Moving assistance; help with moving

Have you had a move before? Then you know roughly what a job a move can be. Are you planning a move soon, but have you never moved before? Then it can all get quite hectic.

Moving soon?

A move can be stressful, hectic and even chaotic. You are certainly not the only one dealing with this, because 9 out of 10 people who have some experience with moving will tell you this.

Hire moving help

Managing a move in the right direction can therefore ask a lot of you.. both physically and mentally. And this is also the reason why people moving in the Netherlands increasingly opt for professional relocation assistance. At Moving we can also wholeheartedly recommend this.

How does moving assistance work?

In the first instance, it is often thought that no moving help is needed during a move. This is right. It is not necessary, but it can make your move much easier. Who wouldn't want to move with ease? You can then easily call in extra moving help for this.

Your moving day in particular can be extremely chaotic

Especially on the day of the move itself, it is important to be able to switch easily between all tasks. Stand the moving boxes Good? Is the apartment empty? What goes with you to the new destination and what do you not have to pack?

Experienced movers

To save yourself all this stress, you can use extra moving help. For this you do not have to hire a complete moving service and you only pay for a number of professional ones movers. Yes, friends, family and/or acquaintances can always help you, but they usually do not have the experience necessary for moving.

Professionals transport everything in the right way

The extra hands of it moving company have the necessary experience with moving and can therefore help you in the right way. For example, they will load and unload the moving van correctly, but they will also ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

Additional moving services

You can make a move as expensive as you want. Do you want moving cheaply? Then of course you can always choose the aforementioned option hiring a number of experienced movers. Do you have a larger budget? Then you can move even easier.

Rent a moving lift

For some moves a rent a moving lift necessary. People often quickly think that it is only necessary for homes on higher floors. Unfortunately this is not correct. You can even live on the ground floor and still need a moving lift.

It can happen that your doorpost or stairwell is too small for the heavy furniture or other heavy items, which makes it necessary to move through the window or balcony, which of course requires a removal lift. Fortunately, you can rent these all over the country.

Packing and/or unpacking service

Moving your belongings safely means that you also have to pack them correctly. Do you have no idea how to do this or do you not have the time for this at all? Then you can be professional here movers for hire.

A handyman

You may have to dismantle certain furniture before moving. This is sometimes necessary because otherwise they cannot be safely transported in the moving van and could otherwise be damaged. Do you have no experience or knowledge of (dis)assembling furniture and do you perhaps also have other jobs in the house? Then no job is too much for the experienced handyman of a moving company.

House clearances

Have you saved up too much stuff lately and do you want to get rid of it? Are you moving and don't want to take the household effects with you? Then of course you can also have your home evacuated. The moving help knows exactly what you need for this and will be happy to help you with this.

How much does moving assistance cost?

As you have read before, you can make a move as expensive or cheap as you want. However, a moving company cannot simply calculate the price for moving assistance for your move. Yes, most moving companies work on the basis of an hourly rate, but calculating the right price requires more information because every move is different.

Why are the costs for every move different?

Every move is different. For example, it could be a senior move, but it could also be a... international relocation to go. One is usually a small and short move while the other is a much bigger job. How big are your belongings? Where are you moving to? What are your own personal wishes? As you can see, there is a lot involved in calculating a price and the moving company needs additional information.

Free quotes at Moving

At Moving you can now receive free quotes from various moving companies with one application form. This moving service is completely free!

After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours. This way you can view every non-binding offer at your leisure and ultimately choose the moving company with the best moving assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me move?

You can carry out the move yourself and get help from family and friends, but you can of course also opt for a professional moving company.

What are the costs of a moving company?

The average costs for a move from a flat or apartment are between €850 and €1100. For a terraced house, an average of between € 1200 and € 1900 must be deposited. For a semi-detached house or detached house, the costs will quickly rise to € 1850 to € 2650.

How much does moving a washing machine cost?

Professional moving companies charge an average of between €120 and €190 for moving a washing machine.

What does a moving van with staff cost?

For a small moving van you pay between €35 to €59 and this is the price including the driver.

Is moving stressful?

In the Netherlands, moving is number 3 of the most stressful events. Number 1 is the death of a loved one and number 2 is a divorce.