Object permit Amsterdam; is it mandatory?

In the Netherlands, including in the municipality of Amsterdam and of course in other cities, placing objects without permission is prohibited. By this we obviously mean objects on the public road. You must apply for a permit for this. This means that if, for example, you need a removal lift with a registration number for your move in Amsterdam, you must apply for an 'object permit Amsterdam' for this.

What exactly are objects?

Okay, so we now know that you can't just place objects in the Amsterdam. But what exactly are objects? Of course, this does not only concern a removal lift with a license plate. Objects can also be, for example, a container, mobile toilet or a party tent.

Do you really need a permit?

It is often the case that for other objects that you often need during a renovation or move and that are not too large, a notification is sufficient. To be sure whether a notification for your object is sufficient or whether you really need to apply for a permit for placing objects, it is best to consult the Amsterdam website.

For which objects is a notification to the municipality of Amsterdam sufficient?

The Municipality of Amsterdam can always issue an 'object permit Amsterdam'. Of course, the municipality has conditions that you must meet. There are also conditions that you must meet in the case of a report. Do you not meet the conditions for a report? Then you must apply for the permits for the area for which the permit is required so that the object may be placed.

We are happy to explain everything to you.

  • A construction fence
  • Construction materials
  • A generator
  • A rolling scaffold
  • A mobile toilet
  • Rubble or waste containers
  • Aerial work platforms without registration, such as a waste aerial work platform
  • Removal lifts without registration

A notification

You can make a notification for placing objects such as:

There are rules attached to this

A notification is sufficient if you want to place the aforementioned objects, but the objects may also only be used for a move or renovation. Also, only three objects and a maximum of two parking spaces may be used. The public space must, of course, still be accessible to other local residents.

Other conditions

The maximum size of the object may be 2.40 meters wide x 4.50 meters long x 2.75 meters high. Objects such as mobile scaffolding, aerial work platforms and removal lifts may of course be a bit higher.

You may also place the object on the sidewalk or, of course, or another public parking space. If you want to place a rubble container, it must be placed on road plates on the sidewalk. You should also take into account that monuments and advertising messages must remain accessible and visible at all times.

Time and date

After placement of the object, it may remain for 7 days. Furthermore, you may not leave containers in shopping streets on weekends and/or public holidays. On King's Day or December 31, placing objects is completely prohibited. You are also allowed to make a maximum of 3 reports per 12 months per work location, so keep this in mind.

Do you not meet the above conditions? Then you need to apply for an 'object permit Amsterdam'.


Permit holders always have priority. So if an 'object permit Amsterdam' has been issued for the same location, the municipality can order you to remove the object.

How does applying for an object permit work?

If you want to place an object and do not meet the conditions of a report, you will of course need a permit for this. You can apply for an 'object permit Amsterdam' via the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.

When to apply for an object permit in Amsterdam

The official processing time for your application is 5 working days, but the municipality advises you to apply for the permit at least 10 days in advance if possible. This is due to the sometimes large number of requests. It is of course also useful in case your application is rejected.

Reserve parking spaces

Reserving parking spaces is only possible if this is necessary for the work. For example, you can think of when you are going to renovate or move and want to place a rubble container. It is also possible to reserve parking spaces when you are going to pour concrete or break up the street.

Parking machine

Do you want to reserve a parking space for a passenger car or a work bus with tools? Then you simply have to pay a parking fee at a parking meter.

Costs object permit Amsterdam

Applying for an object permit costs money. You already pay standard fees for processing your application. Even in the event of a rejection, you pay the lowest amount that belongs to the relevant permit.

Additional costs

You also pay additional costs when you are granted the permit, if necessary. These are costs for, for example, fences, traffic signs, parking spaces or a work area. In this case you will also receive two bills.

When you request a Regulations for Traffic Rules and Traffic Signs (RVV), this is always free. Furthermore, as you have read before, you will have to pay for processing your application. Whatever the decision of this is, you will not get a refund. You will also have to pay separate fees for each object permit or exemption and you will not receive a discount if you apply for both.

The costs for the application are €21.30. For the exact costs of all types of permits, we would like to refer you to the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Can you post the object?

Make sure you receive the answer from the municipality on time so that you are sure that you have received a permit and that you will be in the right reserved spot later on. Due to the many vulnerable bridges and quay walls in Amsterdam, stricter rules have been in force since 2021. This is also the reason why the assessment of your application can take a little longer than the official period of 5 working days.

Also pay close attention to the following:

Do you want other objects that are heavier than 7.5 tons? Then you are obliged to first apply for an 'exemption from heavy traffic'. By the way, do you want to place the object in a street where the metro or tram runs through? Then you must first apply for a permit.

When applying for these permits, you are also obliged to add a situation sketch to your application.

You must apply for a different permit for work on the tracks of a tram or metro. This involves looking at each city district and the distance between the outer rails and crossings. On the website of the municipality of Amsterdam you can check which object permit you need exactly.


Do you perhaps think that you will not need an object permit and therefore just get started? Then you can assume that enforcement will address you about this, so that you can no longer carry out the work you started. There is also a very high chance that you will receive a large fine.

Therefore, always check in advance whether you need an object permit so that placing objects will not cause you any problems. This way you can have all objects deposited with peace of mind.

Always think of other local residents as well

Do you need an object permit in Amsterdam and will you eventually also apply for an object permit? Then of course you're not quite done yet. It is also important that you will not pass the local residents. Therefore, always keep the neighbors informed of what you are going to do so that all local residents can take this into account. This way they will not be faced with unexpected surprises and you will therefore not have to deal with angry neighbors.

Furthermore, in some parts of Amsterdam and some Amsterdam streets it is also necessary that an environmental permit is issued for certain activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an object permit?

If you want to place or hang objects outside and therefore on or on a public road, you need an object permit. Consider, for example, a banner or air cushion.

Do you need a permit for a container?

You must apply for a permit to place objects on public roads. Consider, for example, a container or mobile toilet. If you can place it in a parking space in front of your home, a notification is often sufficient and also free.

Do I need a permit in Amsterdam?

You can perform the permit check via the environmental counter on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam. This way you know exactly whether you have a permit.

Where can I place my container?

Do you have enough space on your own property? Then you don't need a permit. Does the container have to be placed on the public road? Then you need to request a notification or permit here. Do the permit check on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam so that you will not run into problems later on.

Can I enter Amsterdam with my diesel car?

Since November 2020, Amsterdam has had a green environmental zone for diesel passenger cars. These may only enter the environmental zone if they have an emission class of 4 or higher. Other diesel engines can no longer access these areas of the city. You can find the exact zone designation on the website of the municipality.