Best country to live in 2023

Are you looking for the best country to live in? In the past, emigration abroad was mainly reserved for international students, but this has changed enormously in recent years.

The idea of moving abroad to live and work has become an attractive idea for more and more people. In recent years, for example, more and more families have opted to emigrate to another country. They have now seen the Netherlands and the rest of the world is waiting for them.

Best country to live in 2023

When choosing a country, therefore, a lot of information is searched on the internet about the best country to live in 2023. It is of course not without reason that emigration has become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a number of factors that play a major role in this.

Moving is happy to help you

Are you also one of the Dutch or Belgians who want to live abroad? Then we would like to help you with this. At Moving we know from experience that this can be not only a fun, but also a difficult step. That is why we have put together this article for you. We discuss the best places in the world so that you can make your choice at your leisure.

Not only do people now have a high income to be able to do this, but the standard of living is also higher and people simply want more and more. It is therefore no wonder that during a holiday you often already know what the next destination will be. There are plenty of destinations because the world is at your feet these days!

What are other important reasons?

A large part of the people who leave for another country do this because they have been going on holiday to a permanent destination for years, so that they not only got to know the country and the area well, but of course they also made new friends.

Prosperity index list

The PIL is an annual ranking in which all countries of the world are ranked on the basis of their prosperity and the well-being of the inhabitants. It is published by London's Legatum Institute and is based on hundreds of variables from various sources.

  • Economic quality
  • Business climate
  • Management
  • Education
  • healthcare
  • Safety and security
  • Personal freedom
  • Living climate/environment

It's a reputable list

As you have read before, the list is published annually and it is a list that is very important for many emigrating people. In this report you can find a lot of information about the quality of life, life expectancy, employment and health care of a country.

10 best countries to live in

We have put together a list for you of the top 10 best countries to live in.


Sweden has been one of the best places to live for years. This is due to a number of factors, such as the high life expectancy of 82.3 years. Health care is also well organized and education is free and of superior quality.


Singapore is a country with a high life expectancy of up to 83 years! The country is also known as one of the cleanest countries in Asia and is very popular among expats.


University education in Germany is not only free for all residents, but also for international students! Education is therefore of paramount importance to them and they also score very high in the field of health care.


Canada is extremely popular among families looking to emigrate. It has one of the best educational facilities and the country also scores highly in terms of governance. Furthermore, life expectancy is also high with an average of 82 years!


Denmark is in the top 3 best countries to live in every year. Besides the fact that everything in the country is very well organized, they also have the happiest people in the world.


Australia has good education there and research has shown that Australians themselves often continue their studies for up to 20 years! It is also one of the sparsely populated countries in the world, so you can live comfortably.


The Alps, cheese and chocolate are of course very attractive, but the health care in Switzerland is also something to say 'to you'. On average, the Swiss therefore live to be 83 years old. The country also has one of the highest incomes for its residents in the world.


Finns are very happy and the quality of life in the country is good. In addition, the education system is excellent.

New Zealand

New Zealand scores very well in the field of health care and education and the country is sparsely populated, so you can enjoy the space.


Just like Denmark and Sweden, Norway also scores well every year. In this country, health care, education and freedom are very well organized.

Scandinavian countries

It has been the case for years that Scandinavian countries have been in the list. In the first place you will find Sweden, as is often the case.

Sweden, Denmark and Norway are a bit more expensive to live in, but because the inhabitants enjoy a high income, it is a bit nicer to live because you will still benefit financially. You simply compensate for the more expensive life with a higher cost of living with a higher income.

Social security, insurance, employment and public transport

Furthermore, almost everything is well organized in these countries. You can think of public transport in their cities to the freedom of individuals. Scandinavian countries are also known for having good social security. Their insurance policies are fantastic, employment is good and their culture is also very accessible.

Denmark stands out mainly because of the fact that the people are so happy. This is not only due to the fact that the country has arranged everything so well, but it also has to do with their culture. You can think of the Danish Hygge and law of Jante.

The Dutch dream with regard to emigration

What many people do not know is that Dutch citizens have always been a people that has always emigrated.

After the war, countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand were mainly chosen. Later, in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, people opted more for the warm climate and cosiness of countries in Southern Europe. You can think of French, Italians or Spaniards.

Emigration today is also due to our high tech economy

Today, the quality of life in the Netherlands not only gives us access to large and popular countries, but we have access to all corners of the world. People no longer choose a city in Europe, a village in Ireland, but nowadays they also choose countries such as Iceland or Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which European country is the best to live in?

In Europe, the top 3 best countries to live in are Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Which country is the best to emigrate?

If you look worldwide at which country is the best to live in, you will quickly get Sweden as an answer.

Which country is cheap to live in?

If we look at the whole world, Pakistan is a very cheap country. Are we looking at Europe? Then Moldova is number 1.

Where can you still live peacefully?

In the Netherlands you can find the safest municipalities in Overijssel. Tubbergen, Dalfsen and Dinkelland have the lowest crime rate in the Netherlands.

Where is it cheap to live in Europe?

In Moldova you are the cheapest, but countries such as North Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania are also quite cheap.

Where can you live safely?

In the Netherlands, not only the municipalities in Overijssel appear to be very safe, but the Wadden Islands also score high in terms of safety. Globally, this is Iceland.