Hire movers; costs for this in 2023

Are you going to renovate your (detached) home soon and do you want to temporarily store your belongings? Or perhaps a complete move must be carried out? In both cases you can of course choose to have a professional moving company come and help you. Before you start this whole process, you will of course want to know what the costs of a moving company are.

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You've probably already searched the internet for 'moving company costs' and you just can't find it. Don't worry, you're really not alone. The 'moving company costs' are not just costs and these costs naturally consist of various services and aspects. We are happy to explain the costs for a move to you. Moving company costs don't have to be that high at all.

Carry out your own move

Of course you can also choose to carry out your move yourself. Some people want to save on costs and often think that this is the only way to move cheaply. However, nothing could be further from the truth. And we're not even talking about the risk of damage. Moving company costs are then a bargain compared to the damage that can run into the thousands of euros.

Unexpected costs of a move

When you carry out a move yourself, you may not pay for an extra mover, but you will of course have to deal with other costs. You can think of renting a moving van and, for example, transport costs. Carrying out a move yourself will also take you more time because you have to arrange many things yourself. Consider, for example, whether you need a parking permit or the moving boxes that you have to purchase yourself. Not all moving boxes are sturdy enough, so saving on these is strongly discouraged. As a result, the final costs can be higher than you initially thought.

A professional moving company

The average moving costs when you move with a moving company are not very high these days. Yes, in the past this could sometimes be very expensive, but nowadays there is so much competition in the moving world, which means that the average costs of a move are much lower than you might think at first.

A professional move makes life easy

Outsourcing your move to a professional moving company will make your life much easier during this already chaotic period. Yes, one moving company is not the other moving company, but you can be sure of the right services with any professional moving company in the Netherlands. Comparing moving companies has also become a rising trend.

Various moving services

A professional moving company can not only make your move easier by helping you with several movers on the moving day. A moving company offers many other moving services so that moving quickly is not a problem. Yes, the number of movers you can hire for the move will of course also make the move go a lot smoother, but it's the extra moving services that make it all a bit easier.

We are happy to explain the most popular moving services if you hire movers.

Elevator assistance

For a move, a rent a moving lift are necessary. You can think of situations where, for example, you live on a higher floor and the stairwell is too narrow for the large furniture. It can also happen that you live on the ground floor, but that the doorposts are too narrow, for example. In this case, the movers will have to move the items through the window or, for example, the balcony with a removal lift.

Elevator assistance and moving quickly

However, a lift may sometimes not be necessary, but it can make the move a lot easier. Luckily you can get to one moving company easily rent a moving lift and they often offer you the best deal.

Rent a moving van

To move the things from the old house to the new house, a moving van is of course needed. Which type of moving van is needed depends of course on the type of move. Is it a major move? Then, for example, a larger moving van is needed or perhaps even a number of moving vans are needed to be able to move the extra items.

The moving company knows exactly what you need

A move involves a lot of work, but fortunately a moving company knows exactly what you need because of its experience.


During a move, certain jobs must of course be carried out. Sometimes these jobs are even necessary. For example, you can think of furniture that must be disassembled for safe transport. These must of course also be neatly mounted again later in the new home. An experienced handyman from the moving company can help you with these jobs. He can also help remove or attach objects to the walls or, for example, connect electrical appliances.

The possible costs may differ per moving company

You've probably already scoured the internet for 'what does a move cost?' because of course you want to be well prepared for the costs. This way you can move with peace of mind and in this case you don't have to worry about the costs afterwards. The costs of a move depend on several factors.

A recognized moving company

The prices differ per municipality and of course moving services. But what many people don't know is that recognized moving companies are often more expensive than non-recognized moving companies, but how is this possible?

The trade association

In the moving world we have the trade association of Erkende Verhuizers. (National) moving companies in the Netherlands therefore have the choice to join this organization. Membership means many benefits for both the customer and the moving company.

Many benefits of Recognized Movers

A recognized moving company can offer its customers guarantees and insurance that it cannot offer without its membership. You can think of a guarantee certificate when booking or a very good insurance. With a recognized moving company, your household contents are insured for up to €100,000 in the event of damage during the move. Furthermore, all Recognized Movers also have the same General Terms and Conditions.

Extra cost

The aforementioned benefits and guarantees naturally entail additional costs. The moving company has to pay costs to the organization for this and you probably guessed it.. these costs are passed on to the customer, which can make your move more expensive.

An unauthorized moving company

We often get the question whether an unrecognized moving company is less good. The answer to this question is a clear no. Regional movers who choose not to join the trade association do not do so mainly because of the extra costs it entails. This way, as a moving company, you remain independent and you do not have to pay any costs to an organization, so that you can also keep the costs low for the customer. This way everyone can move cheaply.

You are moving with an unauthorized moving company

Are you already packing your things so that you can start moving to your new home? Then you can easily move with an unrecognized moving company. However, it is important to read the General Terms and Conditions of the moving company. Not necessarily for one or the other, but all these moving companies have their own Terms and Conditions and you as a customer naturally want to know where you stand. Always inform yourself well about their insurance policies so that you are not faced with any surprises later on.

Moving company costs

As you have read, you can make a move with a professional mover as expensive or as cheap as you want. This means that moving costs can be lower for one person than for another. This is not only because the costs of a moving company depend on various factors, but this also has to do with the personal wishes of the customer.

The extra moving services obviously have a major impact on the total moving costs. A move may therefore cost you more than someone else because the number of movers of 2 may be enough for them instead of a team of 5. They may not want one rent (temporary) storage and you might. How many movers are needed therefore also affect the total price, but don't forget the amount of stuff, for example. The larger your household effects, the more the move will of course cost.

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