Passing on a change of address notice; arrange it on time

When you move, it is not only important to think about the practical matters such as moving your belongings from A to B, but it is also important not to forget the administrative aspects of a move.

Why do you have to report the move?

Of course, you don't just pass on your move to those around you. Yes, your family, friends and acquaintances must of course also be informed, but you also want that forwarding mail is not necessary because you naturally want to receive your important letters on time.

Furthermore, a inform about a change of address as a resident of a Dutch municipality.

When do you have to report a change

You report a move is very important during a move, for example. It is also very important that you carry out this neatly and on time. If you report the move, but unfortunately do not do this in time, you risk a fine and of course you do not want this.

In general, you must report a move within four weeks or at the latest 5 days after your move. The removal date stated on the declaration is then registered as the removal date.

How does a transfer notice work?

You You can report your move to the municipality in many different ways. This is not all very complicated and at Moving we are happy to help you with this.

Report change of address within the current municipality

When you move in your current municipality, you only need to change the old address to your new address. This is also known as a change of address. In this case you do not have a new place of residence, but only a new home address in the same municipality.

When do you not have to report a change? When you move to a new municipality

Are you moving to another municipality? Then you have to register yourself as a new resident. You can personally report the move to the municipality at the town hall, but nowadays you can also report this digitally at many municipalities in the Netherlands using your DigiD.

In this case, the new municipality will also automatically deregister you from the old municipality.

You can report the move in various ways

To make things even easier for you, it might be nice to know that you can make the change in different ways.

Report the move personally to the municipality

Would you prefer to visit the town hall to arrange everything personally? Then of course this is possible. For this you need the following documents:

  • A valid proof of identity (Dutch identity card, passport, driver's license)
  • Proof of habitation. This can be your rental contract, purchase deed or a statement of consent from the main occupant.

Every adult must report the move themselves. Even if it only concerns an address change.

By mail

If you are going to live somewhere else, you can also notify us of your move in writing, i.e. by post. You do not need any necessary documents for this, but the town hall can ask you for additional copies.

Report the move online

In many municipalities in the Netherlands you can now also report a change of address online. You can do this via DigiD and you do not need to have a valid proof of identity or Dutch identity card with you.

Basic registration of persons (BRP)

The new municipality will immediately process your registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP), so that the change will automatically be passed on to authorities such as your old municipality, the tax authorities and health insurers. Moving to a new municipality means that you no longer have to pass everything on to various authorities, but that they are automatically informed.

Yes, it is sufficient to pass on the change of your address to the municipality, after which all other authorities, including the tax authorities, will be informed, but keep in mind that this does not apply to all authorities. For example, you must pass on the change yourself to your (new) dentist, school or, for example, charities.

Other agencies also notified

The next Authorities are automatically notified when you are moving:

  • Education Executive Agency (DUO)
  • Hospitals
  • DMV
  • Police and fire brigade
  • Social Insurance Bank (SVB)

One municipality is of course not the other municipality and each arranges its affairs in its own way. For example, it may also be the case that some required documents are required by one person and not by another. What applies to one municipality does not necessarily apply to another.

Proof of deregistration

You will always receive proof of deregistration when you submit your application. This is a written confirmation of your deregistration. You must arrange the change four weeks before or no later than five days after the move. Nowadays it may also be the case that this is sent to you via e-mail.

Submit temporary change

This may differ per municipality, but if you have a renovation or renovation and therefore temporarily have to live somewhere else, you only have to inform the municipality. However, this is only the case if you are going to live somewhere else for 4 months or more.

Are you moving back? Then all you have to do is report this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which authorities to inform when moving house?

The municipality automatically passes on your move to important authorities such as the tax authorities, police, fire brigade and health insurer. You must inform your doctor or, for example, the energy supplier of your move.

Which date should you enter as the moving date?

You must notify us of your move within 4 weeks before or 5 days after the move at the latest.

What if you don't pass on your move?

If you report the move too late or not on time, the declaration date will be noted as the move date. Make sure you report it on time, otherwise you risk a fine of up to €325!

Is registration with the municipality compulsory?

When you arrive in the Netherlands you are obliged to register with the municipality 5 days after arrival.

Can the municipality refuse a postal address?

A municipality may not refuse you when you register at a residential or postal address.