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When you move, you naturally want to make use of the very best moving deal you can find. This is of course more than logical because who wants to move unnecessarily expensive?

Are you going to move?

Are you also moving soon and are you looking for an affordable moving deal? Then during your search on the internet for 'the very best moving deal' you have certainly come across every advertisement that exists.

But how do you know with those paid advertisements whether you are actually getting a good moving deal with an affordable price? And not to start by far the best moving deal with regard to moving service!

Moving is happy to help you find the best moving deal

Moving is the right place to find the best moving companies in the Netherlands. All moving companies in the country are in our system and that is why we can help both companies and individuals find the right moving service.

At Moving we find good communication with the customer extremely important because only in this way can we offer customers a good service.

Would you rather carry out the move yourself?

Are you going to carry out the move yourself? Then it is important to take a good look at everything first. For example, do you want to move everything with you? Do you want to store things in a storage room? Do you need a moving lift to transport furniture? For a budget moving deal with a low price, an assembly service is often a popular option.

Tips for your move

We are happy to give you a number of tips when you decide to plan your move yourself. This way you can safely move your furniture to your new home.

Use the moving services of a moving company

Make sure there is extra movers are there to help you. You can of course always ask your family and friends for help, but if you need a moving lift, for example, you can also opt for a professional mover.

Did you really move everything?

Moving is difficult enough as it is, so try to make it all easier for yourself. Take a good look at all your belongings and look at what you really need and still use. This way you don't have to drive back and forth a second time and there is also more space in the moving van.

Compose a move

In the Netherlands, almost everyone moves at some point. This usually involves one private move, but it can of course also be a senior or business move.

Movers are happy to help you

With a little bit of additional information you can moving company put together the move in the right way and the moving company can also move you in a safe way. Think of all items in the moving van or storage space.

Hire an extra mover

Moving with a moving company makes it all a lot easier, of course. The professional movers have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you in the right way.

Get free quotes

When you will move Of course you want to know the price of moves with different moving companies. Therefore it is wise to stay here moving quotes to request from various moving companies.

Moving has never been easier

You can now easily request multiple quotes from Moving for a moving deal. Finding a moving deal has never been easier! We also always check the Chamber of Commerce number of the moving company.

How does Moving work exactly?

As soon as we receive your request, we will send it to the 6 best companies in your area and they will contact you within 24 hours. This can be by telephone, but also at the e-mail address you provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a move cost on average?

Moving a flat costs on average between €790 and €1200. For a large house, the costs can easily reach € 1700 and for a detached house, for example, this can amount to € 2700.

How much does moving with a moving company cost?

According to Recognized Movers, the average costs for a move with a moving company are between €1700 and €2200.

How can you move cheaply?

Try to do as much as possible yourself so that you do not have to use the moving services of a moving company too much. For example, enlist the help of friends and family.

Can you just move?

If you have found a new home that you can move to, you can indeed move just like that! Why not?

How long in advance to book a moving company?

You can never book a moving company too early, but as a guideline you can keep at least 4 to 5 weeks.