Report a move Enschede

A move involves a lot of changes, and it is very important to notify your change of address in a timely manner municipality of Enschede. Whether you stay in Enschede or move elsewhere, reporting your new address is legally required. In this article we go into more detail about how you can report your move to the municipality of Enschede and what steps you need to follow.

Why report your move?

Notifying the municipality of your move has several purposes. First of all, it ensures that you continue to comply with your legal obligations. In addition, providing your new address is very important for receiving important mail, benefits and other government communications. This keeps you informed of matters that can affect your life and finances.

How and when to report?

Reporting your move starts by completing a form with the municipality of Enschede. You can obtain this form online or at the city office. It is essential to file this declaration no later than five days before your moving date. This gives the municipality sufficient time to process your new address in their system. For specific questions you can contact the municipality of Enschede. Call them and ask for an employee who can help you with this. You can also call to make an appointment.

Request an appointment from the municipality of Enschede

To report your move, it is advisable to make an appointment with the municipality of Enschede. You can arrange this both by telephone and online. During this appointment, the declaration form will be completed and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the process.

Moving within Enschede or Twente

Are you moving within Enschede? Then reporting your move to the municipality is still very important. Even if you stay within the same city, your new address must be registered with the municipality.

Moving to or from Enschede

Are you going to leave Enschede or move to this city? In both cases you have to Report your move to the relevant municipality. This ensures that your change of address is processed correctly and you continue to receive important communications.

Moving from abroad

Are you coming to Enschede from abroad? Then you must register with the municipality within five days of arrival in the Netherlands. This process also includes reporting your move, so that you are correctly registered in the Dutch administration.

Permission from the main resident

Do you live in a rental property and are you not the main resident? Then written permission from the main resident is required to communicate your move. This permission is also required if you, as a parent, want to register your child at a new address.

The importance of written consent

The written permission of the main resident is an important part of the relocation process. This allows the municipality to prevent problems surrounding relocations without the permission of the main resident.

Digitally indicate your move

The municipality of Enschede offers a digital declaration option for reporting your move. This is a convenient and quick way to make your new address official.

Useful tips for a smooth move

Good preparation is essential for a smooth move. Remember to pack your things in time and label them moving boxes and scheduling a moving date that suits you.

Moving company Enschede

If you are moving, hiring a... moving company in Enschede be extremely useful. This professional movers know exactly how to move your belongings safely and can take a lot of work off your hands.

The role of professional movers

Professional movers in Enschede have the right expertise and experience to make your move go smoothly. They can help you pack, transport and unpack your belongings.

Rates and budget

Enabling one moving company entails costs. It is important to have clarity about the rates in advance and to manage your budget well. Request quotes and discuss any additional services.


Reporting your move in Enschede is a crucial step to ensure that your change of address is processed correctly and you continue to receive important communications. Whether you are moving within Enschede, coming from abroad or going elsewhere, the process of reporting your move requires attention and accuracy. By following the steps and tips in this article, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly and without any problems. Registering with the municipality has never been easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permission from the main resident if I move within Enschede?

Yes, if you are not the main resident of your current home, you need written permission from the main resident to communicate your move.

Do I have to report my move if I move to Enschede from abroad?

Yes, if you move to Enschede from abroad, you must report your move to the municipality within five days of arriving in the Netherlands.

Can I report my move digitally to the municipality of Enschede?

Yes, the municipality offers a digital declaration option to report your move. This is a fast and convenient method.

What is the importance of written permission when moving?

Written permission from the main resident is important to prevent unwanted problems during removals.

How do I choose the right moving company in Enschede?

Choose a moving company based on experience, reviews and rates. Request quotes and discuss your wishes and needs.