Moving cleaning; that's how you do that

A moving cleaning. Nobody wants to think about it, but unfortunately a moving cleaning is something you cannot avoid when moving house. Of course you have to leave the old house clean for the new residents. And after moving into your new home, it is also necessary to organize a cleaning.

What is a moving cleaning?

Are you moving soon? Then it is not only important to ensure that all household effects are moved safely and soundly, but it is also important that you leave your old business premises or home tidy.

Broom clean delivery of the house

A clean house is not only nice for the new resident, but the landlord or real estate agent will always demand that the house is broom clean and is delivered bare.

Are you going to carry out the moving cleaning yourself?

Yes, cleaning is part of moving, but of course this does not mean that you have to do it yourself. This is of course possible, but it is important to think carefully about this first.

Leave the big cleaning to a cleaner

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to carry out the cleaning yourself. You can simply hire an entire cleaning team from a professional cleaning company for this!

Cleaning service of movers

Relocations are common enough in the Netherlands. These can be relocations of a business premises, a home or any other random building. Because people are often busy enough during a move, a professional cleaning service is increasingly opted for.

A thorough cleaning should never be underestimated

The cleaning tasks during a relocation is possible for private individuals sometimes not too bad. Maybe your home is already very clean and you can actually just leave for your new home.

No more worrying about the cleaning day when you move

The professional gentlemen know exactly how to clean and you can leave this to them with confidence. Nowadays it is also the case that many of these moving companies only use environmentally friendly means, so that is also nice to know, right?

Everything is left tidy

The professionals will clean the entire house, maybe even your new building or business premises and leave it tidy at all times. After the intake they will immediately start with the thorough cleaning.

Thorough cleaning of the house

During cleaning, the floors, windows and doors will all be thoroughly cleaned. The bathroom, kitchen and toilets are of course not forgotten. After cleaning, the gentlemen will also put all things neatly in the right place.


What you have to pay a cleaning team for cleaning a home depends very much on the circumstances. How big is the house? How dirty is the house and what needs to be cleaned?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to have your house cleaned?

A cleaner easily costs between €25 and €30.

How do you start the big cleaning?

Make cleaning rounds for yourself. Start by dusting the house first and then move on to the next tasks. People often find the toilet and shower the most difficult, so it might be nice to start with this so you can get rid of this quickly.

What is professional cleaning?

With a professional reigning, everything in the home will be thoroughly cleaned.

What order of house cleaning?

Always work from top to bottom and always work from clean to dirty.

What is a Zero Turn Cleaning?

After a renovation or the start of a new contract, it is often necessary to thoroughly clean the house again. This is also sometimes referred to as a completion cleaning.