Carefree moving: everything for a smooth move

A move is difficult enough, but it can be extra difficult for the elderly. Carefree moving is therefore more popular than ever in the aging Netherlands. A moving company with movers who move carefree moves people with extra care and personal attention.

A carefree move with carefree moving

Are you looking for one specialized moving company for hassle-free moving? Then Moving is the right place for you. Moving is happy to help you with a hassle-free move. Together we look for the perfect moving company for seniors.

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Almost all elderly people who have experience with carefree moving have never experienced such a pleasant move. This is due to the fact that moving companies that move carefree always provide a personal approach.

With carefree moving, things are a bit different. The relocation director visits the elderly, the relocation director takes care of the elderly and the relocation director is available for the elderly during the entire relocation.

Carefree moving is very important for seniors because seniors often do not move voluntarily. It is often difficult and difficult circumstances that require seniors to move and it is of course nice when they move carefree.

A specialized moving company is the ideal moving company for seniors because such a moving company ensures that everything goes according to your wishes. It is the personal way in which the movers use their moving service.

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The right movers

The costs for a senior move not only depend on the different moving services, but the costs also depend on the type of moving company.

A licensed mover

A move with a recognized moving company means you with higher rates you have to deal with. This is not because, for example, they hang paintings and the others do not, but of course it has to do with more important matters.

A recognized mover is affiliated with the trade association of Recognized Movers, which means they can offer their customers excellent guarantees and insurance.

A recognized mover must of course pay the necessary costs to the organization and this naturally affects the prices that are passed on to the customer.

Unauthorized movers

Have you ever contacted unlicensed movers and don't understand the difference? This is more than normal and you are not alone.

An unauthorized mover often does not choose to join the trade association because this is at the expense of their independence and rates.

However, these moving companies do not all have the same conditions and in this case it is very important to read the fine print in their conditions.

Empty after death

With seniors, it often happens that the house has to be emptied after a death. The next of kin are responsible for this, but they often choose to hire professionals and a moving company can always help you with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me move?

You can ask your surroundings for help, but you can also call in professionals from a moving company.

How to move without help?

Moving without help is quite difficult and you will often have to ask a number of people for help. Help during a move is simply necessary.

How can I move quickly?

By hiring a moving company you can move very quickly! Fast and safe!

Why is moving so difficult?

A move is very difficult because there are many things to arrange and this can be very difficult for some.

How many days off do you get to move?

If you are entitled to special leave, this is often a maximum of 2 days per year.