Relocation planning; how do you prepare?

It's time! You're finally moving. Maybe you've been waiting for this moment for a long time, but maybe you just suddenly found your new dream home! This does mean that you have to make a good relocation plan because as it has been said since time immemorial.. good preparation is half the work.

Different phases of the move

Moving to a new home naturally means that you have to start arranging things in your current home on time. It is wise to use a planning so that you do not save everything to the last minute.

Practical matters that you need to arrange properly

It is important to terminate the rental contract of your old house on time. Do this a few weeks before moving. Before you move, arrange childcare for your children and/or pets and make sure you inform your work and their new school of the move in time. When moving, also pay attention to:

  • Inquire about the utilities in the new neighborhood and your new home.
  • Make sure you have enough moving boxes. Maybe you can ask local retailers for old boxes.
  • New house chimney swept
  • Do you already have the new municipality city map?
  • Do you need a parking permit or do you use public transport?

By the way, if you want to dispose of things, you must of course use the municipal cleaning service. Don't think 'I'll put my things down and I'll wait until the last collection day', but really arrange this on time. There is a system for collecting household waste and when the municipality is full you sometimes have to wait two weeks for the next appointment and this is of course no longer possible. So you can see that making agreements is also part of good planning.

Administrative business

During a move it is also very important to properly arrange the administrative aspects of the move. It sometimes happens that this is not arranged in time, so that you can run into problems later on.

Inform the new municipality – report change of address

During a move you must have arranged a number of things and the most important of these is actually reporting your move to the municipality. If you move within the municipality, you only report your move.

Are you moving to a new municipality? Then you must register yourself as a new resident and the new municipality will automatically deregister you from your old municipality. You should do this 4 weeks before the move or at least 5 days after the move.

Also pay close attention to municipal taxes and automatic transfers, but if necessary also take a good look at your property tax, for example.

What should you think about when?

When you use a moving plan, you only have to follow all the steps so that you can check everything step by step. You can also cross off all completed tasks so that you know exactly what you still need to arrange.

So you can never really start early enough preparing your move. Read on for the best tips.

Tips for good moving planning

In this article we try to help you as much as possible with all kinds of things so that you can put together the best relocation planning for yourself. And that's why these tips!

Tip 1. Inform suppliers: newspaper delivery, websites and more

After reporting your change of address Of course, you should not forget to pass this on to others. Some authorities such as the tax authorities, RDW, the police or the hospital will be automatically notified of your move, but other companies do not. Think of the newspaper deliverer, websites where you often order things or your work.

If you do not pass this on to them in time, it is possible that your mail will be sent to the old address for a long time, which means that you can lose your belongings.

Tip 2. Do you want to hire movers or would you rather move yourself?

You can ask family, friends and/or acquaintances for help with the move, but you have to be careful with possible damage. People often have no experience with relocations, which means that the moving day can be quite chaotic.

When you experience one mover hires, he or she knows exactly what needs to be done and how the items should be packed. They will always ensure that your move runs smoothly and they can also take care of the transfer of the keys to the old home for you.

Furthermore, a professional will moving company Also think about other things, such as making sure your old home is swept clean.

Tip 4. Pack last things with your friends

Are you going to pack the last things with your friends? Then start this on time, because the current home will eventually take you more time than you initially had in mind. So don't wait until the last day and drum up everyone on time. this will save you a lot of time!

Tip 5. Check your current home on the moving day itself

Is your home finally empty? Then it is wise to walk through the house for a final check. Is everything neat and clean, have you not forgotten anything and have you already swept? The house must of course be left tidy.

Tip 6. From old residents to new residents

When you have finally completed the weeks before the move and the transfer of the key and you are finally in your new home, you can finally start relaxing!

Avoid these common mistakes

There are a number of errors that unfortunately still occur frequently. We have compiled a list of these mistakes so that you can avoid them!

1. Don't start packing too late

2. Don't buy poor quality moving boxes

3. Don't convert contracts too late

4. Reserve a parking space or arrange a permit in time

5. Make sure you load the moving van properly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a moving plan?

Sit down and make a list of the administrative matters you need to arrange. Have you listed all of these? Then move on to the practicalities of the move.

What steps when moving?

Canceling your rent is of course the first step and then you can continue to other administrative matters such as changing your subscriptions and contracts.

How much time do you need to move?

Of course it depends on the move, but an average move takes between 3.5 and 9.5 hours.

Where can I buy moving boxes?

You can buy moving boxes in the hardware store or shops, but it is easiest and cheapest to purchase them online. This way they will also be delivered to your doorstep!

How far in advance to start packing?

Of course you can't start packing early enough. However, it is important to start with spaces that you don't use often. Think of the attic or garage, for example.