Which month is best to move?

You have found your dream home and are finally moving! Maybe you have found a home to buy and you still have to renovate some things first, but maybe you have already found a ready-made rental home that you can move into immediately. All in all.. you will moveWhich month is best to move?

You are moving

You are going to leave the old house and therefore have a move planned. When is the best time to schedule the move to the new place? In which month can you find the perfect moving day schedule? We are happy to help you with this.

Packing things in the spring

In the Netherlands, the most popular moving period is in the spring. The weather is a bit nicer than winter and it is not yet very hot as in summer. This way you can also leave all doors and windows open during the move so that everything can air out! However, there are of course even more advantages to moving in the spring.

As you have just been able to read, you can put up all windows and doors in the spring. This is not only nice while doing odd jobs, but this is of course also nice for the paint smell. That way it can disappear quickly. Most people also have the most energy in the spring, which means they can move faster and better.

If you still have to sell your old house, you can also take much nicer photos in the spring and it doesn't rain much in the spring either, so the movers can move everything dry. Of course this is also so nice, isn't it?

Moving in the spring also has its drawbacks, so it's really up to you what you personally like best. We have also listed the disadvantages for you so that you can make a good decision for yourself.

If you want to sell the old house, there is more competition in the spring, which can lower the price of the house. This naturally also gives you more competition when you are still looking for a home. Moving and DIY companies are extra busy in the spring, which can cause prices to skyrocket and therefore cost you more.

Moving to a (new) municipality in the summer

It may seem very strange, but in the Netherlands summer is not the most popular month to move. This is not only because of the warmer weather, but often people do not want to move during the summer holidays of the children.

The days in the summer are longer, so you can continue working longer. This way the renovation will not take very long! Due to the weather, there is also a shorter drying time for all stucco and painting. You can also put up all doors and windows in the summer, just like in the spring.

If you still have to sell the house, you can take beautiful summer photos and if you still have to buy a house, there is much less competition on the market. Furthermore, when children are involved, it is also nicer to start at a new school after the summer holidays. This way they do not have to change schools, classes and friends in the middle of the year. This can also be more fun when they meet the new neighbors.

You can no longer go on holiday during the summer holidays because you are too busy with the move. We Dutch people also don't get along very well with heat and if you also have to lug stuff around, this won't help much with the heat.

Move in the fall

You wouldn't expect it, but after spring, the wet autumn is the most popular season for moving in the Netherlands. But why exactly?

After the summer holidays, most people are fully charged again, so that they can move to a new home with fresh energy. Furthermore, there is much less competition on the housing market this season, so you can find a house faster.

We said it before.. the weather. In the Netherlands it can always rain a lot, but in the autumn this is of course more than normal. It is also not convenient if you still have to sell your old house. The photos are simply a little less beautiful in the fall.

Furthermore, airing the house during autumn storms is rather difficult. And speaking of autumn storms.. the movers must be able to move and the gentlemen of the bulky waste must of course also be able to collect your belongings and unfortunately this is not possible during an autumn storm.

Moving in the winter

In the winter it is for moving companies extremely quiet. So it turns out that most Dutch people do not want to move in the winter.

Do you want to move in the winter? Then there are not only disadvantages to this. Firstly, you also have less competition in the winter when you have to look for a new home. Furthermore, you also have a lot of free time in the winter, which gives you plenty of time to do odd jobs. Soon it will be spring again and then you will be completely done with the furnishing your new home!

In the winter we of course have the holidays that we are already busy enough with, so we understand that most people prefer not to move in the winter. The days are also short in winter, so it gets dark quickly. That way you can't work for a long time.

You can also leave the windows and doors open when you have painted, but the walls will not dry quickly due to the low temperatures and it is also very cold. Of course you have to be able to handle that too.

Above all, look at yourself

Yes, the most popular period for Dutch people to move is spring, but maybe you're not a spring person at all! That is why it is important to mainly look at your own wishes. This way you can see what suits you and/or your family best.

When you move to a new home in a new municipality moves then there is a good chance that the children will have to change schools. In this case, for example, it is nice if the children can start a new school year after the summer.

When you move, it is useful to have a personal one for yourself Checklist to put together. This way you know exactly which steps to take and which steps you have already taken. You tick all these off one by one and this way you prevent yourself from forgetting important things.

A handy moving checklist from Moving

 To make your move a lot easier, we at Moving have put together a small list of tips and we hope that these tips can make your move a little easier.

Are you still looking for a purchase or rental property? Then it is wise to choose a real estate agent that feels right. A real estate agent is not only there so that you can move to the new address as quickly as possible, but of course a real estate agent must also give you a good feeling. Buying or renting a house is fun and of course you don't want anyone to ruin that feeling for you.

Put together a plan for yourself and always look closely at your budget. How much do you want to spend on remodeling? How much do you want to spend on a professional moving company? How much cost moving boxes and do you need any other stuff? This in combination with a moving checklist makes your move a lot easier.

Are there any subscriptions that still need to be taken out? Think about gas water and light. Have you already thought about new suppliers for the new home or are you moving the old contract with you? Oh, and have you already canceled your rent and when do you actually have to cancel your rent? inform about a change of address to the municipality?

Start looking at this at least three months in advance so that you can compare everything and so that you also know exactly when you need to arrange all these things. This way you avoid being late and having to deal with notice periods. Soon you will cancel too late, so you will have to continue paying for another month or maybe even 2 while you have actually already moved!

A professional moving company can help you

A moving company can help you make your move go smoothly. The movers can not only help you move your belongings during a move, but they can also help you with many other things.

Movers can help you pack the (last) things. This way you no longer have to worry about packing materials and moving boxes. Professional movers also know exactly how to pack everything, so you... items safely during transport in the moving van and there is no chance of damage.

Do you also want to have your things unpacked? Then the movers can unpack all the stuff and furniture. They will put everything neatly in the right place. By the way, make sure that you keep important documents separately in a separate moving box so that you cannot lose them during the move.

During the move to your new home you will of course have one moving van necessary. This way you can safely move all your belongings and furniture. Most moving companies have different moving vans available, so there is always a moving van that is perfect for your move.

Do you need a removal lift for the move? Then you can often also rent these from professional movers. This is possible even at the last minute. Handy, right?

Compare quotes

So you can get professional help before moving to your new home hire movers. Of course you want to know the costs of this and you can do this moving quotes to request. It is best to do this with several moving companies so that you can compare their services and costs.

Make use of Moving's relocation service and make it all a bit easier for yourself. At Moving you can now receive 6 different moving quotes with one application form. Not only is this much easier, but it's also completely free! We will send your request to the 6 best movers in your area so that they can contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move in 1 day?

This of course depends mainly on the size of your household effects and home, but if you really want this, you can discuss this with the moving company. Nothing is impossible!

Are you entitled to days off when you move house?

This is not regulated by law in the Netherlands and it is therefore best to check this in your employment contract or collective labor agreement.

Is moving hard?

A move is not only physically, but also mentally very difficult. And that is why many people are increasingly choosing to outsource a move to professional movers.

How can you move cheaply?

You can move cheaply by doing as much as possible yourself during a move. This way you do not have to pay for extra moving services at a moving company.

How to pack furniture for move?

Always clean your furniture thoroughly first and then wrap it with bubble wrap. This way you have less chance of stains.