How many moving boxes are needed for your move

To move house. When you think about this, it can already cause a lot of stress for people, let alone when you actually have to carry out a move yourself. Arranging a move can be quite chaotic because there is a lot involved.

The correct number of moving boxes

To get the right number moving boxes To calculate this, you need to calculate the m³ of your contents. However, this can be extremely difficult and that is why we have come up with a solution for this!

The moving boxes calculator from

At Moving you can now use the moving boxes calculator for free. You only need to provide the calculator with some information and it will calculate the correct number of moving boxes for your move.

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Moving and moving boxes

For example, it is very important to move your things safely from A to B, but for this you of course need moving boxes. How many moving boxes are needed? Make sure you think about this well in advance when you... will move because this can be quite confusing.

How many moving boxes do I need?

You are moving soon and that is why it is important to think carefully about the amount of stuff you are going to move, because this naturally leads you to the next point, which is the number of moving boxes you need.

It is important to know how many moving boxes you need, because you don't want to end up with too few or too many moving boxes on the moving day itself. Moving boxes are expensive and that is why it is wise not to just buy a certain number of boxes.

Perhaps you have already started sorting your things in good time and you no longer have to think about the question 'how many moving boxes do I need?'. Haven't done this yet and don't know how many boxes are needed for your move? Then you should start looking very carefully at how much stuff needs to be moved. We are happy to help you with this.

Higher number of purchases

When you know exactly how many moving boxes you need, it is wise to add 5 standard moving boxes. It can of course happen that you have more stuff on the moving day or that just that one moving box tears.

More stuff? Yes, because it happens quite often that you just forgot to include that one item in the attic or garage.

Are you afraid of tearing the boxes? Then you might want to look for a plastic moving crate for heavier items.

Moving boxes in different sizes – heavy stuff

Is the box too heavy? Then make him a little emptier. Even if you have packed everything with great effort.. you can no longer transport it safely in this way because the box can tear. No matter how much tape you use. In this case, therefore, remove everything from the box and divide it over several boxes.

Do you really have a lot of heavy stuff? Then a standard moving box is probably not suitable for this. Fortunately, you have special moving boxes for this. A moving box that is too heavy is not only dangerous because it can tear during lifting, but this can also go wrong when stacking the boxes. The stack of boxes can collapse, which will damage everything and of course you don't want this.

Special boxes

For heavier items you need the strongest quality cardboard so that the box does not tear or collapse during the move. In this case, always choose extra sturdy and professional moving boxes. These are also very useful for your kitchen utensils.

There are many different types of moving boxes on the market. As you have read before, there are special boxes, but of course there are also boxes with different sizes and different sizes. Furthermore, there are not only special boxes for books, but there are also boxes for paintings (painting boxes) or clothes (wardrobe box).

The average move in the Netherlands

Buying moving boxes can be complicated because you often simply don't know exactly how many moving boxes you need. Fortunately, you can look at the general guidelines for this. In general, therefore, about 10 to 15 boxes are needed per room in a home. This is approximately 1 to 2 moving boxes per m².

Calculating how many moving boxes you need during a move can be calculated in different ways. We would like to explain the following matters to you.

You can calculate the number of moving boxes you need during a move based on the household. A two-person household is usually used as a starting point for this.

The number of boxes you will use for your move will of course depend on the size of your household effects. And of course you should not forget the number of family members. A small family will probably need fewer boxes than a large family. However, you cannot always assume this in general.

Depends on your stuff

One person is of course not the other person because one may need more moving boxes than the other. For example, someone can be a collector who has a lot of stuff and another can be a minimalist who has hardly any stuff. These people are of course very different from each other and so is the number of moving boxes that are needed.

Do you have special objects? Are you a collector?

Take a good look at your furniture. For example, do you have a bookcase full of books? Then you will of course need more boxes and not just any boxes, but special books and moving boxes.

What kind of house is it?

Do you live in a detached house? Then you probably need more moving boxes than someone who lives in a studio. However, as you have read before, it is also important to look at the lifestyle of the person.

How many rooms is it?

Yes, the amount of stuff you need to move is an important aspect in calculating the number of boxes you will need, but the number of rooms in your home are also important. For example, you need around 10 to 15 boxes per room.

Be careful while packing

Moving to a new home naturally means that you want to move everything your heart desires with you. So is the heavy stuff. Always pay close attention to this because if you do not do this correctly, there is a good chance that the box will tear. For example, you can divide the heavy items over several boxes during packing so that you don't just have one box. This way you distribute the weight.

Renting moving boxes

Buying moving boxes can be very expensive. Especially if you want good quality moving boxes. With a small family you don't need very many boxes and you can still pay attention to the costs, but when it comes to many family members this is of course a different story.

If you want to save on costs, it might be a good idea to rent moving boxes instead of buying them. You usually rent the moving boxes from one moving company, you can pack these, stack them or whatever you want. In other words... you use the moving box. After use, you can return the box neatly.

In the end, renting moving boxes is always cheaper than buying them. And it's actually a shame to buy this one, because you probably won't use such a moving box any time soon.

Additional moving materials

Packing a moving box safely is very important. This way any damage is prevented. For example, don't you have an autolock moving box? Then you need extra strong tape. You also need the right packing material to pack your belongings.

Packing material is needed to safely place your belongings in the moving box. This way you protect the items against pressure or friction. You can use bubble wrap or special wrapping paper for this. For example, you can also use towels or clothing for crockery and other glassware.

This way, the fragile items will be safe in the moving box. Sometimes moving blankets are also used for such moving boxes. Then the box with the fragile items is packed an extra time with a moving blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many moving boxes for 1 person?

A 1-person household needs between 20 and 40 moving boxes.

How many boxes do you need?

In general, as a family you need about 15 moving boxes per room. You can now easily calculate the exact number related to your situation with our moving box calculator.

How many moving boxes fit in a passenger car?

Of course, it depends on what kind of car you have, but in an average-sized passenger car, 5 to 6 moving boxes may fit in the car.

What do you put in moving boxes?

You can actually put everything in the house in moving boxes. As long as it fits, of course.. you can't put your fridge in a moving box.

What are the strongest moving boxes?

Kraft moving boxes, also known as double wave moving boxes, are made of the strongest quality cardboard. Kraft moving boxes can be recognized by the brown color. Also look at the layers of the cardboard because the more, the sturdier the moving box is.