Urgent relocation is arranged in no time

Do you want to move cheaply? Many Dutch people who are planning to move soon are looking for a cheap move. We fully understand this. With the difficult times we have experienced in combination with an uncertain financial future, this is of course more than logical. It is the case that you are moving and in addition to being cheap, you also want to be able to use a good moving service from a professional moving company. Don't grieve, because moving cheaply is certainly still possible.

Move cheap yourself

Move yourself can be very cheap. You can get help from family and friends. You can also take one for a day rent a moving van and you can live in the moving boxes of your area.

Cheap moving throughout the Netherlands

Many people think about it often move directly to private individuals removals. This is very good because this is one of the most common removals in the Netherlands, but did you know that there are also other types? So you have private removals, business relocations, seniors and international removals.

Every move requires a different planning and approach. Every moving company has its specializations and so you can get the right help with every type of move and with Moving you can do that at very competitive prices! Cheap moving is always possible with us.

Private removals

When you, as a consumer, move from one home to another home within the Netherlands will move is this a private move? This can often be completed within one day, but this obviously requires strict planning.

Business relocations

A business relocation is also referred to as a company relocation. This is often a lot heavier and more complicated than other removals. In this case, movers often have to deal with heavy and large objects such as office furniture. To do this correctly, you obviously need well-trained personnel. Furthermore, it is often important for companies that their staff can continue to work during the move and the moving company must therefore take special measures and adhere to a very tight schedule.

Senior relocations

Senior relocations are also common in the Netherlands. This is of course due to the fact that we are dealing with an enormous aging population. A senior move must often be planned at the last minute and such a move also needs a different plan of action. An elderly person who moves naturally needs the necessary guidance and moving companies that specialize in this type of move know exactly how to arrange this.

International removals

An international move requires the right knowledge and experience. Experienced movers not only know exactly how to move your belongings from A to B, but the staff at the office also know exactly what to arrange with regard to customs formalities and permits. This gives you the right guidance in every area!

Cheapest moving company in the Netherlands

Just as there are different types of removals, there are also different types of moving companies. You have probably noticed during your research that there are also huge price differences between these companies. This is of course not without reason and we are happy to explain the reason for this to you.

Recognized movers

Moving cheap means you have to make choices. Also with regard to the moving company. It is not possible to move everywhere cheaply. In the moving world in the Netherlands we have the sector organization of Erkende Verhuizers. Any moving company in the Netherlands can choose to join this organization. This is completely voluntary. Companies that choose to join do so because of the many guarantees they can offer their customers.

Benefits of Recognized Movers

Moving companies that join this organization can issue their customers with a guarantee certificate when booking. This means that as a customer you can be sure that your move will go through at all times. Also in the event of a bankruptcy, for example. Furthermore, all these companies have the same conditions and your household effects are very well insured during the move. Up to €100,000! This way you will be paid the current value for any damage to your fragile items.

High cost

Recognized Movers can offer you many guarantees, but this naturally entails high costs. These companies have to pay a lot of money to the organization in order to benefit from these conditions. And you probably guessed it.. these costs are of course passed on to the customer.

Is a cheap moving company less good?

Have you found a cheap moving company? Then there is a good chance that this is not a recognized removal company. Are there actually companies that choose not to join Recognized Movers? Yes, there certainly are!

Why wouldn't a moving company join?

Moving companies that choose not to join usually do so because of the high costs. They cannot or do not want to pay for this. By not joining, companies can remain independent and keep their rates low. As a result, they do not have to charge their customers anything and you as a customer can move cheaply without having to deal with unnecessary costs.

Always pay attention!

By remaining independent, non-affiliated moving companies can work very flexibly and move you cheaply at any time. However, it is important for these types of moving companies to read their terms and conditions carefully. Not for one thing or another, but all these moving companies have their own conditions and determine how they arrange their insurance. You as a customer naturally want to know in advance where you stand so that you are not faced with surprises later on. After all, good preparation is half the work!

Move cheaply with student movers

Do you want to move extra cheaply? Then there are many Dutch people who have gone before you and have good experience with a cheap mover. In many cases these are students! Students like to work to earn a little pocket money and they often do this at extra low rates! Many moving companies also offer this moving service, so always ask about the possibilities! Together with students, a moving company can carry out your move quickly and at a competitive price.

Make clear agreements

Do you have antique furniture or special objects that you want to move? Always inform the moving company of this in advance. Modern moving vans are often used for special objects because with these moving vans the risk of damage is very small. Cheap moving must of course remain without damage.

Different moving vans

As you have read, a moving company often has different types of moving vans. They also often offer their customers a small moving van or moving van. This is of course a lot easier when there is one small move. Do you have a somewhat larger move? Then you can of course also opt for a spacious moving van.

Professional moving materials

Moving companies always use professional moving materials. This means you don't have to worry about anything. Some examples of these moving materials are wrapping film, moving blankets and, for example, lashing straps. As you can see, a quick move with the right movers at Moving is no problem at all.

Additional moving services

Ultimately, you can always make a move with a cheap moving company as expensive or cheap as you want. For an additional fee, you can choose additional options such as help with packing and, if you want, help with unpacking, extra movers, a handyman or cleaning service. Would you rather move cheaply? Then it is hiring only the movers usually the best option.

Save even more on your move

Do you live on a higher floor? Then one rent a moving lift often necessary. Fortunately, you can also contact moving companies for this. By the way, do you live on the ground floor? Then it is wise not to assume in advance that you do not need a moving lift, because this may sometimes be the case. For example, if your door frames are too narrow and the furniture does not fit through. Therefore, always check this carefully in advance. This can save you a lot of stress!

If you carry out most of the jobs yourself during the move, such as the aforementioned moving services, you will be able to save a lot during the move.

The moving costs

Unfortunately, moving to a new house will be expensive. Even when it comes to moving cheaply. You probably want to know in advance how much this will be, but unfortunately the nice guys at moving companies can't just give you a price indication. For this they need additional information. As you have read, not only is every move different, but the personal wishes and requirements of customers are also different.

Moving cheaply means that you have to do good research. It is also wise to have several moving quotes to request. This way you can compare the moving services of different moving companies and they can calculate the precise prices. This is helpful, but unfortunately contacting each moving company can be quite time-consuming.

A cheap move with Moving

You can find all professional movers in the Netherlands in the Moving database. Our movers are happy to help you move your entire household effects to your new home at a competitive price. Experienced movers are happy to help you to make your move to the new home go smoothly.

At Moving we understand that you don't have time to contact every moving company. That's why we've made it a lot easier for you with our new service. At Moving you can now receive 6 free quotes with one application form! After we have received your request, we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your area.

The moving companies will calculate the correct price and contact you within 24 hours. This way you will receive a non-binding quote from these 6 best moving companies in your region and you can view it at your leisure. Were you able to make the right choice? Then you can let the moving company know so that they can help you further.

Golden tip

via Moving, the movers compete to win you over as a customer and offer extra competitive prices for this. That is why moving cheaply via Moving is a piece of cake!

Moving boxes calculator

Free moving boxes are difficult to find and you don't want to end up with extra boxes even though you paid a lot for them. At Moving we would like to help you with this. You obviously don't want to incur unnecessary costs, especially not in these difficult times. That is why you can now also use our moving boxes calculator. This is completely free and afterwards you know exactly how much moving boxes you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you move cheaply?

By doing as much as possible yourself or choosing the cheapest moving company, you can move cheaply!

What are the costs for a move?

The average move for a flat or apartment costs between €850 and €1100. For a terraced house you pay on average between €1200 and €1900. For a semi-detached house or detached house, you will soon pay between €1850 and €2650.

How much money to save for moving?

According to the National Institute for Budget Information (NIBUD), it is wise to save 1% of the home value every year. You can calculate this for yourself with their Buffer Calculator.

Can you move in 1 day?

Yes, moving in a day is quite possible. However, this of course depends on the size of your move.

What not to forget when moving?

Don't forget about administrative matters during a move. This includes reporting your move to the municipality and changing other subscriptions.