Delivering broom clean for the new residents

When you have terminated the lease and are moving and finally leave the house, it is almost always a requirement to deliver the house broom clean. In the case of an owner-occupied home, this is referred to as ready for sale. This way, the buyers can immediately start moving in.

Okay, you have to leave the house broom clean. What exactly is broom clean?

Delivering a house broom clean, what is that?

The broom clean delivery of the house must always be done in accordance with the conditions of the landlord or real estate agent. If you do not take into account the conditions of the landlord or real estate agent, there is a good chance that the house will not be accepted.

Delivering your house broom clean means taking into account the requirements of the landlord or real estate agent. The work involved will take some time and you probably won't have time for this during a move. However, with a few practical tips from Moving it always works out.

New residents, old house

Delivering the old home means that the new residents can move in immediately after the transfer. This is not only good for the new resident, but of course also for the landlord or real estate agent, because then they have to do less.

When to deliver broom clean?

Keeping a house broom clean is a difficult task. Fortunately, one knows moving company exactly what the conditions and rules are for delivering a rental property. Also know a moving company exactly what conditions apply to a home for sale. Everything is taken care of during this job.

Due to the complexity of the job, delivering a house broom clean always requires the necessary expertise. So a big job. An eviction does not only mean that the items have to be removed from the house, but the entire house must be tackled in this case.

As you have read before, the house must be delivered broom clean and bare before the transfer so that the landlord or broker can immediately prepare it for the new tenant.

This all means that the house must meet the requirements properly, otherwise the delivery cannot take place and this will entail extra costs.

How does broom clean delivery work?

If you think that your new home needs a lot of work, you probably don't want to think about the jobs that the eviction workers have to do in your old house so that the house can be delivered broom clean.

Additional repairs

Yes, everything must be removed from the house during an eviction, but after that you are not really done yet. For example, the floors, curtains and lamps must always be removed. In addition to the fact that the floor must be removed, the adhesive residues must also be removed properly.

Holes in the walls should also be filled and dark walls or other stains should be whitewashed throughout the home. Only in this way can the house be delivered bare and in its original state.

Don't forget about cleaning

The cleaning work is also important because the house must also be completely spotless upon delivery. It is therefore always considered decent to clean the house extra so that the new resident can easily move in.

The house will be delivered neatly and in its original state. Furthermore, they will always make clear agreements about the remaining inventory. You can choose to sell, dispose of or even donate all items.

Do your own broom cleaning or hire a professional craftsman

As you have been able to read, a broom-clean home delivery requires the necessary work and the home must also meet the requirements of the landlord or real estate agent. Because all this is so difficult, a professional evacuation is often chosen,

What does a broom clean delivery of your home cost?

What are the average costs to deliver a clean house? The average costs for the broom clean delivery of your home are difficult to calculate without any information about the eviction.

This means that the moving company must of course know how much furniture you have, what your personal belongings are and what needs to be done, for example. These kinds of loose matters have quite an influence on the exact price of your eviction.

Request quotes

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a broom clean house cost?

The costs for the evacuation and the broom clean delivery of your home will of course depend on the size and condition of your home. For a house with 1 to 2 bedrooms you usually pay between € 170 and € 620. For a house with more bedrooms you can count on amounts between € 755 and € 1920.

How should a house be delivered?

The house must be delivered empty and in its original condition. Do buyers or new tenants want to take over things? Then you can of course leave it alone.

What is normal wear and tear rental property?

Normal wear and tear is wear and tear that occurs naturally over time. Despite good care and correct maintenance, this cannot be prevented. Think of paint on the walls or carpets that wear out.

Who should empty the house in the event of death?

In the Netherlands, the heirs are responsible for clearing the deceased's home. Do the relatives prefer not to do this themselves? Then a professional evacuation company can be hired.

How long does a delivery take?

The final inspection of a home usually only takes half an hour.