Report a move in Zaanstad

There is a lot to consider when moving, and one of the first things you should do is report your move to the municipality of Zaanstad. This affects various aspects of your life, such as voting rights, taxes and even healthcare. It is therefore very important to communicate your new address in a timely manner.

Moving within Zaanstad

If you are moving within Zaanstad, the steps to report your move are quite simple. Within five days after the If you move, you must report this to the municipality where you will live. This can be done in writing or by telephone. Don't forget to bring a valid ID.

Moving from abroad to Zaanstad

Are you moving from abroad to the municipality of Zaanstad? Then specific steps and documents are needed. A valid Dutch identity card or alien document is essential. Make sure you notify the municipality of Zaanstad of your move within five days of arrival.

Moving company or do it yourself

An important decision when moving is whether you want a... moving company or do everything yourself. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Hiring one moving company in Zaanstad can reduce stress, but doing it yourself can be more cost-efficient.


You Report your move to the municipality Zaanstad does not have to be complicated and we are happy to help you with this.

Step 1

Gather all your official documents, including your ID.

Step 2

Go to the municipal website ( for information and forms.

Step 3

Choose your method of reporting: in writing, by telephone or digitally via DigiD.

Step 4

Complete the form with your new address and moving date.

Step 5

Add any proof of occupancy, such as a rental or purchase contract.

Step 6

Send the form or submit it digitally.

What if you move later?

Suppose your move has already been reported, but you will ultimately move at a later time. No problem. You can inform the municipality of your new moving date. This can be done in writing or digitally.

Importance of correct change of address

A correct change of address is crucial to receive mail and official correspondence correctly. Failure to report your change of address in a timely manner can lead to problems. You inform about a change of address is therefore very important. Make sure you do this a maximum of one month in advance or within 5 days of the move. 

Moving and official documents

A move involves various official documents, such as your passport and driver's license. Make sure you update these documents with your new address in a timely manner.

Lodging and moving

If you are going to live with someone else in Zaanstad, you must also report this to the municipality. This also applies to the Poelenburg and Peldersveld districts, where extra rules apply.

Digitally report your move

With DigiD you can Report your move digitally. This is fast and convenient, because you do not have to physically go to the town hall. Just follow the steps on the website.

When do you have to report your move?

Ideally, you report your move four weeks in advance, but no later than five days after the move. This keeps everything running smoothly.

Stress-free move

A move can be stressful, but with the help of professionals movers and these tips, you can get through the moving period much more peacefully.

Carefree moving to Zaanstad

It report your move to the municipality of Zaanstad is an essential step to ensure that your official business runs smoothly. Whether you are moving within Zaanstad or coming from abroad, the process is well streamlined to make it easy for you. Make sure you collect all necessary documents and follow the steps indicated on the municipality website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to report my move in writing to the municipality of Zaanstad?

No, you can also report your move digitally or in person at the counter. If you want to report your move at the counter in the town hall, you must always make an appointment in advance.

Can I also report my move digitally?

Yes, this is definitely possible! You do need your DigiD for this. You can report your move one month in advance. 

How quickly do I have to report my move if I stay within the same municipality?

In this case, a change of address is sufficient and you must follow the same steps as when moving. 

What if I report my move later?

You can report your move a maximum of 4 weeks before the move date or within 5 days after the move. After the move you still have 5 days and this is the maximum. Have you already moved and have you been unable to report your move within 5 days? Then you risk a fine of €325.

What documents do I need to report my move?

Are you moving to Zaanstad? Then you will of course need a valid ID.