Would you also like to have small removals done by experts?

You can also move cheaply with a small move. Small removals are very easy to carry out by professional moving companies. They are only too happy to take care of a complete move and in this case a small move.

Save on a small move

During a move you can always use the moving costs to spare. It is simply important to do as much as possible yourself so that you have to use as few moving services as possible from a moving company.

How does a small move work?

A small move is actually not very different from a somewhat larger move and both are therefore carried out in the same way.

Small removals and different types of removals

Small moves are always different. Such a small move can involve moving into a student room To lead, a small office move or, for example, a young person who is going to leave the parental home. Of course, all these involved do not have to move so many things to their new home.

As you may have read before, one complete move different every time. Yes, with every (small) move, all furniture items will be safely moved to the new location, but how this can best be done mainly depends on the type of (small) move.

A small private move

Small removals are available for private and business customers. A move privately is the easiest and this is usually the specialization of the professional movers. A small move for a private individual can involve people who need to be moved to a new home.

A small business move

A corporate relocation is a lot more complicated because the movers in this case you often have to move large and special furniture. This not only concerns household contents, but often also other heavy objects such as shelving units, conference tables or safes.

Movers usually cannot lift this themselves and a moving lift is often used as a moving aid business relocations deployed. During business relocations, more manpower is also often required.

Tips for a small move

Do you want the hard work of moving boxes Leave packing to real movers? Then the movers can take care of this for you. The movers not only know how to pack your belongings correctly for safe transport, but the moving company will also always use professional moving materials in this case.

Help with packing and unpacking

Do you probably have no time or desire to unpack everything after the (small) move? Then the movers can also help you with this. This way you can move quickly and easily!

In this case, the things, boxes and furniture are not only unpacked, but everything is also neatly placed in the right place. This way you are assured of the best service and a customer does not even have to pay a lot for these hours!

The right moving truck

A professional moving company not only has the best moving materials, but of course also the best moving vans. For example, there is a removal van available for every neighborhood or street.

You can find all materials in the moving van. These are moving blankets to protect your washing machine, for example, but also straps to secure all large objects so that everything can be transported safely.

Rent a moving lift

Do you live on a higher floor and/or are you moving to a higher floor? Then one rent a moving lift obviously necessary. Yes, you may have a stairwell or elevator in the apartment, but often it is not possible to move safely in this way. In this case, the moving company will always look at what is safe.

It can sometimes also happen that you live on the ground floor, but still need a removal lift for the (small) move.

This may be because the doorposts are too narrow, for example, so that furniture can best be moved through a large window or balcony. In this way, any damage to both the home and furniture can be prevented.

Advantages of a moving company

Whether it concerns a large or small move.. with a professional (small) mover you will always be provided with the best moving service. To be able to move you to your new home or office as efficiently as possible, companies always offer you extra moving services

What does a (small) move cost?

Are you looking for a (small) mover and do you not only want to be able to count on the best service, but also on the best prices? Then of course this makes sense. You don't just want to pay too much. Especially when this is not necessary at all.

You want to move as cheaply as possible and that is why it is useful to submit a request for a quote to several moving companies. This way companies know exactly what you need and what they will charge for this.

Move cheaply with Moving

Of course, you cannot ask all moving companies moving quotes. Then you will waste a lot of time and on a weekday you probably don't even have time for that! That is why we want to help you with Moving as best we can moving cheaply and you can easily receive multiple and free quotes from professional movers with us.

Do you want to know what your (little) moving costs? Then you can now easily submit a free quote request to Moving for your (small) move. The difference here is that your quote request will be sent to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours (by telephone) to discuss the quotation.

Once you have received the quotes, you can compare them with each other. It is important that you not only look at the moving costs, but also at the services that the movers offer for the (small) move. This way you can ultimately choose the moving company that best suits your small move.

Moving yourself or outsourcing?

When you request moving quotes, you do not have to be sure at all whether you are going to outsource the move. Fortunately, this is not a problem and you can always decide this later. Therefore, ask for the free moving quotes so that you can compare them with each other because you will not be committed to anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a small move cost?

Nowadays, a small move in the Netherlands costs a little more than in previous years. Now you often pay between € 450 and € 750 for a small move.

Who can help me move?

Family, friends and acquaintances often want to help you with your move. You can of course always opt for professional movers.

How long does an average move take?

How long a move takes exactly depends of course on the type of move, but an average move in the Netherlands takes approximately between 3.5 and 9.5 hours.

What happens automatically when you move?

As soon as you have reported your move to the municipality and it has been processed in the Personal Records Database (BRP), your move will also automatically be passed on to government agencies such as the Tax and Customs Administration.

Which month do most people move?

Most people in the Netherlands move in April because the weather is nice and pleasant, making it easier to move.