We are moving: ideas for a top move

Moving is an exciting and thrilling moment in our lives. Whether it concerns finding a new home, packing up all our belongings or saying goodbye to our old house, moving brings all kinds of emotions. In this article we delve deeper into the moving process and share tips and ideas to make your move a success.

The decision to move

Making the decision to move is often an important step. Maybe your family is growing and you need more space, or maybe you want to live closer to work or family. Whatever the reason, it is essential to be clear about why you want to move and what your expectations are of the new home.

Planning the move

Good planning is essential for a smooth move. Start making a checklist well in advance. Here you can include all the tasks you need to complete, such as arranging moving boxes, calling in a moving company and informing authorities about your change of address. Creating a detailed plan can help reduce stress and ensure you don't miss anything.

Choosing a moving card

A nice way to inform friends and family of your move is by sending moving cards. There are numerous options available, from modern and minimalist designs to cards with fun illustrations. View the range online and choose a design that suits your style and the message you want to convey. This can often be done online for free.

Personalizing the moving card

Around the moving card really special, you can choose to customize the text and even add a photo. Add a personal message to let your friends and family know how much this move means to you. With online tools you can easily adjust the text, images and wishes, so that the moving card is completely to your liking. You can do a lot with a text! Don't search too much and see which one suits you best and send it!

Sending the moving cards

Once the moving cards are ready, it is time to send them. Start on time, so that you can be sure that everyone receives the card on time. Make a list of all the people and institutions you want to notify, such as family, friends, colleagues and insurers. Don't forget to keep some cards as a memento of this special event. Maybe next time you see a friend that the card is on the table or that it is used as a bookmark in a book. Something like that does something to you, right? This way you make the environment part of your move. Children also like to see this and often find it very enjoyable. That is why it is something to definitely do!

The emotional aspects of moving

Moving can bring a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you may be excited about the new adventure that lies ahead, but on the other hand, it can also be difficult to say goodbye to the old familiar. Take the time to acknowledge and share these emotions with your loved ones. It's completely normal to feel both excited and emotional during the moving process. At first you are also busy moving or selling the old things. For example, something like that has some impact on you, right? Tell those around you about this so that everyone can take this into account. Not everyone immediately notices this and this way they can assist you a little.

Exploring the new house

Once you're in your new home, it's time to explore. Take your time to look at each room and put your own stamp on it. You may want to make some changes, such as painting the walls or decorating the rooms in a new way. The new home is a blank canvas on which you can express your own unique style.

Tips for a smooth move

Moving can sometimes seem overwhelming, but with the right tips and tricks you can simplify the process. Make sure you have enough moving boxes and packing materials, label the boxes clearly and draw a map of your new home to know where everything should go. Hiring professional movers can also help reduce stress and ensure your belongings are transferred safely.

Welcoming the new home

Once you've moved in, it's time to welcome everyone to your new home. Invite friends and family to come together and celebrate the new place. Organize a housewarming party or invite people over for coffee. It is an opportunity to be proud of what you have achieved and to usher in your new life. For children aged 7 and over it is also fun to invite a few friends. They are often looking forward to this and this also helps them with the moving process. 


Moving is an exciting and sometimes emotional event. From making the decision to move to exploring the new home, each step of the process brings its own challenges and joys. It is important to take the time to enjoy this experience.