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Every move in the world requires moving boxes. Are you planning your move and you have no idea what kind of moving box you need or how many moving boxes you need to purchase? Nowadays there are a huge number of different moving boxes on the market and at Moving we don't think it's strange that you can't see the wood for the trees.

In order to send you well prepared on the road, we have summarized all the necessary information for you. At Moving we are happy to help.

Do you have heavy items or even heavier items?

To prevent accidents, you must move heavy objects and vulnerable items as safely as possible. It is therefore extra important to have good ones moving boxes to have at home. For heavy items use professional ones movers sturdy boxes. This is a box with a double bottom that provides extra strength. You don't need tape for these professional moving boxes because they have an autolock system.

Moving companies naturally want to work as efficiently as possible and that is why you know that the items they use are always the best options.

Good and sturdy moving boxes

Buying a moving box can be difficult. As you have been able to read, there are so many types of moving boxes on the market and it seems that you hardly know where to look anymore. Of course you want the move to go smoothly and that includes the best moving boxes. So what now? When buying moving boxes, it is important to look closely at the quality. What kind of cardboard is it made of and are there multiple layers? When a box consists of several layers of cardboard, it is suitable for heavier items. In this way they can not only be lifted safely, but they can also be safely stacked.

Take extra care of fragile items

As you have read before, fragile items and fragile objects require good moving boxes. However, it is also important to pack these items correctly and to place them in the moving box correctly so that you can prevent any damage. You can use wrapping paper, wrapping foil or bubble wrap for wrapping.

What else should you pay attention to when buying moving boxes?

What exactly are those professional moving boxes used by moving companies? We have already told you that these are made of sturdy cardboard, have double bottoms and have an autolock system. But what exactly is this? You no longer have to seal these moving boxes yourself. You can put them on and close them in one simple movement. This system is not only safer for movers, but it also saves them a lot of time. This way everything can be quickly packed and stacked.

A small tip that we also want to give you is that it is best to order moving boxes online. This not only saves you money, but also a trip to the hardware store. A moving box is large and also very inconvenient to transport. When you order boxes online, they are often shipped the same day and you will receive them the next working day! Why make it difficult when you can do it easily?

Ask for help from your environment

You've probably seen it, but new moving boxes can be quite pricey. Yes, there are also cheap moving boxes, but these are often of lesser quality. Unfortunately, cheap is often expensive! Can't find a single good quality moving box with a competitive price online? Then it might be a good idea to ask those around you for help. People often still have old moving boxes, cardboard packaging or fruit boxes in the attic or in storage that you can borrow. This way you are not only cheaper, but you are also environmentally conscious!

Be careful when lifting

Pay close attention to the weight of the moving box and never make it too heavy. This is not only very bad from an ergonomic point of view, but don't forget that the moving box can also tear in this case. Not only will this cause damaged items, but it is also dangerous as it can cause accidents. So do not only pay attention to the maximum carrying capacity of the moving boxes, but also look at your own carrying capacity.

The special book box

For example, it is best to move books in several small moving boxes so that they do not become too heavy and tear. There are even special moving boxes for books. Very safe for the mover!

How many moving boxes do you need exactly?

To properly calculate how many moving boxes you need, it is important to know the m3 of your household contents. This way you can estimate how many moving boxes you need. However, calculating your m3 is rather difficult and that is why Moving is happy to help you with this!

The moving box calculator

You can now use our for free moving boxes calculator. By answering a number of questions, the calculator can make the best possible estimate. This way you can easily purchase the right number of moving boxes to move all your belongings to your new home.

Request free quotes from Moving

You may have already thought about it outsource your move? Then it's a good idea to Compare moving companies from your region. This way you know the prices and moving services.

At Moova you can now easily do so with one form free quotes applications from 5 different moving companies. They will email you within 24 hours with a free quote. This way you can compare everything at your leisure and choose it moving company that best suits your needs and budget. Handy, right?