Loading the moving van: how to move your belongings safely

If you carry out the move yourself, loading the moving truck is something you cannot avoid. Loading the moving van is not only a tough job, but loading a moving van also requires strict planning because you don't want your belongings to get damaged. So rent a moving van and do you want to know the best way to load it? Then read on.

Loading the moving van

You naturally want to transport your belongings as safely as possible, which is why it is better to distribute the load properly. This also prevents too much weight from being placed on the rear axles. The moving van must also be loaded as tightly as possible so that there is as little space as possible between the items. This is not only safer, but it also allows you to make optimal use of the space.

The first part

The first area where items will be placed is in the front of the car. So this is directly behind the cabin. Professional movers always place heavy household appliances here, such as a washing machine or refrigerator. These are not only placed as tightly as possible against the wall of the moving van, but the tops are also always secured up to the top with moving boxes stuffed up. This way you can move efficiently.

If there is still space left, it may be filled with mattresses. Make sure you have the right protective material for the mattresses so that they do not become dirty.

The second part

In the second part, heavy furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases and beds will be placed. The empty spaces are also filled with moving boxes or soft filling material. If the wardrobes are large, you can even fill the cupboards with moving boxes. This also applies to your bookcase. This way the cabinets will remain more stable during transport.

The third part

In the third section it is best to load the banks. You should place this vertically and secure it with a tension strap. You can use the sofa cushions as filling material. If there is any space left, it is filled with moving boxes and other contents such as smaller furniture.

This is at the back of the car and is therefore loaded last. This is where the rest of the moving boxes and items that cannot be stacked are placed. Consider, for example, bicycles or fitness equipment. Items that will be needed first in the new home are also placed in this section. Think of a hand truck or your coffee machine, for example. Here too, fill empty spaces with filling material such as cushions.

Making loading a moving van even easier

To make loading the moving van even easier, we have listed a number of tips for you. So look at the next steps and who knows, it might help you move efficiently!

Always secure loose planks and long objects to the side of the moving van and always distribute the heaviest items on both sides of the moving van so that there is not too much weight on one side.

To keep your belongings and furniture as clean as possible, it is best to place a tarpaulin on the bottom of the moving van. This way you not only protect your belongings, but you also prevent the moving van from being damaged.

It is best not to load important items into the moving van. Consider valuable items such as jewelry and/or important documents. It is better to keep this with yourself or, if necessary, place it in the cabin. For extra protection, you may also want to place it in your own car. This not only prevents you from losing your items, but also prevents possible theft.

Make sure that only one person is responsible for loading the vehicle at any time. This person will remain with the moving van during the entire move. By the way, do you live on a sloping street? Make sure you place a brake pad under the wheels of the moving van. This prevents the cart with items from simply rolling.

Loading the moving van starts with good preparation

Good preparation is half the battle, and this also applies when loading a moving van. First of all, it is of course important to put together a good step-by-step plan, but it is also important that you ensure that you have the important items at hand.

Useful items for heavy furniture

When you move (large) furniture and fragile items, not only the available space in the truck is important, but it is also important to make everything a lot easier for yourself. You can do this by having the right tools at hand. With these tools you can also prevent dangerous situations.

Make sure you purchase good work gloves and also provide a step or step ladder. Furthermore, it is useful to have a hand truck for moving the heaviest items and heavy moving boxes. Do heavy moving boxes and other heavy objects such as household appliances have to be lifted down the stairs? Then it is best to use lifting straps for this.

To prevent an object from sliding during transport in the moving van, you can secure it with tension straps. Long objects such as benches in particular are best secured with tension straps.

Protecting objects

During the move, you should properly pack fragile items such as mirrors, photo frames and lamps with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Additional fragile items such as tableware should be placed in a separate box.

It is best to only wrap heavy furniture once you have placed it in the moving van, otherwise you will not be able to easily lift it or load the moving van. Is a piece of furniture very heavy? Then disassemble it before moving. This way you can transport the furniture more safely.

Packing supplies aren't just for fragile items

Yes, stretch film, bubble wrap or wrapping paper are useful for wrapping and protecting your furniture, but don't forget mattress and furniture covers? Of course, you don't want your furniture to get dirty during the move. Therefore, make sure that you place a piece of tarpaulin on the bottom of the truck so that everything stays clean.

Oh, and don't forget soft filling materials like pillows, towels and clothing? You can place these bags among the other items in the moving van. This protects the objects against possible impacts during transport.

Carelessly packing items can lead to damage and you naturally want to avoid this at all times.

The size of the moving van

Professional moving vans come in different sizes, but the largest can often carry up to about 60m3. A box truck with a tailgate is slightly smaller and usually has a capacity of 18m3. Do you have a very small move? Then you might also be able to move with a van. Depending on the type of van, have a capacity of 5 to 15m3.

Get professional help

As you have read, a move is a difficult job that requires the necessary knowledge and experience. Maybe that's why it's worth it professional moving companies who can help you with the move.

You can get an idea of the costs via Moving for free moving quotes to request. We will forward your request directly to the 6 best moving companies in your region, who will then contact you within 24 hours. This way you can put everything together for yourself and make the right choice.

Do you ultimately decide to carry out the move yourself? Then this is no problem at all because you are not committed to anything after your application!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a moving van?

A small moving van with driver will cost you between €83 and €91 and a larger moving van with driver between €97 and €107.

How big a moving van do I need?

To find out this, you first need to calculate the m3 of your contents. You can now use our M3 calculator for free for this.

How to move furniture?

To move furniture safely you need furniture rollers and hand trucks. Other professional moving materials are also useful to use. Consider, for example, bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Where do you start packing?

Pack per room and start with the rooms you hardly ever use. This could be, for example, the garage, but also the attic. This is different for everyone.

Who can help me move?

Those around you are often happy to help you, but you can of course also choose professional movers.