Complete home clearance; cleared within one day

A house clearance is not something that is very well known. Not like a move at least. However, home evacuation is much more common than you think.

A house evacuation can be planned well in advance, but due to the fact that a house evacuation can sometimes have to do with certain nasty circumstances, it is possible that you often have to schedule a house evacuation urgently.

What is a home eviction

Home evictions sometimes have to deal with less pleasant circumstances. You can think of, for example, an eviction or the death of a loved one.

However, this does not always have to be the case and a house evacuation can also be related to, for example, a renovation or if you simply have too much rubbish in your home and do not know what to do with it anymore. Whatever the reason for an eviction, it is and remains a tough job. Both physically and mentally.

A professional clearing company is happy to help you

An evacuation company is happy to help you with this tough job so that you can concentrate on other things. Furthermore, these companies have good contacts with the municipality and real estate agents, which means that they can even take care of the key transfer for you.

This is how the delivery will also be carried out, so you don't have to think about anything anymore. Most moving companies also offer clearing services.

Can a house evacuation be carried out just like that?

Do you live in a large house and do you have to clear the house because you have simply saved too much stuff that you want to get rid of? Do you want the building to be bare before you start with the renovation and do you need to remove the floors or carpet, for example? In this case you can quickly clear your home and this is of course also allowed. It is your home and you decide whether you want an eviction or not!

Permission is required for an eviction

In the event of a major cleaning, relocation or death, evacuation is therefore allowed in the Netherlands. However, this is not allowed during an eviction.

For example, must the house be vacated due to a dispute between the tenant and the landlord or must a company eviction be planned in connection with a bankruptcy? Then of course a home or business premises may not be evacuated just like that. In such cases, an eviction order from the court is required.

A house clearance never gets used to

As you have read before, clearing the home of a deceased person is a difficult, but also a very tough job. Yes, this is certainly the case for the family, but for the movers of course also. A house clearance is something you can never get used to.

Clearing a house after a death

A home evacuation is very difficult for next of kin after a death. The emotional involvement is simply too great, which means that more and more people choose to outsource the evacuation. This is of course much nicer than if you, as a bereaved person, have to do everything yourself.

Professional evacuators know what they are doing

Professional evacuators will evacuate the house quickly and correctly. The evacuators also have a very discreet working method. This way you don't have to worry about valuables. Clear agreements are always made about this in advance. Will the men come across any important or personal items later? You will then be contacted directly after consultation with the client.

This way you can leave the house evacuation to the evacuators with peace of mind.

How does a house clearance work

When you will move It is of course important to pack your belongings so that they can be transported safely. If it only concerns a house clearance, then of course we work differently.

Yes, a house eviction is about emptying the house and therefore removing all household effects, but after the eviction, the house must also be broom clean, so it must be delivered in its original condition, as you have read earlier.

The professional evacuation companies in the Netherlands specialize in evacuating homes and they therefore know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. For example, after removing your household effects, cleaning and repair work must always be carried out. Furthermore, after house clearances, the homes must always be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the housing associations or brokers.

Delivering the house broom clean

After a move or house clearance, a home must be delivered broom clean 9 times out of 10. It broom clean of a home must always be done in accordance with the terms and conditions of the landlord or real estate agent. Yes, evacuating a home is physically and mentally very difficult, but in many cases it is also difficult.

How much does clearing a house cost?

Do you want to have a house evacuation carried out and do you want to know how much this will cost? Then it is wise to first request quotes for this. Moving companies have to take into account very different factors when they want to calculate the average price for you.

Do you want to compare quotes from different clearance companies without being immediately bound by obligations? Then you can easily request free quotes from Moving. In this case, you don't have to look up all the evacuation companies in the Netherlands, because you don't really have time for this, do you?

With Moving you only need to fill in one application form. This is then sent to the 6 best companies in your region. You will then receive non-binding home clearance quotes in your mailbox within 24 hours.

This way you can compare all services and prices and choose it moving company that suits your wishes and in this case you of course also choose the company with a competitive price. You don't have one like that free quote, but you have 6!

Save on house clearance

Is it a large or maybe a smaller house? Is it an evacuation after death or is it a seriously polluted house? And what are your personal wishes? The costs of a house clearance vary and, as you can see, this is due to various factors that determine the cost of a house clearance.

Buying furniture

Many companies are happy to buy your usable furniture and then give you a discount on your quote. Do you still have furniture that can be bought? Then you can indicate this to the relevant clearance company so that they can come and value the household effects in consultation with you.

Donate property to charities

Do you not want to sell your household effects at all, but would you rather donate your household effects to charities? Then this is of course also possible. This is something that often happens after a senior move. In this way you not only help other people, but you also contribute to improving our environment. Reuse is good for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home eviction?

During a house clearance, the house is emptied and delivered bare. Repair and cleaning work is therefore also carried out.

What does it cost to clear a house?

If we take an apartment as an example, the costs for the eviction will be between €470 and €2200. The average price is about €1150.

Who pays for eviction?

Do you want to clear the house yourself? Then of course you pay for this yourself. Is there a debtor involved? Then the tenant of the building will also have to pay the costs. If you cannot pay this, the bailiff will pass on the costs to the landlord.

How long can a house be empty after death?

In the case of a house for sale, next of kin have 8 months to sell the house. After 8 months, a tax assessment for the home will be charged. You can possibly postpone this for another 1 year.
In the event of an eviction with regard to a rented house, the house can be delivered empty at the end of the second month of the death.

What happens to your belongings after eviction?

You can choose to have the items stored, disposed of or donated to charity.