Special leave relocation: everything you need to know

If you ask Dutch employees whether they have enough days off per year, you will usually get the answer that this is not the case. According to it Statistics Netherlands (CBS) the average number of days off for Dutch employees is 25.6 days.

What is special leave?

Consider, for example, when a direct family member dies, a marriage, a registered partnership or, in this case, a move. When a family member dies and you naturally want to go to the funeral, you are actually entitled to emergency leave that is later converted into special leave.

When special leave?

Wanting to move without using your scarce days off means that you have to make smart use of your leave hours, for example. However, this is usually not necessary because it is often included in your collective labor agreement in the Netherlands. Most collective labor agreements in the Netherlands entitle employees to special leave.

Am I entitled to leave during a move?

Special leave is often also referred to as special leave and in the Netherlands you are entitled to special leave or special leave with most employers. On average this is two working days. Yes, maybe 2 days are not enough for you, but if you can take a day off, this will of course make a difference in your vacation days or even vacation hours.

Special or extraordinary leave is not regulated by law

Unfortunately, taking special leave is not something that can be taken for granted. This is due to the fact that special leave is not regulated by law, so your boss is not legally obliged to give the employees special leave in the event of a special event.

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How many legal moving days?

If you are entitled to special leave, this is often a maximum of 2 days per year. This may not seem like much, but special leave is, as the name suggests, for special circumstances.

Special leave and employment contracts

Do you want to know if you are entitled to these few days off as an employee because you are moving? Then you can often easily find this in the company regulations. Here everything is listed and everything is also neatly recorded.

The human resources department can also always help you

Can't you find anything about special leave in your collective labor agreement or company regulations? Then of course you can always ask your colleagues in the personnel department or even your employer directly.

Other appointments during working hours

Unfortunately, a visit to the general practitioner does not fall under special leave because there is no unconditional right to a doctor's visit. In this case you can, for example, use your holiday hours.

Request relocation leave

Employers naturally like to hear in good time when employees want to request special leave. Therefore, make sure that you do this well in advance and do not wait until two days before your leave.

No moving leave, now what?

Did you want to take leave, but have you seen in the company regulations or in your employment contract that you are not entitled to this? Then this is of course very disappointing. Fortunately, you can still take your days off.

What does a move cost?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you entitled to leave when you move house?

Whether you are entitled to special leave is stated in your collective labor agreement or employment contract. Can't find this? Then of course you can always ask your employer directly.

Which days fall under special leave?

You can apply for special leave if you have a betrothal, marriage, marriage of a 1st and 2nd degree family member, death, anniversaries, moving house, job application, doctor visit or an exam.

How do you request special leave?

If you appear to be entitled to special leave, you can request this from your employer.

How many days do you get if you move?

If you appear to be entitled to special leave, this is often a maximum of 2 days per year.

Are you entitled to a day off when handing over the keys?

Yes, some companies want you to take vacation days for this, while at other companies this falls under special leave.