Seniors move; desired help

A move is actually difficult and stressful for everyone, isn't it? All the chaos and hectic that comes with such a move. You can probably imagine that a move can be even more difficult for seniors. And by this we not only mean the physical aspect of a move, but of course also the mental aspect.

Senior relocations

There are many moving companies in the Netherlands that offer a professional senior moving service. This way, seniors can move and they will experience as little inconvenience as possible during the move.

Moving seniors to a new home is often outsourced to professional moving companies. This is due to the fact that such a moving company has the necessary knowledge and experience with moving seniors. Furthermore, elderly people who move to a new home often need the necessary attention and guidance and this is exactly what we experience movers the elderly can also help.

Healthcare moves

An older one will move Unfortunately, they often do not do this due to pleasant circumstances and that is why such a move is usually not voluntary. For example, you can think of the elderly who can no longer live independently or the elderly whose partner has died and they are therefore forced to move.

Moving to a smaller home

Older people are often still very attached to their old home and 9 out of 10 times they actually do not want to move at all. The elderly naturally prefer to live in their old home for as long as possible and often do not want to live smaller at all. This is actually very difficult not only for the elderly, but of course also for their family and friends.

Resident removals, a senior moving service

Moving seniors can often be heartbreaking and it is therefore extra important that the moving company's movers pay extra attention to the elderly. Many moving companies are happy to offer services such as senior moving so that the movers can give the elderly extra attention and the right guidance. This makes a relaxed move possible for everyone.

Moving services

Unfortunately, people often still think that moving cheaply to a new home and extra services do not go together. However, of course nothing could be further from the truth. Moving is easy and cheap because you can choose which services you want to use. We are happy to explain this to you.

Rent a moving lift

When moving for seniors, a rent a moving lift are not only necessary, but also easier. Seniors often have a lot large furnishings such as antique cupboards or furniture that needs to be moved, making it easier to use moving lifts.

To move all their belongings quickly and safely, seniors can choose to use a moving lift during the senior move. This way, all furniture and equipment can be moved via the balcony or window. This way your belongings will not be damaged.

Packing and unpacking if necessary

When moving, things naturally need to be packed. These can be large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, tables or chairs, but these can of course also be small items. This includes clothing, kitchen items and items in the bathroom. Professional movers can help pack all your belongings during moves, but if you want, they can also help unpack after the move!

If you also choose help with unpacking, the movers will not only help with the... moving boxes unpacking, but they will also ensure that not only these boxes are placed in the right place in the new house, but that they also neatly place everything where you want it. This way everything will quickly be in the right place and you will feel very happy and immediately at home. So move easily and opt for a packing and/or unpacking service.

A handyman

No job is too much for the experienced handyman from a moving company. You may now think that doing odd jobs during a move is not necessary at all, but unfortunately this happens more often than you think.

The old house must always be delivered in its original state and this means that certain jobs sometimes have to be carried out. This includes whitewashing walls, filling holes in the walls or removing lamps. A handyman can arrange all this for you in the old house.

If you need to have certain jobs done in the new home, he can also take care of this. For example, do you have new furniture that you want to have assembled? Then you can ask the handyman if he can do this. Maybe you want to connect a new washing machine and you don't know exactly how to do this? In this case you can of course also ask the handyman for help.

When moving, it is sometimes necessary to do certain things furniture must be dismantled for transport. If this is not done, these furniture may become damaged and of course you do not want this. You can always leave the assembly and disassembly of furniture to a professional handyman on moving day.


Are you planning a move for a loved one? It may then be the case that a lot of items cannot be moved with you. When you read about it, your heart always breaks because you don't want to throw away these precious items and memories. In this case it is best to opt for storage.

If you notice when moving seniors that not all items can be moved, you can ask the company about their storage. Most moving companies have their own storage that you as a customer can use for a fee.

The moving service of renting storage from a moving company is very nice. In this case, the movers will load all items into the moving van and drive them to storage. They will place everything neatly in storage there. Do you want to visit the storage facility in between because you want to place new items there? This is always possible because as a customer you always have access to the storage. Do you decide after a while that you want the stuff back? Then you only have to pass on all this so that the movers will deliver everything neatly to you.

Naturally, other employees work in the storage of a moving company and they often have all the time to keep an eye on the rooms. This way you can be sure that your belongings are safe. There is also often 24-hour video surveillance in the storage space of a moving company.

Empty after death

After a move, an evacuation is sometimes planned. Especially after a senior move, where the home often needs to be delivered as quickly as possible. In this case, the movers will clear the house properly.

Deliver broom clean

As you have read before, evictions are also planned for most moves. This is because the old house must of course be delivered broom clean. This is of course also the case when moving for seniors. In this case, all furnishings will be removed from the home, after which repair and cleaning work can begin. This way, the home can be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the landlord or real estate agent.

Are you moving soon with a senior moving service?

As you have read before, it is all very difficult for elderly people who move elsewhere. The period after the move, such as adapting to the new home, but often also a smaller home, will also take some time. Fortunately, with a professional moving company you can't do it alone moving cheaply, but you can also opt for a senior move.

Furthermore, you can also make the senior move a lot easier with every additional moving service. Personal attention and extra service is what makes a senior move a lot less difficult for the elderly.

Recognized movers or a non-recognized mover

The costs for a senior move naturally also depend on the type of moving company. For example, an unrecognized moving company charges very different rates than an unrecognized moving company.

A licensed mover

Having your move carried out by a recognized moving company often means that you will have to deal with higher rates. This is of course not without reason. A recognized moving company is affiliated with the Dutch trade organization in the moving world. A moving company that does this can offer its customers many benefits and guarantees.

When you book a recognized moving company, you will always receive a warranty certificate. With this certificate you can be sure at all times that your move will be carried out. Furthermore, all affiliated companies also have the same general terms and conditions. This of course allows them to offer their customers additional guarantees. Your belongings are also very well insured with a recognized moving company. In the Netherlands, your home contents are insured up to €100,000 and in the event of damage, the new value of the object will be paid out.

Of course, all these benefits and guarantees also bring the necessary benefits costs and the moving company has to pay for this of course also pay a certain amount to the trade association. And you guessed it... this is passed on to the customer, which means you will have to deal with higher rates.

Unauthorized movers

A moving company can also choose not to join. This way the moving company can remain independent and decide everything itself. Also the rates.

An unlicensed mover always ensures a professional move. This means that your senior move is in good hands, even with a non-recognized moving company. The companies that have not joined do not all have the same general terms and conditions and it is of course important to always read them carefully. It is also wise to inquire with the company about insurance. Of course, you want your belongings to be properly insured in the event of damage during the move. From the current home to the new home.

What are the moving costs?

Senior moves differ considerably from each other. One senior move is of course larger than the other and the wishes and plans of the elderly are also different. Not to forget what exactly the family wants. Furthermore, distances, call-out costs and moving services must of course also be taken into account. That is why it is always best to request a moving quote from a moving company for the exact costs.

Do you want moving quotes Apply for a senior move? Then it is best to request this from different moving companies. This way you can compare the services and prices offered.

At Moving you can now easily receive multiple quotes with one quote request form. Moving will send your request to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will take your requests and look at the various factors that determine the price and will then contact you within 24 hours. They will do this on the telephone number provided by you. It is also useful to keep an eye on your mailbox because sometimes the quotes are sent to the email address you specified.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a senior move?

A senior move is, as the name suggests, a move for seniors. These often move to a smaller home or to a nursing home.

Who can help me move?

Family can often help during senior moves, but it is always best to outsource this to a professional moving company.

How much does a senior move cost?

A small moving van including 2 movers for moving the elderly will cost on average between €450 and €750. Do you need a larger moving van or more movers? Then the costs will be approximately between €870 and €1220.

How long have you been moving?

Moving seniors often does not take very long. This usually only requires a few hours or a maximum of 1 day.

Which month do most people move?

In the Netherlands, spring is the most popular season for moving. The period April to September is the high season for professional moving companies.