Moving during energy crisis: limit your expenses

It has not escaped anyone's attention in Europe that energy prices have risen sharply at the end of 2022. Can you still move because of this or is this not wise? What about your energy contract? We will answer these questions and many more for you in this article.

Finally moving... or not?

People all over the world are having a hard time right now. Everything has become more expensive, not to mention gas and the housing shortage. Is it wise to move now?

You can ask yourself this, but unfortunately there are also people who are forced to move to a new home and therefore actually have no choice at all. What is the best option for them?

Do you want to stay with your current supplier or sign a new energy contract?

Normally it is always advised to move to another location energy suppliers to watch. However, nowadays prices are so high that there are simply no offers to be found.

The chance that you will come across a good offer is therefore nil. What you can best do now depends mainly on your energy contract.

A contract with a fixed rate for an indefinite period

Do you have a permanent contract with a fixed rate for an indefinite period? Then it is very wise to move it to your new address. The rate you pay now is considerably lower than the new rates.

A variable contract

Energy rates will continue to rise in the coming years due to the current global situation, but this is of course a piece of cake.

You are probably going to move this year and in this case it is best to move your current variable contract with you to your new home. In this case, you will have to be patient so that you can see in January next year whether it is wise to switch. After all, patience is a virtue!

So.. moving your energy contract or not?

If you energy contract soon expires, you will have to deal with the new very high rates no matter how you look at it. In this case, you can check online whether it is wise to renew with your current supplier or whether it is wise to take out a new energy contract with a new energy supplier for the new address.

A good time to switch has always been during a move, but nowadays it mainly depends on your energy contract. If you can wait it all out, it is wise to be patient.

Government compensation

The Dutch government is of course aware of the energy crisis that is currently raging in Europe and that is why they have come up with a solution. The government has decided to help all Dutch households with their energy bills and has taken 3 measures to this end.

A reduction on energy tax was implemented in 2022 and amounts to €265, which amounts to a total of €824.77 for the year 2022. This is a fixed amount that will be automatically deducted from the next annual statement.

Households in the Netherlands with too low an income will also receive an extra compensation of €800 in 2022! These are often people who are on social assistance, receive another benefit or just earn the minimum wage. In this way, their energy costs can be alleviated somewhat.

There are currently many Dutch people with a low income looking for help. Do you also need help paying your energy bill? Would you therefore like to know whether you are also entitled to additional compensation?

Then you can contact the municipality in which you live. The compensation scheme runs through the municipality and due to all the hustle and bustle, the municipality may have overlooked some people.

This compensation can really help you out, so if you have not yet received anything, it is wise to inquire just to be sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you move your energy contract with you?

You can move your energy contract with you, but this is of course not necessary.

How far in advance can you request energy?

You can request energy six months in advance, but you can also do this no later than 2 weeks before your moving date.

Can you do without an energy contract?

No, because if you live in a home with an energy connection, you are legally obliged to conclude an energy contract. Even when you don't use anything.

How do I get my 400 euros of energy?

The 2022 energy tax will be automatically settled by the energy supplier. For this they use the advance amount that you have paid or they do this with the final settlement.

Who gets 800 energy?

People who receive social assistance benefits, an IOAQ benefit or an IOAZ benefit. But people with a low income are also entitled to this and in this case you can request this from your municipality.