International moving company; cared for down to the last detail

A move abroad is also referred to as an international move. Are you going to move internationally soon? Then you need an international moving company for this.

Dit is een moving company met de nodige kennis en ervaring met internationale verhuizingen en internationale verhuizers kunnen jou dan ook het beste helpen met jouw verhuizing naar het buitenland.

An international removals

An international moving company is just like any other professional moving company in the Netherlands. The only difference is that international moving company, as the name suggests, specializes in international removals.

Moving abroad can be extremely complicated and often requires the necessary paperwork. An international mover knows exactly how an international move works and can therefore not only help you with practical matters, but can also assist you with administrative matters.

An international move

For international moves, we always advise customers to hire an international moving company. Fortunately, there are numerous international moving companies in the Netherlands that specialize in international removals and these moving companies are happy to take care of your international move.

When you hire an international moving company, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands.

What kind of international move is it?

Moving abroad is always different. Just like every move in the Netherlands is always different. When you are going to move, it is therefore always important for the moving company to know what kind of international move it concerns.

Are you a student planning an international move? Are you an expat and do you often have to move internationally? Will you finally take that one step as a family and move abroad? Or is it about company relocations?

A move is stressful

Moving internationally can be extremely stressful. You may have moved within the Netherlands before and already know how hectic such a move can be, so you can probably imagine the chaos an international move can bring.

International movers provide the right guidance.

Moving internationally entails even more matters that have to be arranged during or, in fact, especially before the move.

That is why it is very important when moving internationally that you are provided with expert advice at all times. This is part of the relocation service of the relocation company that is experienced with international relocations.

The right moving service

Yes, one international moving company is of course not the other international moving company, but if you have used the moving service of an international mover before, you know that an enormous burden falls off your shoulders during international moving.

Moving your household effects abroad

The moving vans are probably already ready and you can be sure that the moving company will safely transport your belongings abroad.

The movers can also help you pack your belongings and moving boxes. If you want this, you might also be able to hire an unpacking service so that you really don't have to do anything yourself! This makes moving even easier.

Customs formalities

As you have read before, moving internationally can require the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, these customs formalities occur more often than you think.. even if you continue to live within Europe. When you move, good preparation is therefore extremely important.

A (recognised) international moving company

You may already know the Dutch trade association of Erkende Verhuizers and you may not know it at all. As you know, in the Netherlands you can hire a moving company when you move.

Moving with Recognized Movers

When a moving company joins the trade association, it can offer its customers many benefits and guarantees. You can think of, for example, a guarantee certificate, very good insurance and certain services.

This is very nice for the customers, but of course it also entails the necessary costs. The moving company must pay certain costs to the organization and these costs are always passed on to the customer. That is why these moving companies are often slightly more expensive.

Removals with non-recognized moving companies

For removals in the Netherlands and for removals abroad, you can also opt for moving companies that have not joined the trade association. Are these moving companies less good? Are the services different? We are happy to explain it to you.

Why doesn't a moving company join?

Non Recognized Movers who choose not to join often do not do so because of the high costs. They do not have the money or simply do not want to pay these extra costs.

However, with these movers it is important to carefully read their terms and conditions and to inform yourself well with regard to their insurance policies. That way you know exactly where you stand.

Top 10 international moving companies

We have placed the top 10 of the best international moving companies in the Netherlands in a handy overview.

1. Van der Ent Group

Van der Ent Group is one of the largest moving companies in the Netherlands. It is a family business that has been active in international transport, moving and logistics since 1922. They are also affiliated with FEDEMAC, IAM, Harmony Relocation Network and Erkende Verhuizers.

2. Atlas International Movers

Atlas International Movers specialize in international removals, which they carry out on a daily basis. They are especially known for their personal approach. Atlas International Movers is affiliated with IAM, FIDI, FEDEMAC and Recognized Movers.

3. Cooper the International Mover

Kuiper the International Mover has been around since 1921 and therefore has 100 years of experience with removals! They have 10 branches and are now mainly specialized in international removals. Kuiper the International Mover is affiliated with FEDEMAC and IAM.

4. Unimove

Unimove was founded in 2007 and is active in 130 countries worldwide. You can therefore call them real experts in the field of international removals. They are also affiliated with FEDEMAC, IAM and Erkende Verhuizers.

5. AGS KHZ International Movers

Are you looking for the largest independent moving organization in the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right place at AGS KHZ International Movers. The company is also affiliated with FIDI, IAM and Recognized Movers.

6. Carter International

Voerman International has more than 30 years of experience with international removals. In addition to private individuals, they also specialize in business relocations abroad. They are affiliated with IAM, FIDI, Harmony Relocation Network and Erkende Verhuizers.

7. De Haan Removals

De Haan Verhuizingen has been around since 1777 and has therefore been built up by 9 generations! So you can call them real specialists. The moving company is affiliated with FAIM and FIDI.

8. Schmidt Global Relocations

Schmidt Global Relocations was founded in 2008 and has been carrying out international relocations since the early days. Not only do they have reliable partners all over the world, but they also stand for a personal approach. The moving company is part of the Methorst group and is also affiliated with IAM, PAIMA and Erkende Verhuizers.

9. Smilda & Zn. Relocations

Smilda & Zn Verhuizingen have been around for more than 80 years and are therefore true professionals when it comes to international removals. The moving company is also a member of the sector organization Erkende Verhuizers.

10. Mondial Moving Company Henneken

Mondial Verhuisbedrijf Henneken was founded in 1870 and specializes in removals to England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Yes, they may not be active worldwide, but when it comes to an international move to one of these areas, you have come to the right place. The moving company is affiliated with ISP, OHSAS and is also a member of Erkende Verhuizers.

Moving costs

When you move within the Netherlands, you are of course always cheaper than when you move abroad. Within the European Union (EU) the costs can sometimes be less than expected, but moving to a destination on another continent will really entail the necessary costs. All movers carry out these removals in their own way and therefore often charge their own costs.

Moving costs international moving companies

In order not to be faced with unpleasant surprises, we therefore always advise you to compare different international moving companies. By requesting quotes, you know exactly what your move will cost and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises later on.

Compare the quotes

Which moving company is the best option for your move? Does the company adapt its moving services and costs to the wishes of the customer? This way you can easily compare quotes for international moving at home. As you know, one international moving company is not the other international moving company.

Free quotes at Moving

At Moving we understand that you probably don't have the time to contact every moving company and that is why we have come up with a solution for this. At Moving you can now receive different quotes with one application form and this service is completely free!

Easily compare quotes

After we have received your request for a free quote, we will send it to the 6 best movers in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an international move cost?

With an international move, it naturally depends on where you are moving to and how large your household effects are. The average is between €6200 and €7100.

Can you just move abroad?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from the municipality. In this case you will also be deregistered from your address in the Netherlands.

How much money do you need to move to America?

A move to America costs on average around €7100 to €9700. These prices are based on a family basis.

How many months per year can you live abroad?

If you stay outside the Netherlands for longer than 8 months, you are obliged to deregister yourself. Even if you keep your home in the Netherlands in this case.

What happens to my debts if I emigrate?

When you leave the Netherlands, you will not be checked for outstanding (tax) debts. It is important to arrange this as well as possible before you move so that you will not run into problems later on.