Send a moving card: create a nice moving message

In the Netherlands we love to send cards. PostNL therefore delivers around 14 million letters and cards every day! Are you going to move? Family and friends can count on a nice card for their birthday every year. Also at Christmas, when someone has found a new job or a new home.

When do we actually not send a card in the Netherlands!? This can be a physical card, but nowadays you can always send a card online. This is not only fun, but of course also better for the environment.

The best moving cards to congratulate

When you move to another house, you can send your own card to your surroundings. With this you officially pass on your change of address to family and friends. The beautiful moving card will then contain your first name, last name and of course your new address.

Record everything on the map

Of course, we do not want missing information on a removal card, so make sure that it is not only a beautiful removal card, but also that all information is neatly written on it.

Of course sending a moving card to friends and family is not mandatory, but it is of course always very nice. How nice is it to receive an envelope with a photo card, invitation to a housewarming or other moving messages in this day and age? This is especially nice when you use a photo from your own collection.

Make moving cards

An original moving card is of course the best! Are you moving and would you like to have moving cards made with your new address? Then you can make moving cards online so that you can send them to your circle of friends. This way they not only know your new address, but you may also be able to invite them to the housewarming in your new home.

pink roses on white paper

Design moving cards with photo

Are you moving soon? Then you might be able to order a nice moving card in advance. Moving cards make someone's day and why wouldn't you want to make someone happy?

Ordering moving cards is very easy because then you don't have to go to the store anymore. However, it is of course much more environmentally friendly to look at an online mapmaker. Choose sustainability and not only make it easier for yourself, but in this way you also help the environment.

You can edit your map at the online mapmaker. Nowadays there are a lot of websites where you can send (free) moving cards with a few mouse clicks.

Sending moving cards is very easy to find (free) cards online

Via search engines such as Google you can easily find many websites where you can make moving cards and also easily send them. Making moving cards has never been easier!

Login to the website

Have you sent online cards before? Then you can probably just log in again. Account created? Then log in with your registered email address. For example, you can log in with the following e-mail address to create a card so that you can send it. Have you set a new password? Then enter it.

Have you forgotten your password?

Have you forgotten your password? Then it often says 'Have you forgotten your password, enter your recovery e-mail below. In this case, a recovery email will be sent to the email address you provided. You will then receive an email that allows you to enter everything again. When the recovery e-mail has been sent and you have filled in everything completely, you can set a new password.


Create an account

Have you never moved to a new house before and have you therefore never had to send moving cards with a new address? Then of course you can always create a new account so that you can log in. When you order, some websites sometimes send you a free proof to your email address.

Have you moved and that's all?

Are you not having a party or don't really want to invite anyone? Then you can of course also just mention this on your cards. That's what's so nice about making your own moving card. You decide what will be on the moving cards.

A personal touch

You can make a moving message online safely, easily and in a fun way. This way your moving cards get a personal touch and everyone will quickly be aware of your move.

It's all very safe

The websites where you can design cards and send cards are often very reliable websites and they handle your data with care. You don't have to worry that they will suddenly send mail to your new home or that you will suddenly be completely spammed in your mailbox.

Do you want to receive offers?

Do you want to receive advertising or offers later? Then you can often indicate this on the form of the website.


When you have moved to your new home and you want to send a moving message, this can be done very easily. You can also send other cards online, such as birthday cards with 'congratulations'.

Go for it!

As you have read before, you decide everything yourself, so why not do it? This way you actually create your own collection. So send your ticket today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on a Relocation Card?

On a moving card you can use phrases such as 'Hooray! A new home!' or post "Finally Moved." Your moving card can of course also be an invitation to the housewarming.

How much do moving cards cost?

At PostNL, moving cards are sold per 10 pieces and they cost around €9.80.

How do I make a Moving Card?

You can do your own crafts as usual, but nowadays you can also design, order and send very nice moving cards online.

What do you put on a moving card?

You must write down your name, address, moving date and the new address on a moving card.

What does Post NL's relocation service cost?

The mail forwarding service at PostNL costs €5.90 per 2 weeks. If you need the service longer, the price will drop slightly. Then it will be € 1.70 per week for half a year.