Urgent request for energy when moving house, quick & easy

When you move, it is important to look for a new energy supplier in good time. Maybe you want you moving energy contract, but maybe not. And if you suddenly have to move, do you actually need an urgent application?

Are you moving? Transfer when moving house

With a 'regular' move it is not necessary to submit an urgent application for energy. Then a simple application is sufficient. However, there are certain situations where this is necessary.

Didn't sign a new energy contract? Urgent request for relocation

Unfortunately, a move is not always a bed of roses and that is why it sometimes happens that someone in all the chaos has forgotten to pass on the move to the energy supplier. Ultimately, you do need an energy supplier, so what now?

Need energy urgently?

You don't have to worry about energy at the moment. Electricity and therefore energy will be supplied at your new address. The power in your new home is supplied by the grid operator, so whether you have an energy contract or not… you will have electricity.

An imminent closure.. never run out of gas and light

The network operator will gas and light so do not stop delivery when the previous occupant leaves the house and that is why you can still use this in the meantime. In time you will receive a letter. This letter usually states that a new energy supplier must come to the address and this letter also immediately states the date before which this must be done.

You therefore used the energy that you used in the new home during this period without an energy contract, because you did not have an energy contract running at all. That is why you pay the bill to the network operator of the home afterwards. In fact, from the moment you sign a new energy contract.

When do you need an urgent request for energy?

You need an urgent request for energy if you have been receiving energy from the network operator for a longer period of time. This is the case if you have not yet concluded an energy contract. If the date in the aforementioned letter is within 5 days, you obviously need electricity urgently and you must submit an urgent request.

The new house may of course also have been empty for a while or it may also be the case that the old residents had payment arrears. In both cases, it is possible that the energy supplier has shut down everything and the network operator is therefore not supplying any electricity. In this case, too, you need an urgent request for energy.

How does an urgent application work?

Do you need an urgent request for energy because of your situation? Then it is important to contact a new supplier. You can also engage the current supplier of your old home for this. After all, you need electricity quickly.

A security deposit

With a new energy contract urgently, energy suppliers always ask for a deposit. This is also referred to as energy security. Energy suppliers always associate an urgent request with a financial risk and they can cover themselves with a deposit.

Statutory cooling-off period

An urgent request naturally means that you need power in your home as soon as possible and this is of course often within 14 days. Good thing, too! However, the legal cooling-off period is always 14 days, so that you must officially indicate that you waive this with an urgent request from most energy suppliers. This means that you can no longer cancel the agreement free of charge within 14 days.

It is best to arrange an urgent request by telephone via the customer service of the energy supplier of your choice. This way you can quickly use all the electricity and gas in your home.

Green power

Green electricity is electricity that is generated in an environmentally friendly way. It is generated from renewable energy sources.

Generating green electricity does not release harmful substances and therefore does not amplify the greenhouse effect. So it is much better for the environment and your conscience. Oh, in the Netherlands you can now also enjoy the many subsidies that the Dutch government offers when you install solar panels on your home, for example.

The energy comparator

You can now easily get help online to find the right energy supplier. With the help of this tool you can not only find the best, but also the cheapest energy supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an urgent energy request cost?

An urgent application will not cost you anything extra. However, in the case of an urgent application, a deposit is usually requested.

What is rush energy?

Urgent energy is actually, as the name suggests, an urgent delivery of energy after a move.

How long does it take for energy to be connected?

It usually takes a maximum of one day to connect energy in the new home.

How long does it take to gas, water light is connected?

From your request for gas, water and light, it will take about 2 to 4 weeks before everything is connected. Unless it is an urgent request, of course. Then this is often within one day.

How does an urgent application work?

You submit an urgent request to the supplier and they will help you as soon as possible. By contacting the energy supplier by telephone, you will also be helped faster.