Registering a municipality moving: how does it work?

When moving, it is important to inform the municipality where you will be living of your new address. Registering with the municipality after a move is an essential step to ensure that you are properly registered and that government agencies and other service providers can reach you at the correct address. In this article we discuss the procedure for reporting your move, which documents you need and what you should take into account. Read on to find out everything about registering with the municipality after a move. 

Why is it important?

Notifying the municipality of your move is very important, because it ensures that your new address is included in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). The BRP is an official database in which all residents of the Netherlands are registered. By reporting your move, your registration remains up-to-date and you prevent important mail and documents from being sent to your old address. This way you can pass on the move neatly and you can carry out your move in the right way. You will also receive mail at your postal address or perhaps even PO box.

When do you have to report the move?

It is important to notify the municipality of your move within five days of the actual move date. This can be done either in person at City Hall or online. It is advisable to pass on your move as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. Report your move 4 weeks before or within 5 days after your move. Even if you move to the Netherlands from abroad or start living together. These rules apply to all minors and adults in the Netherlands.

Moving house within the same municipality

Als je binnen dezelfde gemeente verhuist, kun je jouw verhuizing online doorgeven via de website van jouw gemeente. Je moet hiervoor inloggen met jouw DigiD. Het online doorgeven van jouw verhuizing is snel, eenvoudig en handig, omdat je dit op elk moment van de dag kunt doen. Ga je verhuizen binnen de gemeente? Dan hoef je ook alleen maar een adreswijziging door te geven. Je woont dan niet meer op hetzelfde adres, maar blijft wel woonachtig in de gemeente. Vandaar dat dit ook gedaan moet worden.

Moving from another municipality

Verhuis je vanuit een andere gemeente naar jouw nieuwe adres, dan moet je vaak persoonlijk bij het gemeentehuis langsgaan om jouw verhuizing door te geven. Neem een geldig identiteitsbewijs mee, zoals een paspoort of identiteitskaart, en eventuele andere documenten die de gemeente mogelijk nodig heeft. Een kopie is vaak niet geldig. Je verhuizing doorgeven aan de gemeente waarin je gaat wonen is uiteraard erg belangrijk. Je hoeft de verhuizing alleen door te geven aan de nieuwe gemeente, want deze zal dit direct doorgeven bij de gemeente waarin je eerst woonachtig was. Zo ben je automatisch uitgeschreven én krijg je ook een bevestiging van uw verhuizing. 

The procedure for reporting your move

To report your move, you must do the following:

Step 1: Make an appointment at the town hall

If you have to report your move in person, make an appointment at the town hall of your new municipality. Check in advance whether you need to make an appointment and which documents you need to bring. A copy of a valid ID is often not valid, so make sure you bring the original documents. You can usually also send it by post, but this process will take a bit longer than average.

Step 2: Bring the necessary documents

Make sure you bring the necessary documents with you to your appointment at the town hall in the municipality where you will be living. In most cases you will need at least a valid proof of identity. In addition, additional documents may be required, such as a rental contract or a certificate of residence if you are going to live with someone else. Are you going to live with someone? Then you need permission from the residents of the address. Usually from the main occupant. Are you moving within the municipality? Then of course you only need to report the change of address. Are you moving from the old municipality to a new municipality? The new municipality will then pass on your move to the old municipality and you will no longer have to inform the old municipality yourself. 

Step 3: Complete the transfer form

At the town hall you will receive a relocation form that you must fill out. This form contains questions about your personal details, your old address, your new address and the date of your move. Always complete the form completely and truthfully.

Step 4: Hand over the completed form and documents

After completing the relocation form, you must hand it over to the employee of the town hall together with the necessary documents. They will process your move and give you a confirmation of your move.

Step 5: Confirmation of your move

You will receive a confirmation from the municipality within a few weeks after reporting your move. This confirmation states your new address and confirms that your move has been processed correctly.


Registering with the municipality after a move is an important step to ensure that your new address is registered correctly. By reporting your move in time, you prevent problems with mail delivery and ensure that government agencies and other service providers can reach you at the right address. Follow the procedure described above to pass on your move correctly and don't forget to pass on your new address to other relevant authorities as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only report my move online?

Yes, if you move within the same municipality, you can usually report the move online via the website of your municipality. Make sure you log in with your DigiD to access the online relocation procedure. For more information about this, it is best to consult the website of your municipality.

How long does it take for my move to be processed?

In most cases, the processing of your move will not take that long. It is usually processed within 5 working days. Please note, however, that this may vary depending on how busy the municipality is. Notify us of the move no more than 4 weeks before or 5 days after your move. The date of relocation is always taken into account. Are you not reporting your move within the Netherlands on time and are you not reporting the move until later? Then you risk a fine of up to €325.

Do I also have to report my move to other authorities?

Yes, in addition to informing the municipality of your move, you must also inform other authorities of your new address, such as the Tax and Customs Administration, the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and your health insurer.

Can I report my move in writing?

In most cases, you must report your move in person or online. Reporting in writing is often not possible, unless there are specific reasons for this, such as a long-term stay abroad. Check the website of your municipality for more information. 

What happens if I do not report my move to the municipality?

If you do not notify the municipality of your move, you run the risk that important mail and documents will be sent to your old address. Moreover, not reporting your move can have consequences for your registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). You also risk a fine of up to €325.