or outside the current municipality. As you have read before, if you continue to live in your current municipality, you only have to report an address change.

What should you do?

When you go to another municipality will move you must report this to the new municipality. You must register yourself as a new resident with the municipality of your new place of residence.

Unsubscribing is not necessary

In this case, you no longer have to deregister from your current municipality, because the new municipality will automatically notify you of your move.

Proof of deregistration

After submitting, you will always receive a proof of deregistration. You will often receive these by e-mail.

How can you report the change of address?

You can report the change of address in various ways. This can be done in different ways, but of course something is different in every municipality and that is why it is always best to consult the website of the relevant municipality in advance.

Arrange everything online

At most municipalities in the Netherlands you can now arrange the move online via DigiD. The Report your move online is of course the easiest option and you obviously do not need any additional documents for this.

In this case, the new municipality will also automatically deregister you from the old municipality.

By mail

It is rather old-fashioned, but some like it and prefer to do their business by mail. Reporting your move in writing is still possible at many municipalities and you do not need any documents for this.

However, the town hall can always ask you for additional information.

Along the town hall

When you schedule some extra time, it might even be possible to arrange your affairs personally. In this case you can go to the town hall and report the change at the counter. Please note that you often have to make an appointment in advance for this. You also need the following documents for this:

  • A valid proof of identity (Dutch identity card, passport, driver's license)
  • Proof of habitation. This can be your rental contract, purchase deed or a statement of consent from the main occupant.

All persons of age must report the move themselves. Even if it only concerns an address change.

Which documents do you need?

If you are going to live somewhere else and want to report the move yourself at the town hall, you will need a number of documents. You can register with the municipality and for this you need the following documents:

  • A valid proof of identity (Dutch identity card, passport, driver's license)
  • Proof of habitation. This can be your rental contract, purchase deed or a statement of consent from the main occupant.

When do you have to report the change to the municipality?

You report a move must be done within 4 weeks before or no later than 5 days. You must notify the move within 4 weeks of the start date. If you do not do this, you risk a high fine and of course you do not want this.

You will also always receive a written confirmation after the change of address. Of course at the new address.

Reporting a move and the municipal basic administration

You pass on the change to the municipality, after which it is entered again in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). In this way, other authorities will also be informed of your move.

Which authorities are automatically informed?

The municipality automatically passes on your change of address to:

  • The tax
  • Education Executive Agency (DUO)
  • Police and fire brigade
  • DMV
  • Social Insurance Bank (SVB)
  • Hospitals
  • Health insurers

Which authorities should I inform myself?

Naturally, a training institute, courses, shopping services, vet, bank, notary, chamber of commerce, magazines, church, charities, political party, trade union, newspapers and old neighbors will not receive any notification of your move and you will have to notify us of your move yourself. to give. This also applies to your neighbors, work, colleagues, business relations, school and family.

Submit your new address automatically

As you have been able to read, important authorities will be informed of your move. This of course saves you a lot of time and in this way all mail is also forwarded to your new address and forwarding mail to you by the new residents is no longer necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should you notify when moving house?

You must report your move to the municipality so that it can adjust it in the Personal Records Database (BRP) and then important authorities such as the Tax and Customs Administration, DUO, RDW, your health insurer and the police and brandword will automatically be informed of your move. .

How can I see if my move has been reported?

You will often receive a proof of registration upon registration. The municipality can send this by post to, but nowadays this is often done by e-mail

How quickly does the municipality report a move to the Tax and Customs Administration?

Once the change has been implemented at the municipality, it takes approximately 1 to 5 working days before the Tax and Customs Administration is notified.

How to report a move digitally?

Nowadays you can easily log in to the websites of the municipalities in the Netherlands with your DigiD. You can report your move here.

What happens if you do not register with the municipality?

If you do not register with the municipality, you will no longer be able to apply for a new passport, identity card or driving licence. Furthermore, you will no longer be entitled to financial support from the Dutch government. You can think of rent and care allowance or a benefit. You are also not allowed to vote during elections.