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If you are planning a move soon and would like to pay attention to the costs, a student move may be the right option. If you can save on the moving service or other things during a move, then you should of course do this! After all, you don't want to be a thief of your own wallet, do you?

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Moving is happy to help you when you move

At Moving there is one cheap and professional relocation easily found. There are many moving companies in the Netherlands that are happy to take care of your move. They often don't care whether it is large or large small moves go. This way, relocations can be carried out easily and you as a customer can move even more smoothly and quickly.

Are we talking about students moving to a new room?

Many people do not know what a student move is and people often think of students who move from their parental home to a new student room. However, a student relocation is not this at all and the word student relocation is actually about something completely different!

Why choose a student relocation service?

You will move, but you have to deal with a tight budget. In this case, you can actually still use the services of a professional moving company? We can answer this with a resounding YES!

In the Netherlands you can now also look at a student move. Students, relocations.. does this actually go together? Yes, this goes very well together a student move might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Student movers are, as the name suggests, students who work as movers. These can be certified movers who have been trained by the moving company, but they can also be students who, through their experience with part-time jobs in the moving world, know exactly how they can help you move.

Hiring a student relocation service is very beneficial

A student move means that you have to deal with competitive rates and can therefore move cheaply to your new destination. If you are interested in a student move, it is wise to always inform yourself about this relocation service in advance.

It sometimes happens that people don't think about a student move until later, but when you switch at the last minute, this can unfortunately turn out less beneficial than you might have thought in the first place.

Are students qualified movers?

Yes, students employed by a moving company have often also had the necessary training. That is why a student move with a student is not only very flexible and cheap, but you often also have to deal with well-trained staff. If you still want to check this with the relevant moving company, you can of course always do so.

The services of a student relocation service

A student move means cheap moving and a smooth move. A student move can not only cost you a lot, but even save you a lot of hassle. The students will help you move and you don't have to worry about anything during the move.

Nowadays, you can no longer hire removals with students only in the big cities, but also outside the Randstad.

Student relocations and international relocation

A student relocation is not only for relocations for private individuals and/or business customers within the Netherlands, but also for when you move abroad. Students are of course known to have a lot of free time and if they have a part-time job as a mover, they can also work for international removals are used. When the parental home is left, there are of course also costs that have to be paid.

Experienced movers who ensure that the move runs smoothly

Moving should always be done correctly. Moving is of course stressful enough, so it is very important for movers to make the customers feel good. As a customer, you don't have to think about anything during the move and in this case you don't have to stress about anything anymore. Moving has never been so easy!

When you hire a moving company, the movers can do much more than just... loading moving van. There are also various moving services that you can of course use for a fee.

Packing and unpacking

When you move, you naturally think of packing and unpacking your belongings. You can't move at all without packing and unpacking. When you move, you not only have to move large furniture such as sofas, tables and white goods, but smaller objects also have to be moved. Professional movers can help you with this.

In addition to packing, do you also opt for an unpacking service? Then the movers will not only help you with the move after the move moving boxes unpacking, but they will also ensure that the boxes and items are placed in the right place in the new home. This way, everything will be delivered quickly to the right address and placed in the right place. This way you will feel at home very quickly.

Hire a handyman

Of course there are also jobs involved when moving house. Maybe you don't have much experience with moving and this is your first move and you may now think what do I need a handyman for, but you still need a handyman faster than you think.

After a move, the old house often has to be delivered in its original state and when a house has to be delivered bare, this naturally also requires the necessary jobs. Consider, for example, removing the floors and lamps, whitening the walls or filling the holes in the walls. A handyman can take care of this for you during the move.

Do you have other jobs in the new home that the handyman can help you with? Consider, for example, the assembly of new furniture. Then of course you can always ask him if he can help you with that too. Of course you can use the necessary help for this.

When moving, it is sometimes necessary to dismantle furniture for a good and fast service. If you do not do this, they cannot be safely transported in the truck, so that the furniture can be damaged. Of course you want to prevent this at all times and that is why the handyman can help you with (dis)assembling this furniture.

A student who comes to help you with a move has been well trained by the moving company and of course he also has the necessary experience because he has carried out many other moves. That is why it is best to leave the chores during the move to a student who understands this.

Rent storage space

Have you planned a move, but unfortunately you cannot move all your belongings with you? Is the new home too small or have you finally bought your new dream furniture? Then of course you don't have to throw everything away immediately, but you can also choose to store everything in a storage space at a moving company. This way your belongings are safe and you can give them away or even sell them later. A nice pocket money is always a nice bonus, right?

Do you only notice during the move that you can't move everything with you? Then you can always report this to the relevant moving company so that they can help you further. Most companies in the Netherlands have their own storage space that you can use as a customer for a fee.

When you rent storage from a moving company, the movers will take care of everything for you. They will load the moving van, transport everything neatly to storage and they will also place all the stuff in the room.

Do you want to get to the things in the meantime because your friends or family want certain things or have you bought new sofas that you can't get rid of yet? Then this is no problem because as a customer you always have access to the storage. Do you decide later that you want your stuff back? Then the movers will deliver everything neatly to the right address.

Everything is safely stored in the storage space of a moving company. There is security and often even 24-hour video surveillance. As a customer you can be sure that all your belongings are safe.

An eviction

After most moves, an evacuation is also necessary. Fortunately, the movers not only carry out removals, but clearing a home is also part of their expertise.

As you have read before, homes must be delivered broom clean 9 out of 10 times. In this case, only the entire house must be emptied, but the necessary repair and cleaning work must also be carried out. Only in this way can the house be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the landlord or real estate agent.

Moving lifts

Movers are not only specialized in loading a moving van, but of course these professionals also want to be able to work as efficiently as possible during a move. A removal lift is often used for this.

A moving lift may be necessary for some moves. You can think of people who move from a higher floor or maybe they will move to a higher floor. It can sometimes also happen that a ground floor house has narrow doorposts or a stairwell that is too narrow and that it is therefore necessary to move through the window or balcony.

However, moving lifts are of course not necessary for all moves, but this does not mean that you have to carry out your move without a moving lift. A moving lift can make your move a lot faster and easier.

Moving costs for a student move

Organizing removals is quite complicated and the costs for a move can also differ greatly. For example, is it a big move or is it a small move? Is someone moving from Groningen to Limburg or are you moving within your own region?

Request quotes

For a correct price indication, it is therefore best to request a moving quote from a professional mover. This way they have more information about the move and can calculate the exact costs for you.

It's all even easier with Moving

At Moving we understand that you probably don't have the time to contact every moving company in your area and that is why we have come up with a solution for this.

Multiple free quotes

At Moving you can now easily use our services. This is completely free and you are not committed to anything!

At Moving you can now do several with one application form moving quotes received. This will not only take you very little time, but will also save you a huge amount of money. After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region and they will contact you within 24 hours.

Once you have received all the free moving quotes, you can compare them. Look at the moving services offered and the costs they charge. So you can ultimately choose it moving company that is the best suits your budget and your personal wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the student relocation service cost?

For a student moving service you pay approximately between €23 and €33 per student mover per hour.

How often does a student move?

Students don't move often. Usually this is for their studies and this is once a year because of internships abroad. Otherwise, the average student will move once for his studies and then often do not move again until after his studies.

Where must a student be registered?

Just like other residents of the Netherlands, a student must register with the municipality in which he will be living.

What percentage of students still live at home?

In 2023, approximately 61% of students up to the age of 22 still live at home and of students aged 23 and older, this is 28%. A nice fact is that 68% of the students living away from home also live in the city in which they study.

Who can help me move?

Of course you can always ask family and friends for help, but you can also choose to outsource the move to a professional moving company.