How many movers do you need? Do the math!

Are you moving and are you doubting whether you should hire professional movers for your move? Are you unsure because you don't know very well whether you actually need professional movers? You can easily carry out the move yourself, right?

Are you moving soon?

To answer our earlier question… yes, you can of course also carry out a move yourself. However, it is important not to underestimate the move. People often think that with a small amount of stuff, for example, the move can be carried out quickly, but unfortunately, in practice, nothing could be further from the truth.

You have to arrange a lot

When you think of a move, you quickly think of moving things. Isn't that what a whole move is all about? Yes, this is what a move is largely about, but a move involves a lot more. You have to arrange a lot of things properly and this is not only with regard to your old home, but also with regard to your new home.

When you are moving you have to arrange a lot and if you choose to carry out the move yourself, this means that you really have to do everything yourself.

In this case, you not only have to complete the administrative matters of the move, but in this case you also have to arrange the practical matters of the move. Consider, for example, the renting a moving van, (temporary) storage, rent a moving lift or ask family and friends for help.

When you move with real movers

When you move with an experienced professional, this means that you no longer have to worry about anything. They have the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out the entire move. The educated movers can also help you with various moving services. The moving services are available per moving company differ, but in general they agree.

Having movers move you is a wise choice. This means that an additional mover can move you to your new home faster and more safely. The number of movers you will need obviously depends on whether it is one small move or a major move.

How many movers do I need?

View a table below and calculate how many movers you will need for your move. Please note: this is an indication and your amount of stuff plays a major role in the number of movers you need.

Housing typeLoad onlyUnload onlyLoading & unloading
Studio or small apartment 2 movers for 2 hours2 movers for 3 hours2 movers for 4 hours
2-3 bedroom apartment2 movers for 3 hours2 movers for 2 hours2 movers for 5 hours
2-3 bedroom detached house3 movers for 4 hours3 movers for 3 hours3 movers for 7 hours
3-4 bedroom detached house4 movers for 4 hours4 movers for 3 hours4 movers for 8 hours
4+ bedroom detached house4 movers for 5 hours4 movers for 4 hours4 movers for 9 hours
Large villa residence4+ movers for 6+ hours4+ movers for 4+ hours4+ movers for 10+ hours

Moving services

A professional mover always offers extra moving services as an option to the customer. Of course, such a moving company does not just do that. Moving services are not only nice for the customer, but moving services also make it a bit nicer for the mover. Yes, it creates extra work, but this extra work ensures that the movers can move you faster.

Packing and unpacking your things

In the Netherlands, of course, we don't just say that good preparation is half the work. This is true and it is especially so when it comes to a move. That is why it is important, for example, to start packing your things on time.

However, packing stuff is not everyone's favorite hobby and therefore it often happens that people prefer to hand this over.

Pack stuff

The costs of a moving company may be slightly higher in this case, but this moving service is a service that can make your life a lot easier during this chaotic period.

When you choose a packing service, movers will visit your home to pack everything neatly. Not only do they know exactly how to do this correctly, but they will always use professional moving materials for this process. So you can hand over the move with peace of mind.

Unpack stuff

Have you thought about it and do you know that after the move you will not feel like unpacking all the items? Then you can also opt for an unpacking service with a professional mover. In this case, the movers in your new home will also unpack everything neatly. They will also ensure that everything is neatly placed in the right place.

The handyman

If you have never had your own move before, you will not quickly think about it, but during a move there are often jobs that need to be carried out. You may now think that you can do it yourself or that you have already hired several movers, but this is often not enough. You really often need a specialist for the jobs in the homes.


One house is bigger than the other.. a detached house, for example, often has more stuff than a small flat. Okay, this does not always have to be the case because someone can of course live minimalist in a large house, but be a collector of stuff in a small apartment.

What we wanted to do with this story is that certain objects and furniture often have to be dismantled during a move because the others cannot be moved safely. Think of beds, cupboards or certain chairs.

A handyman can help you dismantle all these objects and the handyman will of course also help you in the new home by assembling everything neatly. The best tools are always used for this.

Rent a moving lift

During the move it may happen that you: elevator assistance required have for certain objects. Consider, for example, moving a piano or an antique cupboard. You sometimes even need a moving lift on the ground floor for this. If you need a moving lift, a moving company can fortunately help you with this.

(Temporary storage

Do you want store furniture because you can't move many things with you? Are there things you want to sell, but you haven't had time to do so yet? Then you can choose to store it in a storage space. Almost every moving company has its own storage space that customers can use for a fee.

The right moving truck

Moving also includes a moving van or sometimes even a number of moving vans. if you don't have a moving van or something similar, then of course you can't move your household effects to your new home. Fortunately, almost every moving company has a huge fleet where they have the right type of moving van for your move.

The trade association Recognized Movers

What a move costs can vary considerably. Moving company costs can vary enormously and this of course has its reasons. But why are the moving costs lower while the moving costs are higher with the other moving company? We are happy to explain this to you.

Recognized moving companies

You're probably your already planning a move and you would really like to know what a move costs. However, you probably haven't become much wiser by searching the internet for 'moving company costs' or 'moving company costs'. Just to reassure you... you're not alone.

The costs of moving company differences mainly relate to whether it is a recognized moving company or an unrecognized moving company. In the Netherlands we have the trade association of Recognized Movers and moving companies that choose to join can offer their customers a lot more with regard to guarantees and other benefits.

Because a moving company is affiliated with the trade association, it can offer you as a customer much more, but this of course means that they have to pay the necessary costs to the organization and you probably guessed it already.. these moving company costs are passed on to the customer making their rates slightly higher.

Is an unrecognized moving company moderate?

An unauthorized mover is not necessarily less good. All moving companies in the Netherlands are simply professional and can therefore move you well and quickly. The reason that these moving companies choose not to join the trade association is often mainly because of the costs that it entails.

If they don't have to pay anything to the organization, they don't have to charge the customers anything. For example, the costs of a moving company that has not joined are lower.

The difference between regional and national moving companies

The cost of a moving company can also be related to other factors. For example, in the Netherlands we also have regional and national moving companies. For example, there are moving companies that have chosen to only work regionally as regional movers, but there are also moving companies that operate nationwide. It is also true that the prices differ per municipality.

Moving company costs in 2023

The average moving costs for a moving company very difficult to estimate. If you want to know what a move will cost, it is best to request a moving quote from a moving company.

One thing that is certain is that in 2023 you will certainly have a number hire movers and cheap moving is also possible here.

The average moving costs

How much does a move cost right now? As you have read before, there are various factors that determine the price of a move. A moving company simply needs the necessary information to calculate how much your move will cost.

Consider, for example, the size of the move, the costs of transport and, for example, the call-out costs. Furthermore, your personal wishes must of course also be taken into account and how many movers are needed.

Request multiple quotes from Moving for free

What does moving cost? Moving can help you very well with this. It is now very easy to find out the exact costs of your move at Moving free moving quotes to request. One moving company is of course not the other moving company and in this way you can easily compare moving companies with each other.

Receive several moving quotes quickly and without obligation

At Moving you only have to fill in one application form and as soon as we receive your application we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours. This way you can compare the different services they offer and choose the moving company that suits you best.

You're not tied to anything

After your application you are not committed to anything. Is that why you later decide to carry out the move yourself? Then this is also your right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are needed for the move?

This of course differs per move, but for one person with a household contents of, for example, 9 m3, 2 movers are enough.

How many m3 of moving van do you need?

For this you need to calculate the m3 of your household effects. You can calculate the M3 of your household effects very easily and free of charge with our M3 calculator.

How much does it cost to hire movers?

A moving company charges approximately between €33 and €39 per hour per mover.

How to move heavy items?

Always use good and sturdy moving materials. Always use hand trucks or furniture rollers for heavy objects.

Which items to move first?

Things that you don't use often can of course be moved first. On the moving day itself, the movers will always load the moving van with the heavy objects first.