Moving a large or antique cupboard?

Have you bought a cool, but also large closet online? Is it an antique cabinet from Marktplaats that now also needs to be picked up?

Maybe you are moving and you want to move the cupboards with you, but on closer inspection you have noticed that this turns out to be a very difficult job. Cupboards are large and heavy and it may sound like an idea to move them yourself, but this really requires the right knowledge.

Move closet preparation

If you are going to move a cabinet yourself, it is important to first see whether the cabinet can be dismantled. If this is possible, disassembling the cabinet is your best choice.

It is then important to clean the cupboard properly so that you can wrap it neatly. This way the cabinet is ready and it only needs to be transported.

Moving heavy (antique) cupboard

Moving an (antique) cupboard can be very difficult. Perhaps you have already experienced during a move and you have seen that even a wardrobe can sometimes cause obstacles.

It often happens that movers the furniture must be disassembled for transport. This way the object cannot be damaged during transport. If an object in the moving van is not transported correctly, it can cause damage. On both the outside and inside.

Professional moving materials to transport a closet

The movers are happy to pick up your order to move or pick up the cupboard. You can also be sure that everything is done in the right way and so you don't have to worry about anything.

The movers will use professional moving materials such as moving blankets, bubble wrap, lashing straps and, for example, a hand truck. This way they can pack and protect the objects correctly. With such moving materials, even working with a washing machine or sideboard is no problem.

Move IKEA closet

You can easily disassemble an IKEA cabinet. However, it is important that you neatly place all screws and other parts in a plastic bag and label them so that you do not lose them. This way you will know exactly which parts belong where.

Choose an experienced mover

It doesn't have to be a problem at all to pick up that one beautiful cupboard from Marktplaats or to... antique cupboard to move with. Many moving companies in the Netherlands offer their customers a flexible delivery service. This means that they offer a 'delivery service combination rides' so that they can collect/deliver your furniture at very competitive rates.

A cheap moving company

By offering combination rides one can moving company offering furniture transport at a competitive price. A combination trip means that the moving company happens to have a move nearby, so they can pick up your cupboard easily and therefore at lower rates.

Because no longer distances have to be driven and because it can be combined with another transport ride, this can all be done so cheaply. This way they can transport your cabinet and deliver it neatly to you at the desired address.

At Moving we are not only happy to help you with: moving cheaply, but also with other small services such as calling in a moving lift. These come in handy for large cabinets that cannot fit through your aisle or stairs, for example.

A free moving service

These materials are of course free of charge and are part of the moving service of the moving company. This is nice to know, isn't it? This way you will not have to deal with additional costs later on.

Clear communication

Good communication is very important when transporting furniture. The movers will therefore discuss everything with you and advise you if necessary. Furthermore, the movers will of course always be at your doorstep at the agreed time.

Urgent deliveries with a flexible delivery service

Do you want to have that new cabinet you found online delivered as soon as possible? Then this is no problem at all! It is true that most moving companies also work with urgent bookings.

Move closet costs

The costs for furniture transport vary considerably. This has to do with various factors. Every cabinet is different, every size is different and every order is different.

Request free quotes

Moving and/or transport costs quite a bit. Consider, for example, the moving boxes! These alone can take quite a bite out of your wallet. And don't even get me started on the stuff for your new home. At Moving we completely understand when you want to compare different companies.

Compare moving quotes with Moving

You just have to fill in the application form on our website and it's completely free! You won't be stuck with anything either. After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will email you the free quotes within 24 hours.

Each moving company will indicate on the quotation which services they offer and what this will cost. Requesting quotes has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move a closet?

For an average-sized cupboard, it is best to rent a small moving van. This often costs between €35 and €59, including the driver.

How easy is it to move a cupboard?

When you slide a blanket or carpet under the cupboard, you can easily slide it. Do you want to lift the cupboard? Then you can use a hand truck or furniture roller for this.

How to transport a cupboard?

When you lift the cabinet, it is best to tilt it slightly. This way you can easily carry it together and the cabinet also fits through the door frame.

How do I move a heavy cabinet?

To prevent back problems, it is best to use a hand truck or furniture roller for this.

How much space do you need to tilt a cabinet?

If your cabinet has a 3-centimeter upright, you should subtract 3 millimeters from this so that you have enough space when tilting. If the upright is 7 centimeters thick, the space must be 7 millimeters. Of course you can always work with a few millimeters of play just to be on the safe side.