Furniture transport with professional movers

Did you enjoy browsing the internet and then got lost on Marktplaats? Did you come across nice furniture during your search that you can buy at very competitive prices? Then this is of course fantastic, but have you also thought about the transport of the furniture? It is also possible that you are moving and have opted for furniture transport and are looking for the right mover with the right moving service. Whatever your reason.. furniture transport is easily arranged with Moving!

Driving yourself or outsourcing?

Have you bought something nice on the internet and unfortunately it has not been delivered? Then you can have the items delivered or picked up. If you choose to collect these yourself, you must take this into account renting a trailer or moving truck?

Would you rather outsource the delivery? Then you must of course take into account the costs of the transport company.

Marketplace delivery service

When you have bought something nice on Marktplaats, you can choose to use the Marktplaats delivery service. In this case, the courier will deliver your items to you once.

IKEA delivery service

The IKEA transport service delivers the purchased items to your home quickly and easily. This applies not only to items purchased online, but also to items purchased in the store!

Affordable furniture transport – Transport furniture with professionals

Furniture transport is a profession in itself and therefore requires the necessary experience and correct knowledge. For a mover it doesn't matter whether you want to move or just have furniture delivered. A moving company is happy to arrange furniture transport for you and specializes not only in removals, but also in efficient furniture transport. And often cheap furniture transport too!

The transport of objects is offered by moving companies to both private individuals and companies. With the right moving service you have... furniture transport of excellent quality. You can always be sure that your belongings are in good hands. The professional drivers and movers transport your furniture safely and neatly. This way it will all be delivered to your (new) address in no time.

What is needed for transport?

Of course, a mover alone is not sufficient to arrange transport. Of course, necessary materials are also needed to transport everything without damage. That is why the movers always take professional moving materials with them during the assignment. Moving blankets, bubble wrap and tension straps can always be found in the moving vans. They also have the best tools for assembling and disassembling furniture. Do you have moving boxes necessary? Then you can also rent/buy this from the moving company. Please feel free to contact the relevant moving company for more information about additional moving materials.

Do you also need (temporary) storage?

Do you not yet have room for the purchased furniture in your (new) home? Then of course you need (temporary) storage! It can also sometimes happen that certain objects cannot be moved with you and that they are not sold on time. You can therefore safely place them in storage.

Storage space where your furniture is safe

Most moving companies in the Netherlands also have their own storage. This moving service is not part of the standard moving package or furniture transport package, but you can rent it for a fee. For more information, please contact our relocation consultants.

Do you need a moving lift?

Do you live on a higher floor, are the door frames in your home small or is the stairwell very narrow? Then a moving lift may be necessary. It is not necessary, but you would still prefer one rent a moving lift? Then of course this is also possible. Moving with a moving lift is a lot easier and safer. This way, the movers do not have to lift the objects, which is not only good for their backs, but there is also hardly any chance of damage to your furniture. Unfortunately, it often happens that furniture is damaged during lifting because spaces such as the stairwell are too narrow. Movers therefore often provide the best service with a moving lift.

What are the costs for professional transport?

Do you want to know the approximate cost of transporting furniture? Then it will be difficult to find information about this on the internet. This is due to the fact that every job related to furniture transport is different. It concerns different types of objects with different sizes and of course it also depends on where in the Netherlands it has to be picked up and where you live. This makes it very difficult to estimate the costs.

Request free quotes from Moving

At Moving you can now easily request multiple quotes. You only need to fill in one application form. This is completely free and after we have received your request we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your area so that they can contact you within 24 hours.

Moving cheaply? Compare quotes

All services and prices are listed on every quote you receive from a moving company. When it comes to a move, you will see that there are a huge number of services that a moving company offers optionally. Think of the transport of your household effects, type of moving van and extra services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does furniture transport cost?

Furniture transport with professional movers is possible from €70 to €85 per hour.

How much does a truck with driver cost per hour?

For furniture transport you pay approximately between €95 and €135 per hour for the truck and driver.

How much does a box delivery cost?

Delivering a cupboard often starts at €1 per kilometre. However, moving companies often also offer packages.

What does a delivery van cost per hour?

The price for renting a van is between €25 and €45 per day.