Furnishing a new house after moving, a few tips

Are you moving soon or have you just moved to a new home? Then you have probably been busy decorating the house for a while. Sometimes you start doing this immediately when you move and sometimes you wait until you can see exactly what fits in the new space.

Are you moving soon?

Have you finally found the new home of your dreams? Then you probably also need new stuff. If you don't really have your own interior style, it can all be quite difficult because which accessories do you choose? And large furniture? Which houseplants do you take? And which new lamps actually match?

Tips for furnishing your new home

We would like to shout 'relax!', but unfortunately this is not an option after a move. You often still have to furnish the entire interior, but what is the best way to do this? Especially if it's your first time to live on your own this is difficult. In this article we have tried to put together a handy step-by-step plan with useful tips for you and we hope that you will find it useful.

Before you start everything and start decorating the house in your head, it is better to first look at all the rooms because what exactly are you decorating? Of course, it is not just that the design of the living room is important. You also need nice furniture for other rooms.

A lighting plan

In addition to choosing new furniture and decoration for the corners of the home, it is also important to consider the atmosphere of the home. Light is especially important here. Once you know what each room will be used for, you can start creating ideas about, for example, the lamps.

Make a layout

You will probably have a floor plan of your new dream home and it is useful to use this first. With a floor plan you can visualize all your new ideas for the new home.

For example, do you have an industrial style? Then you can see via the floor plan whether the dark color of one room actually matches the beautiful light colors of the other room. And don't forget the furniture, curtains and lamps!

Sketch a map

If you like and are creative, you can also sketch a map. This way you can play with the rooms and objects in the rooms and you also get a better impression.

Seeking inspiration

If you don't really have your own style and are not good at choosing the most beautiful colors or color palette, then it might be wise to mainly visit home furnishing stores. Visit home furnishing stores and inspire yourself.

Don't forget to browse fun and trendy home furnishing magazines. This way you can get inspiration about anything and everything. Consider, for example, a cupboard, floors, rug or even window coverings!

With a mood board you can visualize everything for yourself. Then you can focus on things that fit together. For example, does the furniture in the living room match the floor and curtains in the new house?

With a mood board you can also take a good look at the accessories for your living room, for example. This way you know exactly what goes with the furniture. A new house often also means new furniture!

Pinterest to the rescue

Pinterest for example! On Pinterest you can endlessly scroll through living styles, search and collaborate and you can create a mood board for yourself. Pinterest is the right place for you to find your personal living style.

Determine your budget and go shopping!

You have finally finished decorating your house, every wall has been painted and the floor has been laid. Now. so you can go shopping! Take a look at the mood board you have put together and choose the things that seem most beautiful to you. Now that the rest of the house is finished, your mood board may no longer completely match the house.

If you visit a home furnishings store and take photos of your home, the staff can help you choose the right items. This way you don't choose anything wrong! They will be happy to help you discover a style and furnish your home. They can also help you with your budget. They know exactly what does or does not fit into your budget.

Decorating your home turns out to have been much more fun than you initially thought!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start decorating a house?

Above all, get a lot of inspiration. You can visit home furnishing stores for this, but nowadays you can find a lot online, for example on Pinterest.

How much does it cost to furnish a complete house?

This of course varies because everyone has different tastes, but you can furnish a home from €10,200 to whatever amount you want.

What is the best way to furnish a living room?

First think carefully about the atmosphere you want to create so that you can choose the right color later. After this you can start choosing the furniture.

How do you make a new-build house cozy?

You can make a new-build house cozy by choosing bright or warm colors for the walls. This is a bit more atmospheric and makes your home a bit more cozy. Look at your own wishes and choose the colors you like.

Where do you put the sofa?

When you place a sofa in a home, it is best to leave all windows and doors free. This creates a more free feeling and also creates extra space.