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“Fast service, friendly staff and good value for money. And handle personal property well and carefully. My move went quickly and smoothly, and I received a call afterwards to see if everything went well.”

– Milan van Leeuwen

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Moving companies in Leiden

When you move within Leiden, you naturally want a worry-free move. An efficient working method is important, but this is also possible when you have a cheap move want? Fortunately, finding the right moving company in Leiden is very easy these days. Bee Moving we are happy to help you find a cheap and professional moving company Leiden.

Cheap moving company Leiden

You have probably already started your search for a cheap moving company in Leiden on the internet. After all, good preparation is half the battle!

However, there is a good chance that because of all the information on the internet at some point you will no longer see the wood for the trees. And it is of course also very time-consuming to contact every Leiden removal company by telephone for questions.

Moving is happy to help

Fortunately, cheap moving is not impossible and you really do not have to contact every moving company in Leiden by telephone. Moving has made it a lot easier for customers to find a professional moving company in Leiden.

Hire a professional moving company

A move is a major event for many people and that is why it is important that you have a experienced moving company hire with reliable movers. An experienced mover is not only good at his job, but can also help you move cheaply.

Your move is easy to carry out even for the cheapest moving company in Leiden. Experienced movers will make your move go smoothly without any problems.

Moving in Leiden with a (un)recognised mover

The difference between recognized and non-recognized moving companies mainly lies in the guarantees and prices. Recognized moving companies are affiliated with the trade association and can therefore offer you as a customer more guarantees. This includes insurance, conditions and a warranty certificate. However, this does incur higher costs that they in turn have to pass on to the customer.

Unlicensed movers like to remain independent so that they can offer their customers lower rates. By keeping costs lower, they naturally remain cheaper. However, it is important for these movers to check their conditions and insurance carefully. After all, you want to be properly insured during a move.

Carry out your move yourself

Do you not want a professional move at all with a Leiden moving company? Do you choose to carry out the entire move yourself? Then this is of course also possible. In this case you will have to carry out the move with the help of family, friends and/or acquaintances instead of with experienced movers.

When you choose to use the complete move However, if you want to do it yourself, it is important to think about this carefully in advance.

Be well prepared

Whether you have a large or... small move yourself... make sure you are always prepared. There are a lot of things besides moving things that you have to arrange yourself. This includes canceling your rent report your move and don't forget your subscriptions that you need to transfer!

Experienced movers can help you everywhere

Are you moving soon? Then it is wise to serve this in a professional manner. That is why it is always best to opt for professionalism. Experienced movers not only have extensive experience with moving customers, but they will also ensure that you receive personal attention at all times. This is of course nice during a hectic move.

The type of move

Every moving company in Leiden knows how to move private customers, but did you know that there are also other types of removals? Consider this for example business relocations, international moves, senior moves and even student moves!

Every moving company in Leiden is specialized in these moves, but for the right moving company for your move it is of course always wise to always inquire in advance. This is how a Leiden removal company can best serve you.

Moving company Leiden prices

Every move is different. For example, do you want one? rent a moving lift? Is it a complete move or do you just want a number? hire movers? The amount of contents also plays an important role. This makes it very difficult for movers to simply estimate the costs. It is best to request quotes from various moving companies for this.

Request free quotes from Moving

At Moving we have tried to make moving in Leiden a lot easier. You can now receive different quotes with one application form. Your request will be sent to the 5 best moving companies in the region and you will receive the confirmation within 24 hours free quotes received in your mailbox.

Moving company Leiden and moving services

Experienced movers offer their customers various moving services. This is not only a service to customers, but in this way they can also move all household effects quickly. Purchasing moving services therefore only brings benefits for everyone.

Moving lifts rental

Professional movers are happy to move you to your new home with modern equipment. Whether this is in Leiden or to the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague is. Most movers in Leiden have moving lifts at their disposal with which they can move you to your new home easily, quickly and safely.

Rent storage space

Moving in Leiden with a professional moving company means that you can always count on the best movers. Even if you need storage space, for example. (Temporary) storage during relocations is more common than you think. The new location often does not have enough space for all the stuff, so people choose to store everything (temporarily) in a storage room first so that they can look at it at their leisure later.

Packing and unpacking

Professional movers can also pack and unpack very well. Don't feel like it, don't have the time or the knowledge to pack everything neatly? Then the movers can also help you with this. This moving service is very popular because many people prefer to have their belongings packed by professionals. In this way, the chance of damage during the move is also a lot smaller.

Do you also opt for an unpacking service in Leiden? Then it might be nice to know that in this case the movers not only take all the belongings and... moving boxes will unpack neatly, but they will also help you put everything in the right place.

A handyman

Whether it concerns small or large removals.. during a move there are always jobs that need to be carried out. This can include jobs in both the old and new home. Fortunately, moving doesn't have to be that difficult these days and you can also choose to hire a handyman who can help you with these jobs.

Not moving, but clearing a house?

Movers can not only help you with your move, but also with a house clearance. Do you currently or soon need to vacate your home or business premises? Then movers from a professional moving company can also do this for you.

Furniture transport

Do you want to move cheaply in Leiden and do you choose to carry out the move in Leiden yourself? Then in this case there is still a good chance that there is furniture that you cannot move yourself. Think of large objects such as an antique cupboard or a piano.

Fortunately, you don't have to move it yourself and you can still choose to do so furniture transport. The movers will then only pick up the specified items and you can then carry out the rest of the move yourself.

Move urgently

Unfortunately, moving in Leiden cannot always be planned far in advance. Sometimes a move is a big deal urgent move. This means that you have to move at the very last minute.

You don't have to worry about urgent moves in Leiden, because a moving company also offers a moving service for urgent moves 9 out of 10 times. Moving should of course be possible for everyone and that is why such a moving company often chooses to work with a flexible schedule. In this way, a hole can still be made in the planning for an emergency move at the last minute.

Calculate moving costs

The prices for a move are always different. What a moving costs can be very different for you than for your neighbor. After all, every move is unique and because every move is different, every move also requires a different approach.

Of course, a moving company always has to deal with the personal wishes of customers. What kind of moving services do you need and what do you prefer to do yourself? Purchasing moving services can of course make the move a bit more expensive.

Request a quote

Do you want to move, but do you want to look at the costs in advance? We fully understand this and in this case it is best to request a quote from a moving company. This way they can look at exactly what you need and what your wishes are and they can prepare a (non-binding) quote for you.

Always request different quotes

Relocations are always exciting and it is therefore more than logical that as a customer you want to choose the moving company with the best moving service and prices. That is why it is wise to always request moving quotes from several movers. This way you can compare their moving service in Leiden and prices in Leiden and ultimately choose the moving company Leiden that suits you best.

Moving knows best

It is of course very easy to just say that it is best to request quotes from various movers in Leiden, but this is obviously not an easy job. Who actually has the time these days to look at all the movers in Leiden and then also contact them? Hardly anyone anymore, right!? That is why Moving has come up with a solution for this.

Free quotes at Moving

At Moving we value professionalism and clear communication. Also when it concerns relocations in Leiden. That's why we've tried to make it all a bit easier for you.

With Moving you can now easily and for free several at once moving quotes to request. For this you only have to fill in our application form once so that we can send it to the 6 best moving companies in Leiden. The movers will contact you within 24 hours. After you have received all quotes, you can compare them at your leisure so that you can ultimately choose the moving company that suits you best.

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Have you gone through every non-binding quote and have you looked at every moving service, but you don't like it all? Is that why you ultimately choose to carry out the move yourself? Then this is no problem. You are not stuck with anything!

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