moving antiques; the ultimate guide

Specialist knowledge and experience

Moving antiques or art requires specific knowledge and experience to ensure that the objects are transported safely and undamaged. Professional movers who specialize in art transport understand the sensitivity and value of such objects and can take steps to prevent damage. Of course, the size or weight of the object is always taken into account.

Secure moving vans and storage

Moving companies that specialize in art transport usually have secured moving vans that are specially designed to transport valuable objects. These moving vans are equipped with systems that provide protection against shock, vibration and climatic fluctuations between locations, allowing the art objects to be transported safely. With art transport, the objects are irreplaceable and this means that professionals will always be called in during an art removal. A moving company will arrange A to Z for you.

Care and customization

Transporting art and antiques requires an extremely careful approach. Specialized movers know exactly how to package, protect and secure objects to prevent damage during transport. They use high-quality packaging and protection materials such as acid-free paper, bubble wrap with a foam layer and custom-made flight cases to ensure that every item is packaged and transported safely. Our professionals can deliver your objects within the Netherlands moving internationally.

Specialized art handlers

When moving art and antiques, professionals with expertise in art handling are invaluable. These professionals have the right knowledge and skills to handle art objects in a safe and careful manner. They know exactly how to lift, move and place delicate objects without causing damage. Expert moving companies work with individuals and companies. 

Insurance and discretion

A reputable moving company that specializes in art transport will insure your valuable objects during transport. This offers peace of mind knowing that your art and antiques are well protected. In addition, professional movers ensure maximum discretion during the move, keeping your personal information and the nature of the objects confidential. Your move is our greatest concern.

Extensive experience and expertise

Movers who have specialized in moving art and antiques usually have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. They have worked with a wide range of art objects and know exactly how to handle special objects. By relying on their expertise, you can rest assured that your valuables are in good hands. You can also always use it for any art storage or depot for valuable works of art a free, no-obligation quote to request. Our movers are happy to help you.

Moving art and antiques safely and carefully

Customization is of great importance when moving art and antiques. A specialist moving company will consider your specific needs and requirements and provide a tailor-made moving solution. You can request a non-binding quote from Moving to get a clear picture of the costs and the available services.

Conditioned storage space

If you want to temporarily store your art and antiques, you can rely on the conditioned storage spaces of a specialized moving company. These spaces provide optimal conditions, such as controlled temperatures and humidity levels, to preserve the integrity of your art objects. Because we only work with the best moving companies, we can assure you of the best service.

Moving well insured

Moving art and antiques always involves a degree of risk, no matter how carefully the process is carried out. A specialist moving company will take out comprehensive insurance to ensure that your objects are fully protected against unforeseen circumstances. This way you can move your valuable art and antiques from A to B with peace of mind.


Moving art and antiques requires a specialist approach to ensure that the objects are transported safely and undamaged. By using the expertise of specialized movers with knowledge and experience in the field of art transport, you can be sure that your precious art objects will be treated with the utmost care. Whether it concerns transport to a new location, storage or exhibition, relying on professionals with the right knowledge, customization and secure moving vans is essential to safely move your art and antiques from A to B.

Moving is happy to help you

We understand that you don't have time to contact every moving company in the Netherlands. Even multiple moving companies simply takes an enormous amount of time. That is why you can now easily receive 6 different quotations with one quotation request. This is completely free and when we receive your request we will send it directly to the 6 best moving companies in your region. These moving companies will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the quote. Use our service and enjoy your move! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for moving art and antiques?

The cost of moving art and antiques can vary depending on factors such as the size and weight of the objects, the distance of the move and the packing materials required. It is advisable to request a no-obligation quote from Moving to get an accurate estimate.

Can I temporarily store my art and antiques?

Yes, a specialized moving company often offers conditioned storage spaces in which you can temporarily store your art and antiques. These spaces are designed to provide optimal conditions and preserve the integrity of your objects.

Are my art objects insured during transport?

Yes, a reputable moving company that specializes in art transport will insure your objects during transport. This provides extra protection and peace of mind. Always discuss this carefully so that you are not faced with surprises later on. Is a company not insured? Then take out insurance yourself.

How are art objects packed during the move?

Professional movers use high-quality moving materials, such as acid-free paper, bubble wrap with a layer of foam and custom-made flight cases. These materials provide optimal protection for your art objects during the move. This way you can have everything transported safely.

How can I find a specialized moving company?

This can of course be done easily via Moving. With one free request you will receive quotes from 6 different moving companies within 24 hours. We have movers with the right expertise who can help you.