Renting a ladder lift: everything you need to know

A (detachable) ladder lift may be necessary during removals. Sometimes it is not necessary, but it can help you to make the move go smoothly. A ladder lift is often used when moving or installing solar panels or roof tiles.

Such a (demountable) ladder lift not only makes the move easier, but it also ensures that the movers or, for example, roofers can do their job safely. This is of course so important

Why rent a ladder lift?

A demountable ladder lift is also called a geda ladder lift. It is a handy and compact ladder lift that is also easy to rent. The geda ladder lift is a kind of removal lift with separate elements, making it quick to assemble.

A GEDA ladder lift

Several rental companies have a geda ladder lift that customers can rent. The handy thing about this removal lift is that you usually do not need a permit, while you do for most ladder lifts.

What are ladder lifts actually good for?

Ladder lifts are mainly used for moving from or to higher floors. Ladder lifts are also very popular in high-rise buildings, on construction sites and for roofers.

This is of course due to the fact that such a lift adapts perfectly to sloping roofs, so that roof tiles and solar panels can be safely worked on.

Renting a ladder lift has many advantages. Ladder lifts save you time because you can transport items up and down quickly.

A removal lift causes fewer problems when, for example, there is no lift in the apartment. Furthermore, with a moving lift there is also much less chance of damage because you can safely move all items during the job.

All in all, renting a removal lift will quickly get you a lot further. And you don't necessarily have to go to one for a removal lift rental company, but many moving companies also rent out lifts that you can use as a customer.

Points of attention when renting a (demountable) ladder lift

If you have no experience with moving lifts, the idea can be quite frightening because how should you actually move, assemble and operate the lift? Fortunately, as a customer you don't have to worry about the elevators.

Good position for ladder lift

Do you want one rent a moving lift and you have no idea whether your home is actually suitable for this? Then you can still ask for expert advice from the moving company of your choice.

In this case, an experienced mover will look at the possibilities together with you. Some things to look at are:

The movers will check whether there is enough space in the street and whether the removal lift can be placed next to the house. Furthermore, for safety reasons, the removal lift must be on a hard surface, otherwise it could collapse.

You need to look at the height of your home. If you live very high up, a different type of moving lift may have to be used. The fact is that the higher the reach height is, the higher the drive must be.

Use ladder lift safely

Move safely with moving companies. Moving companies always ensure that the moving lift is neatly placed next to your home and the movers will also set up the lift correctly.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about operating the lift because there is always an experienced mover who must be present at all times to operate the lift. In this way, all your furniture can be moved safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can a ladder lift go?

A ladder lift usually has a reach to a height of about 18 meters. This is about the 5th floor of a building.

How many kilos can a moving lift carry?

It depends on the size of the lift how much it can carry, but often this is around 150 kilograms.

How much does it cost to rent a ladder lift?

Renting a ladder lift including controls often costs between €70 and €95 per hour.

Why moving lift?

With a moving lift, you can not only move more safely, but also faster.

How much space does a moving lift need?

There should be about 10 meters between the removal lift and your home. A space such as a parking space must also be free to place the removal lift.