Record moving days: work and moving in balance

Dutch employees have according to it Statistics Netherlands (CBS) approximately 25.6 vacation days per year. Over a whole year, this is not very much and we fully understand if you do not want to take it up for a move.

Special leave

Record moving days. How is this possible if you don't want to use your vacation days? Something many people don't know is that in the Netherlands you may be entitled to collective labor agreement days off.

Unfortunately, this is not regulated by law

Unfortunately, these few extra days off are not legally regulated and your boss can decide for himself whether this is possible. Of course, the number of days off is scarce and we hope that if you do will move you are entitled to this.

Are you moving soon and do you want to know for sure whether you are entitled to days off with special leave you can find this in your employment contract. Your days off can shrink considerably during a move and when you move it is therefore wise to check this.

Can you find no information at all about special leave in your collective labor agreement or company regulations? Then of course you can always turn to your colleagues or even ask your employer.

You have asked and the days off before the move fall under special leave! Now you can start arranging everything. Please note that you do not wait until a few days before moving to inform your employer.

Two working days of special leave is a lot and you can probably imagine that your employer wants to be informed of this well in advance.

Are you not entitled to special leave?

Did you want to take leave and make the most of the two days before a move, but did you see in your employment contract that you are not entitled to this at all? Then this is of course very unfortunate, but you can always take free moving days.

A professional moving company

You can carry out your move yourself, but your move can also be taken out of your hands. Think of any clearing out, packing and you name it. You can even get your new home furnished without taking any days off. How is this possible? This is possible because you can simply call in a professional moving company for your move.

When the day arrives, there is no need to gather any family. The movers will collect everything from the old house and all these items will be neatly delivered to your doorstep.

To make your move easier and not have to take those few days off, you can also opt for mobile storage. You do not necessarily need a mobile storage company for this, but you can also easily arrange this with a moving company. This way you can store your stuff and you don't have to do anything for this. Your belongings are stored safely and therefore water resistant. The movers will take the entire business off your hands with the necessary hours.

Request free quotes from Moving

Do you want to know what such a professional move costs? Then at Moving you can now use our handy relocation service for free. You can now do several with one application form moving quotes received.

As soon as we receive your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies send from your region. They will then all contact you within 24 hours to discuss the moving quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you entitled to days off when you move house?

Unfortunately, special leave is not regulated by law and your employer can therefore determine this entirely itself.

How many days before moving?

If you are entitled to special leave, this is often a maximum of 2 days per year.

Are you entitled to a day off when handing over the keys?

Yes, this also falls under special leave. Are you not entitled to this? Then you can use vacation days or vacation hours.

What are you legally free for?

You do get statutory time off for parental leave, calamity leave or care leave.

Can you move in 1 day?

This depends on the move, but moving in 1 day is certainly not impossible and therefore happens often enough.