Emigrate: where to?

In recent years, especially the period after COVID19, many people have immersed themselves in the subject of emigration. Most Dutch people didn't even know they might want this! But all the free time during the pandemic has turned things around for both Dutch and foreigners.

Moving abroad

If you want to emigrate, you naturally want to find out more about emigrating itself, but also about the countries themselves, because what are the best countries to move to? After all, you want to leave our lovely frog country and that is why you want to choose the best possible destination.

There are countless destinations to choose from. When you have finally been able to make a choice, it is important to also look deeper into the things that you need to arrange properly and in this case Google is your best friend.

You are going to emigrate, think carefully first

You may have watched the program 'I'm leaving!' watched and you know what dramas Dutch citizens abroad can conjure up. Yes, the idea of leaving is nice, but if emigrants live in another country, it's really a different story. Moving itself is of course not easy either. That is why it is wise to think very carefully about your choice first.

You are not going on vacation

Look at the destinations that attract you the most. Where do you really want to live and at which destination can you realize your dreams? After all, you don't go on holiday like backpackers, but you actually want to build a life somewhere. Will it be America, the Philippines, Australia or perhaps the popular Thailand?

What exactly do you want to find in other countries?

When making their choice about the country of emigration, many people often look at the climate, the beautiful nature and culture, but it is also important to look at the political situation of the country.

And what about livelihoods or the life expectancy of the country's citizens? Yes, the climate is important, but so is the prosperity of the country. Of course you don't want to live in a country where they don't attach much value to human rights, for example.

Take a good look at your situation and the best countries

Take a good look at your personal situation and what exactly you want, but also look at other things that you do not attach much importance to in the Netherlands because it is so self-evident for all of us.

Fewer Dutch people emigrate

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), fewer and fewer Dutch people have emigrated in recent years. This probably has to do with the corona pandemic. Every year, for example, 40,000 Dutch people went abroad and in 2022 there were about 30,000.

World Happiness Report

What might be fun to look at and which probably means a lot to you for many emigrating Dutch people is the 'World Happiness Report'. This is a list published every few years by the United Nations (UN) after conducting research on various factors in countries around the world.

You can think of employment, health care, education, life expectancy, freedom, corruption and the gross income of the population.

As we explained earlier, the breathtaking nature or a popular country among holidaymakers is of course very nice, but do not forget that a country must also have its affairs well organized before you can do that as an immigrant in the country. However, in the end it always remains your own personal choice. They don't say 'home is where the heart is' for nothing.

Popular destinations

The 'Prosperity Index List' has their list of the best countries to live in 2022 released and maybe you can get a little inspiration from this. Especially if you really want to live there, of course.

1. Denmark

Denmark is declared the happiest country in the world almost every year. The country has free public facilities and education and is therefore highly developed in terms of togetherness and community spirit.

2. Norway

Norway is a country that, like Sweden and Denmark, is in the top 3 of best countries to live in every year. The country has not only arranged everything very well in the social field, but the country also has beautiful landscapes.

3. Sweden

Sweden returns every year in the top 3 of best countries to live. Everything in Sweden is very well organized and the population is also among the happiest people in the world.

4. Finland

Finland is a quiet country with a population of only 5.2 million people! You can also visit wonderful saunas every day.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for its wealth and delicious chocolate. This in combination with the clean air and beautiful nature makes it a perfect destination to emigrate to.

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands has more than 32,000 kilometers of cycle paths, and we also have the highest percentage of physical activity in the entire world! And who wouldn't want to live in Amsterdam?

7. Luxembourg

Luxembourg has one of the richest populations in Europe and on top of that the tax rates are extremely low while the salaries are higher than average! Nice to have, right?

8. New Zealand

New Zealand has hardly any problems with pollution and is one of the countries with the highest biodiversity. It has also been a popular emigration country among the Dutch since time immemorial.

9. Germany

Compared to the Netherlands, houses in Germany are much cheaper and groceries are often up to 30% cheaper!

10. Iceland

Iceland is not only a beautiful country, but also in terms of women's rights. Gender equality is therefore of paramount importance to them.

Most popular countries for retirement

  1. Finland
  2. Spain
  3. Slovenia

Most popular countries for expats

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are easy to emigrate to?

It is of course easiest for Dutch people to emigrate to another EU Member State. This is because of the flexible rules for residents of other EU Member States.

Which European country is the best to live in?

Scandinavian countries have been in the top 3 of the best countries to live for years. Sweden, Finland and Denmark are currently in the top 3.

What is the cheapest country to live in 2023?

Globally, the cheapest country to live in is Pakistan. If you look at the European countries, Moldova is currently.

Can you emigrate with debts?

It is not impossible to emigrate with debts, but it is important that you arrange your affairs very well. Except when you are in debt restructuring, because then emigration is not possible.

Where do most Dutch emigrants live?

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Belgium and Germany are the most popular countries among emigrating Dutch people, followed by Spain and the United Kingdom.