Moving a child farewell gift: an unforgettable moment

When you move as a family, this can be extremely difficult for the children. Children are simply not a fan of change. Their daily life is nice, so why are we actually moving?

When you move as a family..

A move can be very difficult for children, but fortunately this does not mean that as a parent you cannot try to make it all a lot more fun. This can be done very well! Think especially of the small things such as a treat at school. That makes moving with children a little easier.

Saying goodbye is never fun

Younger children actually understand very little about a move and it is therefore very difficult to explain everything clearly to them. However, this works differently for older children and it is especially important for them to supervise them properly.

Saying goodbye is never fun for children, but with the right guidance they will get through this well.

Don't tell the kids too early

Children who are in the somewhat higher classes of primary school or secondary school know exactly what a move entails. That they have to say goodbye and leave their old and familiar environment.

Because to one move to another city can be quite scary, it might be wise to inform the children about the move as late as possible. By this we mean that if, for example, you have plans to look for a new home or are considering other options, do not share this with the children yet.

Only share all information when everything is really settled so that the children know exactly where they stand. A nice thought is that children often only realize after the move that it's all actually quite fun.

Did you tell the kids? Then give them enough time to process everything and make sure they can say goodbye to their friends in the right way. You can even make a nice treat for this so that the children can hand it out at school. Treats are always nice, of course!

For older children it can be fun to say goodbye to their old environment by means of a farewell party. This way you can not only invite friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors, but you can also invite the teachers, for example.

This way, the children not only have a nice memento of their classmates, but they also have a memento of the entire old environment. Some parents like this more than just a gift or treat.

A parting gift

Because saying goodbye can be difficult for children, it might be nice for parents to buy them a gift. A gift is of course always welcome. Try to give a personal gift for each child so that it feels special.

Toys depend on age, of course, but they are always a nice gift. Is it for older children? Then you might choose puzzles instead of a hug.

Your children have to say goodbye to their old class because they are moving to a new address going to move. In this case, it might be nice to collect photos of classmates so that your child has a great souvenir. After a nice treat, the class will probably want to participate... their friends are moving!

You can also choose a date online so that the children in the new home receive a hip card that you send together from the old home. For this you only have to fill in the required fields and the card will be sent to your email address or home. The choice whether it is sent to the home or to your e-mail is of course entirely up to you.

Does your child have a lot of trouble with the move? Then of course you can always arrange a surprise. Ask the friends' parents if they can spend the night with you. Your child will really appreciate it when a friend from the old and familiar environment is nearby again.

Make sure that you don't plan such a surprise with a friend too often, because a move is of course also about getting used to and your child must eventually be able to let go of the old environment.

Other nice things we found in the selection are markers, a bracelet or a notebook. Children often want to travel nowadays and maybe a nice holiday is appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you give a child who is moving?

Young children often like games very much. Photos and cards from friends are also very much appreciated.

What to take with you when moving?

Bring lots of photo books and posters for the children because they often like this. They can also hang this in their own room.

What to give to someone moving out?

A nice moving basket with things for the new home is very nice for someone who has just left home. Think of nice kitchen items or items for the bathroom.

Can you give a house as a gift?

When you give money for a house to buy, you can give more once. The recipient of the gift does not have to pay tax on this up to a certain amount.

How much can you gift a child in 2023?

In 2023, you as a parent may donate €6035 to your child. A stepchild or foster child also falls under 'child'.