Reporting a move digitally: this is how you do it

Note: Before you start your move, make sure you have all the necessary information and documents at hand. Below you will find a handy checklist to make sure you don't overlook anything.

Planning a move can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Fortunately, we now have access to digital solutions that make reporting a move to the municipality a lot easier. In this article we will discuss how you can report your move digitally and the benefits that this entails. We'll also cover the steps you need to follow to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Explain the importance of moving

When you will move, it is essential to notify the municipality of your change of address. This is not only mandatory, but it also ensures that all official authorities and service providers are aware of your new address. This means you will receive important mail and continue to have access to essential services.

A move within the same municipality 

If you are moving within the same municipality, the process of reporting your move is quite simple. Many people do not know that you only have to report a change of address. You then still live within the municipality and therefore only need to change your home address. You can do this online via the municipality's website or by visiting the town hall in person. A inform about a change of address at the municipal office means that you must bring proof of identity. Otherwise you cannot report a move. The Report your move online obviously means that you need a DigiD. 

Moving to a new municipality

If you are moving to a new municipality, there are slightly more steps required to report your move. Here too you can use the digital options to make the process run smoothly. An important tool you need for this is DigiD. With DigiD you can log in safely and quickly to the websites of various government agencies, including the municipality. In this case you need to use the Report your move to the municipality in which you will win and they will report the move to the municipality where you previously lived. 

Report your move on time, because you are obliged to report a move within a certain time. Do this 4 weeks before or no later than 5 days after the move. Are you reporting the move too late? Then you risk a fine of up to € 325. When you have passed on the move, you can continue your move with peace of mind. 

Basic registration of persons (BRP)

When you report the move to the municipality, it will enter it into the basic registration of persons so that important authorities such as the tax authorities and health insurers can be informed.

Digital notification of your move

Digitally reporting your move offers many advantages. First, you can do it at any time of the day, at a time that suits you best. You do not have to take into account the opening hours of the town hall. Moreover, you can do it comfortably from home, without having to leave the house. In this case too, it is important to report the move within four weeks before the move or 5 days after the move. After submitting you will receive a proof of registration. 

The steps to digitally report your move

Here are the steps you need to follow to report your move digitally:

Step 1 – Log in with DigiD

To report your move digitally, you must first log in with your DigiD. DigiD ensures that your data is processed and protected securely. With your DigiD you also ensure that you give permission for your personal data to be used. 

Step 2 – Go to the municipality's website

Navigate to the website of the municipality you are moving to. Here you will find the form for reporting your move. Are you moving within the same municipality? Then only the change of address is important. 

Step 3 – Fill in the form

Fill in the form with the requested information, such as your old address, your new address and the moving date.

Step 4 - Confirm your details

Carefully review all information entered before submitting. It is important to avoid any mistakes.

Step 5 – Submit the form

Click on the 'Send' button to send the form with your relocation details to the municipality.


Reporting your move digitally is an efficient and convenient way to ensure that all authorities and service providers are aware of your new address. By using digital solutions such as DigiD and the websites of municipalities, you can easily handle the entire process from home. Don't forget to communicate your move in time, ideally four weeks before the move date, to avoid any problems.

The digital report your move makes the whole process more efficient and less stressful. By using the available online tools, you can arrange your move without any problems, so that you can quickly enjoy your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I always have to report my move to the municipality?

Yes, in the Netherlands you are still obliged to report a move between 4 weeks before or no later than 5 days after your move date. Do you not give notice of the move 4 weeks in advance or a maximum of 5 days after your move? Then you risk a fine of up to € 325. It's actually very simple. Report your move to the municipality, after which all important authorities will be informed. Easy right? Move with the right planning so that nothing can go wrong.

Can I also report my move in writing?

Yes, in some cases you can choose to communicate your move in writing. For example, you can report your move in writing or digitally, i.e. online or by post. What you want! Contact your municipality for more information. In this case you will usually also receive a written confirmation of the move. Often a copy of the identity document of the person is also required.

What happens if I do not report my move to the municipality?

If you do not communicate your move, you risk missing out on important mail and correspondence, as well as administrative complications. You also risk a fine. It is important to pass on your new address when moving so that the (old) municipality knows where you live, after which all other authorities can be informed of your move. A postal address that does not match is of course not useful. You can also use a postal address.

Do I also have to report my move to other authorities?

Yes, in addition to the municipality, there are other authorities such as the Tax and Customs Administration and your health insurer that must be informed of your move. Some authorities will be notified, but certain exceptional cases will not. It is important to arrange this yourself, because if your postal address does not match, you can of course miss important mail.

Can I also report my move to PostNL online?

Yes, PostNL offers an online service that allows you to report your move and have your mail automatically forwarded to your new address. This way you can arrange everything quickly via their website. If you wish to make use of this, it is of course important to arrange this in time. This way all companies and authorities can send mail to your new address where you will live.