Calculate moving costs: this is how you get the best overview

Welcome to our extensive article about calculating moving costs. Moving is an exciting event, but calculating the costs can also be a challenge. It is essential to calculate moving costs accurately so that you are not faced with any surprises during the process. In this article we will discuss the different factors that influence the costs of a move, how moving companies calculate these costs and how you can save on moving costs. Let's start!

Why calculating moving costs is important

Calculating moving costs is essential to avoid financial surprises. By having a clear idea of expected costs, you can better manage your budget and ensure that you are not faced with unexpected expenses. Moreover, it allows you to create different Compare moving companies and quotes, so you can get the best value for money.

Factors that affect the cost of a move

Moving from your old home to your new home can be an exciting, but also stressful experience. In addition to planning and organizing the move, it is important to keep a close eye on the costs. Moving costs can vary greatly depending on several factors. By calculating the costs in advance, you can prepare yourself and draw up a realistic budget.

Distance between your old and new home

The distance between your old and new home plays an important role in determining the moving costs. The greater the distance, the more time and fuel it takes to move your belongings. Moving companies often charge a price per kilometer, so take this into account help you plan your move.

Number of movers and moving van

The number of movers and the size of the moving van are also determining factors for the costs. Larger items require more movers and possibly a larger moving van. Moving companies may charge an hourly rate per mover, plus any costs for the use of a moving van.

Furniture and moving boxes

The size of your belongings and the number required moving boxes directly affect costs. The more furniture, appliances, and other items you need to move, the longer the move will take and the more movers may be needed. Also remember that some moving companies can also supply or rent moving boxes, but these costs may be charged separately.

Call-out costs and extra costs

Some moving companies charge call-out fees, especially if you live further away. These are costs for the travel time moving company from their location to your old home and from your new home back to their location. In addition, additional fees may apply for special moving services, such as disassembling and assembling furniture, using a moving elevator, or packing fragile items.

How moving companies calculate costs

Moving companies use different methods to calculate the costs of a move. Some moving companies work with an hourly rate, with the total costs depending on the duration of the move and the number of movers. Other moving companies work with a fixed price per move, based on an estimate of the size of the contents and the distance between the homes.

It is important to request quotes from different moving companies and compare the details carefully so that you ultimately make the right choice. Look out for hidden costs and ask about any additional services included in the price. This way you know in advance exactly what the total moving costs are. This can of course differ per moving company. 

Average cost of a move in 2023

How much does it cost your move exactly? The costs of your move are always different than someone else's. The average costs of a move can vary greatly depending on the size of the contents and the distance between the homes. Generally costs a moving company between €500 and €1500 for a small to medium-sized move within a radius of 50 kilometers. For larger moves or longer distances between the old and new home, costs can rise to €2,000 or more. Naturally, the costs will differ per moving company.

Costs per moving company

Moving companies charge different rates, so it's important to get quotes from different companies. The average price of a move per hour per mover can vary between €25 and €35. Keep in mind that some moving companies may charge a minimum number of hours even if the move is completed faster.

Differences in costs between moving companies

The costs of a move can vary greatly between different moving companies. It is important not to just look at the moving costs but also the quality of the service offered. Read reviews and ask for recommendations to make an informed decision.

Save on moving costs

Saving on the costs of the moving company is an important aspect for many people. Here are some tips to cut costs during your move:

Request multiple quotes

Requesting multiple quotes gives you a good idea of the costs and the different services that moving companies offer. Carefully compare Moving's free quotes and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. It is free and without obligation. This way you are assured of a smooth moving day. Are you going to move? Then request free and non-binding quotes from Moving.

Consider moving yourself

If your budget is limited and you don't have many large pieces of furniture, you may want to consider moving yourself. It renting a moving van and asking friends and family for help can be significantly cheaper than hiring a moving company. A move costs a bit on average, but you can of course also save on costs with a moving company. 

Reduce the amount of furniture to move

Before you will move, it's a good idea to thoroughly evaluate your belongings. Consider selling, giving away or donating items you no longer need. The less furniture and belongings you have, the less time and effort it takes to move, and therefore the lower the costs of an average move will be. The costs depend on what the moving company has to carry out per job. Do you want to get the move done faster and do you want to reduce the price of your move? Then help with the move! This way you get help from a moving company while you cut all moving costs and in this case you also have to pay less for the move. Less costs is always nice, right?


Calculating the costs of a move is very important to avoid financial surprises. Removals simply differ from each other, because every move is simply different. One wants one complete move while the other wants to move with, for example, one table and one chair. Other various factors such as the distance between your old and new home, the number of movers and the size of the moving van also determine the costs of the move. Moving companies use different methods to calculate costs, so it is wise to request multiple quotes and compare them carefully. Do you need a moving company? Then request free quotes from Moving. This way you can move quickly and cheaply. 

By making smart choices and saving where possible, you can control the costs of your move and move to your new home with peace of mind. Hiring a moving company is always a wise choice, because a move with a moving company will always go smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Average cost moving company?

The average costs of a moving company vary, but you can count on an amount between € 500 and € 1500 for a small to medium-sized move within a radius of 50 kilometers.

What costs are charged during a move?

During a move, costs may be charged for movers, moving vans, call-out costs and any additional services such as disassembling and assembling furniture. What a move costs is therefore always different. Move with Moving so that you are aware of the costs in advance! Our moving quotes are the best on the market! 

Is my furniture insured during the move?

Many (accredited) movers offer basic insurance for damage during the move. However, it is advisable to check this and possibly take out additional insurance if you have valuable items.

How can I save on moving costs?

You can save on moving costs by requesting multiple quotes, moving yourself if you don't have much furniture, and reducing the amount of items to move by selling or giving them away.

What does a move cost per kilometer?

The average moving costs per kilometer vary, but you can count on an amount between €1 and €2 per kilometer, depending on the moving company.