Moving company with storage? That's handy

(Temporary) storage can be related to various circumstances. Maybe you are planning a move or renovation this year? In both cases you can moving company hire someone who can help you temporarily store your household effects in a (temporary) storage.

Relocations and renovations often require (temporary) storage

When you think of a renovation, you naturally quickly think of (temporary storage. Your belongings must of course be safe during the renovation so that they are not damaged. Unfortunately, when moving to a new home, many people do not necessarily immediately think of (temporary) storage. However, this is often necessary.

A renovation

Surely you have come across it many times or maybe you have even used it yourself. Such a container that stands outside in a parking lot during renovations. This is usually a waste container, but this is not the container we mean. By means the container used for mobile storage. This can be placed outside in front of your door during the renovations in the house, so it is not necessary to drive the items to a storage space at another storage location.

A moving

Do you need storage for your move? Then you can always opt for (temporary) storage. You can choose to temporarily store the items in a container or other storage space. You may even have thought about a storage company. However, with these options it is important to keep in mind that you have to do everything yourself and during a move this can ask quite a lot of you.

Store your belongings with a moving company

Why would you actually need (temporary) storage during a move? Are you going to move your belongings to the new home? Yes, you are going to move your things from your old home to your new home, but unfortunately it may also happen that you cannot move all your things to your new home. Maybe your new house is too small or maybe it concerns a moving abroad so you cannot move all of your belongings with you and you must choose to temporarily store your belongings in a storage facility.

Get rid of your belongings

Of course you can also choose to throw away your belongings. This is of course a shame and you shouldn't do this. If you want to get rid of your household effects, you may be able to donate them to a charity or maybe there is someone in your own area who would like to take over your belongings.

Earn some pocket money

Would you like to earn some pocket money? Then of course you can always sell the stuff. Don't you have enough time for this in the end? Then you can choose to temporarily store your household effects in storage. This way you have more time to sell the items and potential buyers can pick up the items from storage.

Temporarily store your belongings

Have you never stored your belongings before and do you find this a bit scary? Then of course this makes sense. However, this is of course not necessary at all. You are going to store your things temporarily in a storage facility and when you do this with a professional mover you don't have to worry about anything else.

Make clear agreements

Before your household effects go to storage, it is important to discuss everything thoroughly with the moving company. Clear communication is of course always important. It is therefore wise to make clear agreements in advance and to discuss the rental period. A moving company often does not have one warehouse where you can store your belongings, but often has various storage locations in the country where your belongings can be safely brought.

The best service

When you want to store stuff, you naturally want it to be stored in the right space. For example, is mobile storage suitable for your household effects? Or do you need another kind of storage? Professional movers always have the best storage space available. You can store your belongings (temporarily) and safely in this storage space. Whether it concerns a container or box.

The right storage space

The space where you can store your belongings is almost always heated and air conditioning is almost always used. In this way, the temperature in the room can be regulated, which can prevent mold formation. This way you can be sure that your belongings and the moving boxes not damaged during the rental period.

Heated and secured

Your stored household effects are not only in a room where the climate is well regulated, but these areas are of course always well secured. You can think of 24-hour video surveillance and some moving companies even have security guards who keep an eye on everything.

Self storage and temporary storage

Don't want any hire a moving company for example, because you have often stored things in a storage space yourself? Then of course this is always possible. This is also called self-storage. However, such a storage also means that you have to do everything yourself.

Do everything yourself

As you have read before, in this case you have to do everything yourself. This is possible if you have already moved to the new address will move quite a lot of questions. Both physically and mentally. For example, you have to load your belongings into the bus yourself and drive everything to the storage facility. Here you have to unload everything yourself and lift it into the room. The renter will of course not help you unload. You can imagine that this can be quite difficult in addition to arranging your move.

Check your insurance

Furthermore, it is very important for these types of companies to read the General Terms and Conditions carefully. Is your household contents properly insured or do you need additional household contents insurance? Does your insurance company pay for fire?

Prohibited Items

Obviously it means renting a storage space you have to adhere to certain rules. What exactly is prohibited may differ per landlord, but in general the rules are similar. For example, toxic, flammable and/or dangerous substances, weapons and/or drugs may never be stored.

What are the costs for renting a storage space?

It is very difficult to estimate the costs for a storage space without any background information. This is of course due to the fact that storage costs are related to many factors. First of all, it is of course important to look at the type of storage. Does it concern containers or do you load the objects yourself at a company? What is the size of your household effects and what kind of assignment is it exactly? A rent storage space doesn't have to be expensive.

Request quotes

There are of course different ways to calculate the average cost of renting a space. However, you can always request quotes from various moving companies for the correct price indication. With some information, they can calculate everything neatly and you can compare these quotes later. Do the moving companies charge the same prices and do they actually offer you the same services?

It is also often the case that moving companies charge different prices for a business customer than for a private individual.

Request free quotes from Moving

Would you like to receive an indication of the costs, but do you want to work as efficiently as possible? Then you can easily do it for free at Moving moving quotes received and all you have to do is fill in one application form. We will send these directly to the 6 best moving companies in your region and these moving companies will then contact you within 24 hours.

How much space do you need?

How much space you need depends of course on the M3 of your household effects. You can calculate this yourself if you are good at math, but because this can be difficult for many people, you can now also use our calculator for free.

Use our m3 calculator for free

By answering a few questions, our m3 calculator calculate the size of your household goods. This way you not only know how large the storage space should be, but you also know immediately which moving van is needed for your move.

Moving boxes calculator

Did you find the calculator useful? Then you might also want to visit our moving boxes calculator to look. This way you can calculate how many moving boxes you need for your move.